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Updated February 9, 2024 - 11:05 AM EST
WH Admits 'Missteps' in Gaza but Won't Alter Policy
Israel Backing Off on Hostage Talks
  Israel To Attack Rafah, UN Warns of 'Large-Scale Loss of Civilian Life'
  1000s at Risk of Death in Khan Younis Hospitals Under Israeli Siege
Iraq Repeats Call for US Forces to Withdraw
  US Launches More Rounds of Strikes Against Houthis in Yemen
  Hezbollah, Israel Trade Strikes Along Lebanon Border
Zelensky Removes His Top General Zaluzhny
  Front-Line Ukrainian Infantry Units Report Acute Shortage of Soldiers
  Sweden Closes Nord Stream Investigation, Hands It off to Germany
Senate Votes To Deliberate on Foreign Military Aid Bill
Lead Diminishes for Khan's Party Amid Vote-Rigging Claims
item US Chooses Genocide Over Diplomacy in the Middle East  by Medea Benjamin & Nicolas JS Davies
item Saudi Arabia: Silencing Critics and Congress  by Ben Freeman
item America's Answer Is More Violence  by Ted Snider
item The US Toppling of Imran Khan  by Jeffrey D. Sachs

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US Army Spent Billions on a New Helicopter That Now Will Never Fly
Countries Froze UNRWA Funds Without Seeing Evidence of Israeli Claims
Five Marines Confirmed Killed in Helicopter Crash in California
Who Is Ukraine's New Army Chief Appointed by Zelensky?
US Has Enough Funds for Now To Continue Training Ukrainian Pilots on F-16, National Guard Chief Says
Ukraine's Grip on Avdiivka Is Slipping
More Than 8,000 Killed During 2022 Mariupol Siege: Human Rights Watch
Hardened Colombian Fighters Answer Zelensky's Call to Join Depleted Ranks
Russia Expanding Munitions Production, Says Norwegian Foreign Minister
US Imposes Sanctions for Violations of Russia Oil Price Cap
Zelensky Confirms Prisoner Swap With Russia, With 100 Ukrainians Returned
Russia's Putin: We Have No Interest in Invading Poland or Latvia
EU Rules Out Tucker Carlson Sanctions
Poland Gets US Greenlight for $1.2 Billion Aerostat, Radar Acquisition
Finland Extends Russia Border Closure Until April 14 Saying Moscow Hasn't Stopped Sending Migrants
Poll Observers Say Azerbaijan Presidential Vote Marred by Irregularities
Amnesty Calls for War Crimes Probe Over Myanmar Military Bombing of Church
Thailand Says Deliveries of Humanitarian Aid to War-Wracked Myanmar Are Expected to Start Soon
India to Replace Military Personnel in Maldives With Civilians After President Demanded They Leave
'Inherently Undemocratic': Pakistan Suspends Mobile Services on Voting Day
Egypt Releases Three Female Journalists Detained Since 2022
Rights Group Sees Retaliation as the Motive for Jailing an Egyptian Presidential Challenger
Photos: Inside South Sudan's Worsening Refugee Crisis, in Renk and Maban
Fresh Fighting Erupts Between DR Congo Rebels, Loyalists: Residents

UN Agencies Seek $4.1 Billion to Help Civilians in Sudan and Refugees Who Fled the Country's 10-Month War

Tunisia's Press, Civil Society Silent as Ghannouchi Sentenced, Analysts Say
El Salvador
El Salvador Opposition Warns It May Ask to Nullify Congressional Election Results
El Salvador Launches Mass Trial for Nearly 500 Accused Gang Leaders
Israel Escalates Rafah Bombardment as US Warns of a 'Disaster'
'We're Waiting to Be Martyred': Palestinians Await Israeli Attack on Rafah
Gazans Fled Their Homes. They Have Nowhere to Return To
Former French President Hollande Calls Gaza Dead 'Collateral Victims'
At Least 300,000 at Risk From Lack of Food in North, Central Gaza: UN
Family Says Two American Brothers and Canadian Father Detained in Israeli Raid in Gaza
Blinken Ends Latest Mideast Mission After New Israeli Snub of Proposed Gaza Cease-Fire Plan

Nicaragua Seeks to Join South Africa in World Court Genocide Case Against Israel

UN Chief Warns Palestinian Aid Agency Cannot Be Replaced

Progressives in Congress Spoke Up for a Cease-Fire in Gaza. Now They're Breaking Fundraising Records
Prosecutors Drop Charges Against Students for Pro-Palestinian Parody
Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon Despair at UN Agency Funding Cuts
Israel Strikes Close to Egypt Border
Hillary Clinton Says Netanyahu 'Absolutely Needs to Go'
Blinken Says He Never Intended to Visit Gaza Crossing Amid Reports of Canceled Trip
Lebanese Officials Say Efforts Intensify to Bring Calm to Lebanon-Israel Border
Israeli Drone Strikes Car in South Lebanon's Nabatieh During Assassination Attempt
Israel Could Make Concessions in Lebanon Border Deal With Hezbollah: Report
German Military Frigate Heads Toward Red Sea for a Planned EU Mission to Protect Ships
Maersk CEO Says Military Operations Can't Guarantee Safety of Ships in Red Sea
Yemen Aid Groups Say Red Sea Crisis Driving Up Costs
Middle East
Meta Removes Iran's Supreme Leader Khamenei's Instagram Accounts
40 Militants Killed in Strikes on Iraq and Syria, Pentagon Says
'Swarm of Suicide Drones' Attacks US Army Base in Syria in Retaliation for Baghdad Airstrike
Photos: Five Killed in Clashes With Police as Protests Rock Haiti
Haitian PM Calls for Calm as Violent Protests Demand His Resignation
Latin America
Brazil Police Investigate Ex-President Bolsonaro's Top Aides Over Alleged Coup Plot
Guatemala to Maintain Taiwan Ties Despite Seeking Greater China Trade
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How Much Is US Aid to Ukraine Costing You?

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Putin’s ‘Winter War’ on Ukraine

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‘I Know You Are But What Am I’: Russia’s Ready Response to US Africa-Alarmism

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The FBI vs.

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