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Updated February 20, 2024 - 9:01 PM EST
US Vetoes Another Gaza Ceasefire Measure at UNSC
  Netanyahu: I Have Blocked a Palestinian State 'For Decades'
  Gantz: Israel Will Launch Assault on Rafah by Ramadan
  US Drafts Own Gaza UN Measure After Threatening to Veto Ceasefire
Houthis Shoot Down US Drone, Hit British Ship
  Israel Carries Out Strikes Near Major Lebanese City of Sidon
  Iraq Militias Stopped Attacks on US Forces at Request of Iran General
Israel To Limit Al-Aqsa Entry During Ramadan
  ICJ Begins Historic Hearings on Israel's Occupation of Palestine
WATCH: Live Stream at Assange Courthouse
  Assange's Wife Warns He Will Die if Extradited to US
  Julian Assange Judge Previously Acted for MI6
US Develops Naval Drone Swarms for War With China
item Fake Threats, Fake News, Fake Panic  by Edward Lozansky
item Russia Hawks Missed the Point of Tucker's Putin Interview  by W. James Antle III
item Russia: Why Navalny, and What's Next?  by Thomas Knapp
item Julian Assange's Final Appeal  by Chris Hedges

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The Pentagon Is Missing Comprehensive War-Crime Reports
8-Year-Old Palestinian Girl Starves to Death in Gaza City
ADL Pushed Record Company To Drop Roger Waters
Ukraine Says Russia Attacking With 'Heavy Fire' in South
'There's Only Plan A': Defense Leaders Fear Failure in Ukraine
Czech Republic Proposes 800,000 Artillery Rounds for Ukraine Soon
Germany's Rheinmetall to Produce Munitions in Ukraine
Canada To Donate Over 800 Drones to Ukraine for Defense
Ukraine Seeking Action To Stop Russian Use of Starlink, Minister Says
Why Is Japan Hosting a Conference for Ukraine Reconstruction When It's Still at War?
Russian Pilot Who Defected to Ukraine Shot Dead in Spain
Russia Says Ukraine Poisoned Governors of Two Annexed Ukrainian Provinces
Britain: New Labour MP Is Married to Former Israeli Spy Recruiter
Danish-Bahraini Activist Calls for Father's Release and Gaza Ceasefire After Cancer Diagnosis
EU Launches Mission to Protect Ships in Red Sea From Houthis. It Won't Partake in Military Strikes
Greek Anarchists Claim Responsibility for Unexploded Bomb at Thessaloniki Court

Canada Invests $200 Million in New Air Defense Systems for Troops in Latvia

Pakistan's Imran Khan-Backed Candidates to Join Sunni Party: Interim Party Chief
Pakistan's Majority Parties Struggle to Form Coalition Government
China Urges US to 'Stop Harassing' Its Students at the Border 'For No Reason'
'China Has a Lot More To Lose': US Considering Sanctioning Chinese Firms Aiding Russia's War
Taliban Set Unacceptable Conditions for Attending a UN Meeting, Says UN Secretary-General
India's Projects in Maldives Gain Pace, Despite Strained Security Ties
Philippine Troops Clash With Muslim Militants in a Gunbattle That Has Left at Least Eight Dead
Papua New Guinea

Tribal Bloodshed Shines Spotlight on Strategically Vital Papua New Guinea's Domestic Security Issues

At Least 64 Killed in 'Largest' Tribal Clashes in Papua New Guinea
Mexican Army Kills 12 Gunmen in Shootout Near Texas Border
Pictures: Mexicans Rally to 'Protect Democracy' Ahead of Elections
Latin America
Colombia's ELN Would Respond With Force To Any Break in Ceasefire, Says Leader
Haiti Judge Charges Widow, Ex-PM Over President's Assassination
Israeli Soldiers Fire at Palestinians Approaching Aid Trucks in Gaza
Gaza Health Ministry Says Over 29,000 Palestinians Have Been Killed in Israel-Hamas War
Fourteen Patients Evacuated From Gaza Hospital as Israeli Raid Continues
26 EU Countries Warn Israel Against 'Catastrophic' Rafah Offensive
Qatar Criticizes Israel's Netanyahu Over Hamas Comments, Accuses PM of Seeking To Prolong War
Israel Assembly Falls Short in Vote To Expel Lawmaker Over Genocide Case
Pelosi Says US Weapons Not Connected to Recent Israeli Brutality
The Extremists Driving Netanyahu's Approach to War With Hamas
Palestinian Diplomat Accuses Israel of Apartheid, Asks UN Court to Declare Its Occupation Illegal
Israel's War-Battered Economy Plunged Almost 20%, Marking Sharpest Contraction Since Pandemic
Yemen's Houthis Blamed for Israeli EL AL 'Cyberhijack'
Experts Downplay Attempt To Electronically 'Hijack' EL AL Flight
UN Experts Warn of Israeli Violations Against Palestinian Women, Girls
'If This Is Not Apartheid, What Is?' Palestine Tells Top UN Court Israel's Occupation Is Illegal
Cars Torched in Palestinian Town of Huwara in Suspected Settler Hate Crime
Middle East
US Navy's Battle Against Yemen 'Largest Since WWII'

Iran Unveils Air Defense Systems as Middle East Tensions Soar

Iraq Weekly Roundup: 20 Killed

DR Congo
Rwanda Rejects US Calls for Withdrawal of Missiles and Troops From DR Congo
What's Happening in DR Congo and Why Aid Groups Are Warning of a New Humanitarian Crisis
CODECO Rebel Attack Kills 15 People in Eastern DR Congo
Egypt Warns Against Israeli Attack on Rafah, Denounces Hamas
At Least 10 Killed in Libya Attack, UN Demands Investigation
Guinea Junta Temporarily Dissolves Govt, Presidency Says
Niger Defaults on Debt Payments Again as Post-Coup Woes Pile
'This Hunger Is Too Much': Nigerians Protest Economic Hardship
Tunisia Opposition Leader Rached Ghannouchi Starts Hunger Strike in Jail
The War at Home

US Military Says It's Getting Serious About Improving Living Spaces for Troops

Cost Drain and Weapon Stockpile Drawdowns Worry Marine General
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Washington’s Continuing Contempt for Its Iraqi ‘Ally’

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To Hell With Fighting the Houthis!

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To Avoid a War With China Over Taiwan, the US Needs To Back Down

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How Much Is US Aid to Ukraine Costing You?

Patrick J. Buchanan
Putin’s ‘Winter War’ on Ukraine

Maj. Danny Sjursen, USA (ret.)
‘I Know You Are But What Am I’: Russia’s Ready Response to US Africa-Alarmism

Justin Raimondo
The FBI vs.

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