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Updated February 8, 2024 - 9:14 PM EST
US Kills High-Ranking Kataib Hezbollah Commander
  Israeli Airstrikes Kill Several Civilians In Syria
Netanyahu Rejects Hamas Offer for Hostage Deal
  Saudi Arabia Rebukes US Comments on Israel Normalization
  Israeli Activists Set Up Tents To Block Aid From Reaching Gaza
IDF Opens Probe of Oct. 7 Friendly Fire Deaths
  Congress Attacks UNRWA Over Baseless Israel Accusations
  Parents Desperate To Find Diapers and Baby Formula in Gaza
US Military Advisors Sent to Islands on China Coast
  Meet the Kinmen Islanders Who Want a Bridge, Not a War
Zelensky Fires Top General, a Move Expected to Backfire
Senate Votes To Debate $95 Billion Foreign Military Aid Bill
item Netanyahu's War on Truth  by Jeremy Scahill
item Breaching the 'Iron Wall': How Palestinians Crushed Jabotinsky's Century-Old Ideas  by Ramzy Baroud
item A Visit to Julian Assange in Prison  by Jeffrey Sterling
item Chaos in the Red Sea
 by Lenny Broytman

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Most Israelis Want Early Elections, About Half Oppose Palestinian State
Pressure Mounts for Diplomatic Solution on Lebanon-Israel Border
Five US Marines Missing After Helicopter Found Near San Diego
Russia Attacks Targets Across Ukraine With Missiles and Drones as EU's Top Diplomat Visits Kyiv
Kremlin Says Goals of Russia's 'Special Military Operation' in Ukraine Remain Unchanged
Ex-Russian President Warns NATO of 'Apocalypse'
Ukraine to Create Military Branch for Drone Warfare
IAEA Chief Says Less Shelling at Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Plant, Inspects Water Supply
Sweden Plans To Stop Probe Into Nord Stream Blasts
'It's Healthy To Be on War Alert': Sweden's Conscription Push Gathers Pace
Azerbaijan President Aliyev Re-Elected in Landslide After Historic Karabakh Win
EU-NATO Countries Entirely Split Over Israel, Iran, and Houthis
EU Launches Legal Action Against Hungary's 'Sovereignty' Law
Bombings at Pakistani Political Offices Kill at Least 30 a Day Before Parliamentary Elections
Islamic State Claims Responsibility for Bombings on Eve of Pakistan Election
Followers of Jailed Khan Vow Covert Vote During Pakistan Polls
Pakistan Election: Who Is Running? What Are Main Issues?
Timeline of Key Events Leading Up to Parliamentary Election

Illegitimate Detention of US Citizens in Afghanistan 'Unacceptable': McCaul

Amnesty Urges India To Halt Illegal Bulldozing of Muslim Properties
Police in Indian-Controlled Kashmir Say Militants Fire on Workers From Punjab State, Killing One
North Korea Scraps All Economic Cooperation With South Korea
Thailand, Muslim Separatists Agree on New Plan To End Violence
The War at Home
Troops Still Wait Weeks for Off-Base Mental Health Appointments
Air Force Seeks Retirees to Come Back to Active Duty
Biden Is Sending Aides to Michigan to See Arab American and Muslim Leaders Over the Israel-Hamas War
Navy 'Urgently' Needs to Fix New Hawaii Water Issues, Lawmaker Says
Palestinians Packed in Intolerably Overcrowded Cells in Israeli Prisons, Says Israeli Public Defender's Office
US Deported a Palestinian to Gaza – and He Was Killed a Few Months Later
Full Text of Hamas Response to Ceasefire Proposal
Israeli Wineries Near Lebanon Fear Harvest Failure as War With Hezbollah Looms
Red Cross Warns of 'Catastrophic' Health Situation for Chronically Ill Patients in Gaza
Israeli Forces Kill Paramedic, Open Fire on Al Amal Hospital
Qatar Says Hamas Response to Truce Proposal 'Generally Positive'
After Talks, Blinken Says Cease-Fire Deal Between Israel and Hamas Is Still Possible
UN Chief Warns of 'Age of Chaos' as Security Council Stays Divided on Gaza
After UNRWA Cuts, Congressional Staffers Organize Gaza Fundraiser
Middle East
Iraq Says 'No Contact' With US After Latest Attack
Israeli Strikes on South Lebanon Kill Civilian
Oil Slicks Blamed on Turkish Strikes Blight Northeast Syria River
Drone in Jordan Attack That Killed US Troops Likely Went Undetected
Ukrainian Special Forces 'in Sudan Operating Against Russian Mercenaries'
Network Blackout Cuts Communications for Millions in War-Torn Sudan
UN Aid Chief Says Warring Sudan Generals Agreed To Talk on Humanitarian Issues. He's Still Waiting
UN Agencies Seek $4.1 Billion To Help Civilians in Sudan and Refugees Who Fled the Country's 10-Month War
DR Congo
Residents Scatter as They Fear DR Congo Rebel Group Will Again Seize Key Eastern City of Goma
Deal Signed To Export DR Congo Copper Via Corridor Partially Funded by US
Thousands Flee in Eastern DR Congo as M23 Rebels Advance Near Goma
Latin America
Former Rebel Leader Arrives in Haiti's Capital as Protests Against Prime Minister Gain Momentum
Nicaragua Grants Asylum to Panama's Ex-President Martinelli
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The FBI vs.

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