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Updated March 19, 2024 - 9:10 PM EDT
Israel's 'Buffer Zone' Will Take 16% of Gaza's Land
  Biden Knew Israel Was Bombing Civilian Targets in October
  Officials and Aid Groups Blast Israel for Causing Famine in Gaza
  Alarming Lack of Detail in Military's Gaza Aid Project
Israeli Delegation to US Will Discuss Rafah Attack
  Israel Strikes Buildings, Observation Post in Southern Lebanon
  Israeli Forces Launch Another Raid on Al-Shifa Hospital
Macron: Ground Ops in Ukraine May Be Necessary
  Sen. Graham Demands Ukrainians Keep Fighting
Covert CIA Campaign To Smear China Started in 2019
  China Increases Patrols Near Taiwan-Controlled Kinmen Islands
Idaho House Committee Votes Down 'Defend the Guard'
No Evidence of Brain Injury in 'Havana Syndrome'
item US Media Fail to Note Israel's Refutation of 'Beheaded Babies' Claim  by David Knox
item On the Absurd New York Times Hit Piece  by Matt Taibbi
item Has Macron Become Unmoored?  by Ted Snider
item Biden and Co. Take Aim at Central Europe  by James Carden

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Afghanistan Retaliates Against Pakistan After Air Strikes Kill Eight
US Prepares Draft UNSC Resolution on Nuclear Weapons in Space
China's Military, State Media Slam US After Report on SpaceX Spy Satellites
Ukraine Military Displays First US-Delivered M1117 Armored Vehicle
EU Council Agrees $5.44 Billion Increase for Ukraine's Armed Forces
Russians Vote for Putin Must Be Accepted, Italy's Salvini Says
Russia Claims Use of 'Vacuum Bomb' in Ukraine
Crimea Not Just Territory, but People Not Separating Themselves From Russia: Putin

Ukrainian Shelling Kills Four Members of One Family in Russia's Belgorod, Governor Says

Latvia Urges Britain to Consider Conscription

EU Ministers Agree on Sanctions Over Navalny's Death

To Have Peace, Europe Must Prepare for War, EU Council President Says

France Joins Poland's Push To Curb Ukrainian Imports

Moldovan President Launches Campaign To Promote EU Referendum
Polish Farmers Block Two Border Crossings With Germany
China Protests Taiwan Minister's Role at Seoul Summit Backed by US
India Bank Ordered To Share Electoral Bonds Data Linking Donors, Recipients
North Korea Leader Guides Firing Drills Involving Super-Large Multiple Rocket Launchers
Tensions High After Pakistan Launches Cross-Border Attacks Into Afghanistan
China Donates Military Equipment to Sri Lanka
The War at Home
Florida Republicans Ask Biden To Allow Navy To Aid in Interdictions of Haitian Migrants
US Army Orders Another $754.3 Million Worth of Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicles
Haiti: Week Begins Without a Presidential Transition Council
Bodies Found in Haitian Suburb as Gang Violence Rages for Third Week
Latin America
Colombia Partly Suspends Truce With Armed EMC Rebels
Three Police Officers Killed in an Attack on Western Mexico Highway
Al Jazeera Journalist Beaten, Arrested by Israeli Forces From Al-Shifa Hospital
Palestinians 'Need the Bombs To Stop,' Irish PM Says at White House
Israel Urges UN Court To Reject South Africa's Request for More Emergency Orders in Genocide Case
Israel Kills Police Director-General in Charge of Securing Aid Convoys
UNRWA Chief Says Israel Blocks Him From Gaza
Ben Gvir Celebrates Issuing 100,000 Gun Licenses Since October 7
EU Agrees To Impose Sanctions on Violent West Bank Settlers
Canadian Parliament Delays Vote on Motion Supporting Palestinian Statehood
Israel 'Endangering' Marwan Barghouti's Life in Prison
Jailed Palestinian Leader Marwan Barghouti 'Beaten With Clubs' by Guards
Iran Should Have Reasonable Cooperation With IAEA Before Trump's Return: Ex-Diplomat
Iran Says Defense Systems Equipped Against Israeli Bunker Buster Missiles
IAEA To Help Iraq Develop Peaceful Nuclear Program, Agency Head Says
Iraq Weekly Roundup: Four Killed
Iraq Commits to Voluntary Reduction of Oil Exports
KDP Sparks Political Shift in Kurdistan, Iraq Amid Federal Court Disputes
Middle East
Sins of the Fathers: Children of ISIS Left to Rot in Syria Camp
Can Natural Gas Help Prevent an Israel-Lebanon War?
US Warned Niger About Ties to Russia, Iran Before Junta Revoked Accord, Pentagon Says
US Military Contingent in Niger Still in Country Despite Junta Declaration
Nigeria Military Denies Reprisal Attack After 16 Troops Killed
Over 100 Kidnapped in Two New Attacks in Nigeria
Egyptians Thought Murdered Italian Student Was British Spy, Italian Court Told
Sudan Army and RSF Both Profiting From Smuggling of Vital Goods
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