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Updated March 22, 2024 - 8:15 PM EDT
US Ceasefire Resolution Fails at UNSC
Israel Will Invade Rafah No Matter What US Thinks
  Speaker Johnson Says Will Invite Netanyahu To Address Congress
  Netanyahu Suggests New US-Built Port Could Deport Palestinians
  Rights Groups Demand US End Weapon Shipments to Israel
Israel Seizes W. Bank Land for Future Settlements
  Israel Has Bombed Over 400 Healthcare Facilities
  Israeli Forces Destroy Al-Shifa Surgical Building, Order Evacuation
  Israeli Army Braced for a Yom Kippur Attack, Then Stood Down
US Tells Ukraine To Halt Attacks on Russian Energy
  At Least 40 Killed in Moscow Concert Hall Shooting and Bombing
  Russia Increases Artillery Shell Production 150%
  Western Banks Warn Against Giving Russian Funds to Ukraine
US Offers Funding for Lebanese Army in Southern Presence
Houthis Assure China, Russia Ships Won't Be Attacked
US Claims Hasn't Received Formal Request to Leave Niger
item How the West Upended the World's Best Figure Skater to Undermine Russia  by Rick Sterling
item Perplexed US Foreign Policy Is Prolonging Gaza Genocide  by Ramzy Baroud
item Apologists for Israel's Mass Murder Fall Back on 'Antisemitism' Claims  by Norman Solomon
item Where Is Joe Biden's 'Devil's Advocate'?  by James W. Carden

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With Record of Gaza Truce Vetoes, US Unveils New, Ambiguous UN Resolution
Trump Says He'll Keep US in NATO as Long as Everyone Pays 'Fair Share'
US Senators Urge Biden To Begin Working on 2-State Solution in Israel-Palestine
Netherlands Will Buy F-16 Munitions, Drones Worth $381 Million for Ukraine
Pressure Mounts on Ukraine to Scrap 'Sponsors of War' Blacklist
Poland To Give Logistical Support to Czech Ammunition Plan for Ukraine
Russia Sees Israeli Strikes on Syria as Violation of International Law: Envoy to UN
Kremlin Will Retaliate if the EU Uses Profits From Russian Assets To Arm Ukraine
Wave of Russian Missiles Strikes Ukraine's Kyiv, Wounds More Than a Dozen
F-35 Delivery Delays Frustrate European Air Force Upgrade Plans
Fugitive Catalan Chief Puigdemont Pledges He Will Return to Spain if He Can Be Restored to Power
Lithuania Pledges To Spend at Least 3% of GDP on Defense
UK Refuses to Say if Israel Bombed British Doctors With
UK-Supplied Weaponry
Three Killed, 12 Injured in Afghanistan Suicide Bombing: Police
US State Dept Accuses Trump Admin of Disorder in Afghan Withdrawal Process
Azerbaijan Embassy Opens in Kabul: Taliban
Indian Opposition Leader Arvind Kejriwal Arrested Over Corruption Claims
India's Congress Party Accuses Government of Freezing Accounts Before Polls
Myanmar Rebels Deploy Drone Fleet to Push Back Military
A Roadside Bomb Targeting Security Forces Kills Two Soldiers and Wounds 15 in Pakistan
Vietnam's President Resigns: Who's Who and What Comes Next?
The War at Home
'Washington Is Beyond Broken': Republicans Slam Party Leaders for Dropping Spending Bill Last Minute
If SpaceX's Secret Constellation Is What We Think It Is, It's Game Changing
Pentagon Still Open to US Troops in Haiti

US Starts to Helicopter Citizens Out of Haiti as Fighting Erupts in Wealthy Areas

Latin America
Argentina Govt Plans Bill Giving Military Greater Role in Domestic Security
Investigators Find at Least 10 Dead, Burned Bodies Near Northern Mexican City of Monterrey
Venezuela Creates New State in Territory Under Dispute With Guyana
WHO Says Only More Land Crossings Into Gaza Can Prevent Famine
A Jordanian Flight to Airdrop Aid Over Gaza Ruined by Israel's Bombing
Israel Conducts Brutal Raids in Jenin Refugee Camp Killing Four
Palestinian Forces Disperse Mourners After Israeli Killings
Portugal Pledges $10.89 Million in Aid to UNRWA
October 7: Forensic Analysis Shows Hamas Abuses, Many False Israeli Claims
Loss of Palestinian Workers at Israeli Building Sites Leaves Hole on Both Sides
Arab Ministers Meet Palestinian Official in Cairo to Discuss Gaza
Under Pressure, Australia Reinstates Some Visas to Gazans Fleeing Genocide
Israel says Hezbollah's Building in Southern Lebanon Hit
US Congressional Leaders Propose Spending Bill That Would Cut UNRWA Funding
How Palestinians Feel About Hamas, Fatah, Aqsa Flood and Reforming the PA?: New Poll
West Bank Raids Continue – Six Palestinians Killed, 25 Arrested
Survey: Most Americans Back Israel but Sympathize With Palestinian People
Five Months Into Lebanon-Israeli Border Conflict, Displaced People's Needs Are on the Rise
Hezbollah Fighters Launch Three Near-Parallel Attacks on Israeli Sites
Lebanon Busts 'Extensive, Dangerous' Israeli Spy Network in Beirut
Lebanon PM Promises Reparations to Victims of Israel Strikes
Diplomats Suggest Expansion of Buffer Zone Between Lebanon and Israel
Four Projectiles Fired at Metula From South Lebanon, Causing Damage but No Injuries
Middle East
White House Sets 'Goal' To Derail Iran-Pakistan Gas Pipeline: Official
Red Sea Fighting Traps Two Oil Ships in Houthi Waters
Egyptian Police at Nile Delta Station Allows 'Torture Sessions' With Impunity, Says Rights Group
Egypt Activist Hossam Bahgat's 13-Year Legal Ordeal Ends
'We Will Shoot You.' War in Darfur Raises New Fears of Genocide in Sudan
US Announces Over $47 Million in Humanitarian Aid for War-Torn Sudan
Britain's Hidden Helicopter War in Niger
Senegal Holds Presidential Election as Anger at Delay Boosts Opposition
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Putin’s ‘Winter War’ on Ukraine

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‘I Know You Are But What Am I’: Russia’s Ready Response to US Africa-Alarmism

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The FBI vs.

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