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Updated February 22, 2024 - 9:43 PM EST
Israel Intensifies Airstrikes on Rafah
  Asked About Palestinian Kids, Rep. Ogles Says 'Kill Em All'
  Israeli Forces Fired on Food Convoy in Gaza: CNN
Israeli Knesset Rejects 'Unilateral' Palestinian State
  US Tells UN Court Israel Must Continue Occupation of Palestine
Israeli Airstrikes in Lebanon Kill Woman, Child
  Israeli Strike on Residential Building in Syria Kills 2
China Steps Up Patrols Near Kinmen Islands
  Australia to Double Its Naval Fleet in Buildup Aimed at China
Assange Waits for High Court Decision on Appeal
Biden Close to Sending Long-Range Missiles to Ukraine
item After Two Years of War in Ukraine, It's Time for Peace  by Medea Benjamin & Nicolas JS Davies
item Defend the Guard Act –
A Constitutional Imperative
 by Chuck Morse
item Refusing to Admit US Foreign Policy Blunders  by Ted Galen Carpenter
item Tears for Navalny. Assange?
Not So Much.
 by Andrew Cockburn

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Rugs, Cosmetics, Motorbikes: Israeli Soldiers Loot Gaza Homes En Masse
Big US Investors Prop Up the Nuclear Weapons Industry
In Gaza City, Death and Famine Take Hold Amid Israel's War
Russian Court Upholds Barring of Anti-War Presidential Candidate Nadezhdin
The Humanitarian Appeal for Ukraine Is Only 10% Funded for 2024, UN Envoy Says
Ukrainian Soldiers Expect More Assaults After Russian Forces Capture Eastern Town
Zelensky Invites Poland's Leaders to Border to Resolve Farmers' Protest Affecting Flow of Weapons
United Kingdom
UK High Court Dismisses Legal Challenge Over Arms Sales to Israel
UK Foreign Secretary Accused of Dodging Questions Over Arms Exports to Israel
Archbishop of Canterbury Refuses To Meet Palestinian Pastor From Bethlehem Who Spoke Alongside Corbyn
Britain's Nuclear Sub Has 2nd Failed Missile Launch Off Florida
Gaza and Ukraine Wars Behind Record Profits at British Arms Firm BAE Systems
UK Has 'Confidence' in Trident Nuclear Deterrent System Despite Misfire
UK Commons Speaker Apologizes After Gaza Ceasefire Debate Descends Into Chaos
Azerbaijan Confirms Turkish Long-Range Armed Drone Purchase
Czechs in Talks To Secure Up to 30 More Leopard 2A4 Tanks From Germany
Brussels Spyware Bombshell: Surveillance Software Found on Officials' Phones
EU Agrees to Blacklist Chinese Firms for First Time in Latest Russian Sanctions Package
US Approves $214 Million AMRAAM Missile, Guided Bomb Sales to Italy
Lithuania to Close Two More Checkpoints With Belarus as Tensions Along the Border Rise
Switzerland to Ban Hamas After Israel Attacks
Afghan Taliban Official Says Taking Pictures a Major Sin
'Taliban Not Only Afghans Who Have Stake in Future of Afghanistan': US
More Than $400 Million Needed for Western Afghanistan to Recover From October Earthquake, UN Says
Rivals of Pakistan's Ex-Premier Khan Name Shehbaz Sharif as Joint Candidate for Prime Minister
US Urges Pakistan To Lift Internet Shutdowns, Social Media Restrictions
Pakistan's PTI Faces Uphill Battle as Rivals Unite, Imran Khan in Jail

Navy Charges Chief Aboard Japan-Based Destroyer With Espionage

US Federal Prosecutors Charge Japanese Yakuza Leader in Nuclear Material Trafficking Conspiracy
Philippines Accuses Chinese Fishermen of Using Cyanide on Disputed Reef
Sri Lanka Partially Repays Iranian Oil Debt With $20 Million in Tea
Former PM Slams Fiji's Support for Israeli Occupation of Palestine as 'Disturbing'
World Leaders Denounce US Veto on Gaza Draft Resolution
Hamas Slams World Food Program 'Dangerous' Suspension of Gaza Aid
Only 800 Gaza Wounded Evacuated for Treatment Out of 70,000
Israel Tells Soldiers To 'Behave' Amid Mass Gaza Looting
Why Isn't Desperately Needed Aid Reaching Palestinians in Gaza?
UK and Jordan Air Drop Aid to Hospital in Northern Gaza
Retired Israeli Officials Warn Against Al-Aqsa Restrictions During Ramadan
Scottish Leaders Say Israel Has 'Ruthlessly Exploited' Right to Self-Defense
Israeli Forces Kill Three Palestinians in Overnight West Bank Raid
Israeli Engineering Forces Breach Deep Into Lebanese Border Routes
United Airlines To Become First US Carrier to Resume Israel Flights Since Gaza War
Israeli AG Says Haredim Face Military Draft if No Legislation by April, Seeks Deadline Extension
Israeli War Cabinet Member Gantz Says 'Promising Early Signs' on New Hostage Deal
Russian Sentenced to Eight Years in Lebanon Prison for Spying for Israel
Chinese Peacekeepers to Lebanon Assist Counterparts in Completing Protective Wall Hoisting
US Senators Say It Is 'Urgent' for Hezbollah-Israel War To De-Escalate Soon
Middle East
Detained Saudi Activist 'Cut Off' From Family Contact: Amnesty
Turkey Is Back in From the Cold With NATO and F-16 Moves
DR Congo
Rebels Linked to ISIS Kill at Least Two Dozen Civilians in DR Congo
DR Congo Government Dissolved After Prime Minister Resigns
Rwanda and DR Congo Must 'Walk Back From Brink of War,' US Says
Somalia Authorizes Turkey To Defend Its Sea Waters in Historic Deal
US Inks Deal To Build Up to 5 Bases in Somalia
Armed Group Shuts Down Libya's Zawiya Refinery
Photos: Sudan's Refugees Face Grueling Wait in Overcrowded South Sudan Camps
Pictures: Police Fire Tear Gas at Protesting Indian Farmers Marching to New Delhi
A Young Man Dies as Clashes Erupt Between Police and Protesting Farmers in India
Latin America
Peace Talks With Colombia Govt in Crisis, ELN Rebels Say
Ecuador Government Proposes $214 Million Hike in Security Spending
Attorney for Widow of Slain Haitian President Rejects Indictment and Says It's Politically Motivated
US Court Ruling Sends Venezuela's Oil-Backed Bonds Into Collapse
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To Hell With Fighting the Houthis!

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How Much Is US Aid to Ukraine Costing You?

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Putin’s ‘Winter War’ on Ukraine

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‘I Know You Are But What Am I’: Russia’s Ready Response to US Africa-Alarmism

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