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Updated February 21, 2024 - 9:10 PM EST
Israel Working to Cut the Gaza Strip Into Two
  US Vetoes Another Gaza Ceasefire Resolution at the UN
  Israel Further Limits Aid Into Gaza, Leading to More Starving Children
  Settlers Burn Through West Bank Village Under Army Protection
Biden To Impose 'Major' Sanctions on Russia
  Lockheed Martin to Increase Production of HIMARS by 60%
UK High Court Hears Assange's Request for Appeal
Israeli Airstrike on Residential Building in Syria Kills Two
US Confirms Houthis Struck Two US-Owned Cargo Ships
US May Have Killed Two Cuban Doctors in Somalia
item Israel Is Assaulting Hospitals in Gaza With Full US Support  by Kathy Kelly
item US Deceptions at the Heart of Assange Case  by Cathy Vogan
item Biden Knows Putin Killed Alexei Navalny  by Ted Snider
item Don't Spare the Billions  by Eric Margolis

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Israeli Forces Kill, Wound Palestinians Waiting for Food Aid in Gaza
Sudan War Sends Malnutrition Rates Up Across the Region: WFP
Russia Denies US Reports Moscow Plans to Put Nuclear Weapons in Space
UN Agencies Warn of 'Explosion' in Gaza Child Deaths
Qatar Says Hamas Confirms Receipt of Medical Supplies for Gaza Hostages
Israeli Military Publication Dropped on Rafah Accuses Hamas of 'Stealing Aid'
Palestinians Describe Terrifying and Chaotic Flight From Gaza Hospital
Looting in Gaza Halts UN Aid Amid Warnings Over Trapped Patients
Report Disputes Israel Claims About Al-Ahli Hospital Bombing
The UK's Prince William Appeals for an End to the Fighting in Gaza as Soon as Possible
UK's Labour Party Calls for 'Immediate Humanitarian Ceasefire' in Gaza
UN Agency Halting Food Deliveries to Northern Gaza, Citing Increasing Chaos
'More Than 180 Patients Still Inside' – Who Gains Access to Nasser Hospital Amid Israeli Siege
Israeli Offensive Would Turn Rafah Into a 'Graveyard': MSF
Pretoria Says Israel 'Apartheid' Against Palestinians Worse Than in South Africa
Israel Has 'Gone Too Far' in Self-Defense, Says UK Shadow Health Secretary
Palestinian Women and Girls Raped and Sexually Assaulted in Israeli Detention, UN Experts Say
Beatings, Theft, and Murder: the Day Israeli Soldiers Came to Gaza's Yarmouk Stadium
Seeking Local Production, Israel to Buy New Assault Rifles
Pro-Israel Group Targets Post Reporter
Erasing the Evidence – Facebook, Instagram Remove Palestinian Documentary as Soon as It Was Released
Security Minister Gantz's Party Threatens To Veto Bill Allowing Ben Gvir to Censor Foreign Media
US Envoy to Visit Egypt, Israel for Hostage Talks, Official Says
Finance Minister Smotrich Says Bringing Hostages Home 'Not the Most Important Thing,' Sparking Outcry
Netanyahu Says Israel Won't 'Pay Any Price' for Release of Gaza Hostages
Israel Attacks New Sites in Southern Lebanon
IDF: Drone Launched From Lebanon by Hezbollah Crashed in Backyard of Home Near Acre
Iraq Weekly Roundup: 20 Killed
Tension Grips Iraq's Babylon Province After Sadrist Activist Killed
Yemeni Fishermen Bleed Money in Red Sea 'Death Trap'
French Navy Downs Two Drones Over Red Sea
United States
SpaceX Forges Closer Ties With US Spy and Military Agencies
Dems Face New Divisions Over Gaza War
Ukraine Premier Expects New US Aid To Come Through
Ukraine PM Calls for Long-Range Missiles To Fight Back Russia
Hundreds of Ukrainian Soldiers Are Missing
Ukraine Seeks To Expand Military 'Drone Coalition' With Allies
Ukraine Military Dismisses Russian Claim To Hold Village in Southern Kherson Region
North Korean Missile Used in Ukraine Was Packed Full of US Parts
Russia Arrests Dual US Citizen for Ukraine-Linked 'Treason'
Russia Adds Lindsey Graham to List of 'Terrorists'
X Says It Will Update Spam Filters After Mistakenly Suspending Navalny's Widow
Polish Farmers Block Ukraine's Border as They Intensify Protests Against Non-EU Imports
Poland and Weapons Maker Northrop Grumman Sign Deal Worth About $75 Million
Estonia Detains 10 People Suspected of Committing Sabotage on Orders From Russia
France in Efforts to Reduce Tension in the South of Lebanon
Opposition Protesters Hurl Petrol Bombs at Albania Govt Building
Hungary Ready to Approve Sweden's NATO Accession on Monday
Sweden Donates Another $680 Million in Military Aid to Ukraine
DR Congo
UN Sanctions Six DR Congo Rebels as Fighting in East Escalates
DR Congo PM Lukonde Resigns, Presidency Says
Congolese Protest Against West, Rwanda in DR Congo City of Goma
Egypt's Suez Canal Revenue Shrinks by Almost Half
Military Leaders Dissolve Government in Guinea
Senegal Leaves Presidential Election List Mainly Unchanged
Pakistan's Largest Parties Strike Deal on Coalition Government
Papua New Guinea PM Says Tribal Bloodshed Was 'Domestic Terrorism'
Philippines Joint Air Patrol With US on Monday Was To 'Protect Territory'
US Air Force Knows What Failed on Osprey in Crash in Japan, but Still Doesn't Know Why
Latin America
Chile Reopens Inquiry Into Nobel Laureate Pablo Neruda's 1973 Death

Colombia Could Restart Bombing Campaigns Against Armed Groups: Defense Minister

Drug Trial of Honduras
Ex-President Begins in New York

El Salvador's Bukele Wins Supermajority in Congress After Painstaking Vote Count 

Wife of Haiti's Assassinated President Accused of Complicity in His Killing
Venezuela Receives First Russia Urals Cargo in Five Years
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Putin’s ‘Winter War’ on Ukraine

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‘I Know You Are But What Am I’: Russia’s Ready Response to US Africa-Alarmism

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The FBI vs.

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