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Updated March 25, 2024 - 9:30 PM EDT
UNSC Votes for Gaza Ceasefire, US Abstains
UK Court to Decide Tuesday on Assange Appeal
Dems Tell Biden To Suspend Military Aid to Israel
  Bill Signed by Biden Includes $3.8 Billion in Military Aid for Israel
  Israel Bars UNRWA Aid to Northern Gaza as Region Nears Famine

'Man-Made Starvation': The Obstacles to Gaza Aid Deliveries

Footage Shows Israeli Drone Killing 4 Civilians
  Gazan Girl Begs Rescuers To Save Brother First as Family Killed

Death Toll in Moscow Terror Attack Rises to 137

  Kremlin: Russia in a 'State of War' in Ukraine Due to West

Israel Attacks Northeast Lebanon, Killing 2

  Hezbollah Struck Two Iron Dome Launchers in Israel With Drones
US Gets Involved in China-India Territorial Dispute
  China Warns Philippines Not To 'Escalate Tensions'
  Philippines To Build Batanes Port Near Taiwan Without US Help
Blair's Secret Invasion Plot to 'Topple Milosevic' Revealed
Most Americans Expect World War Within Next Decade
item What Does the Coup in Niger Tell Us About the War in Ukraine?  by Ted Snider
item Hawks Pushing for 'Axis of Evil' Reunion Tour  by Daniel Larison
item Cutting the Pentagon Down to Size  by William J. Astore
item Can Congress Ban Tiktok?  by Andrew P. Napolitano

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Poll: US Military Families Less Likely To Recommend Service Amid Treatment Woes
More Than 7,350 West Bank Palestinians Arrested by Israel During Gaza War
US Navy Sailor Dies in Non-Combat Incident in Red Sea
Russia Warns Western Banks of Catastrophic Consequences Over Asset Confiscation
Russian Soyuz Rocket With Three Astronauts Blasts Off to Space Station, Days After Glitch
Ukraine's Success 'Matter of US Credibility': Polish Foreign Minister
Germany, France Reach 'Breakthrough' Deal on Tank Development, Minister Says
Cannabis Will Be Legal in Germany Within Days
Three Men in Armenia Attempt to Storm Yerevan Police Station and Two Are Injured by Their Own Grenades
Washington Approves $228 Million in US Military Aid to the Three Baltic States, Estonia Says
Finland to Resume Funding to UNRWA
Britain Plans to Boost Nuclear Workforce
Beijing Holding 'Taiwanese Soldier' Who 'Lied About Identity' After Being Picked Up by Mainland Chinese Coastguards
China's Envoy Says 'Significant Gap' Between Kyiv and Moscow on Peace Talks
US 'May Be Sending Strong Message' to China With Hypersonic Missile Test as Arms Race Heats Up
China Blocks Use of Intel and AMD Chips in Government Computers
ISIS Group Claims Responsibility for Bombing at Afghan Bank and Says It Targeted Taliban
No Need for US Waiver To Build Gas Pipeline With Iran, Pakistan Says
$3 Billion Deal With the UK Gets Australia Closer To Having a Fleet of Nuclear-Powered Submarines
Australia and UK Sign Defense and Security Treaty To Meet 'Contemporary Challenges'

Morocco Accused of Using Israeli Weapons to Kill Civilians in Western Sahara

US Greenlights $260 Million Javelin Missile Sale to Morocco

Nigerian Army Rescues 17 Students Kidnapped in Northwest Sokoto
More Than 130 Kidnapped Nigerian Students Released: Government Spokesman
Several Nigerien Soldiers Killed in Ambush Near Burkina Faso, Mali Border
Burkina Faso: Survivors Detail How Security Forces Massacred a Village
Mass Grave With Bodies of at Least 65 Migrants Found in the Deserts of Western Libya

ISIS Claims Responsibility for Attack on Niger Army That Killed Dozens

Al Shabaab Launches Deadly Attack on Military Base in Somalia
Children of Gaza: 'Where Is My Leg?'
UN Chief Says Blocked Gaza Aid Is a 'Moral Outrage,' Calls for War to End
Israeli Army Used '1970s' Munitions in Gaza Amid Shortages
Britain: Owen Jones Quits Labour Party Over Support for Gaza 'War Crimes'
Only Effective Way to Ramp Up Gaza Aid Is by Land, UN Chief Guterres Says
Hamas Armed Wing Says Israeli Captive Dies Due to 'Lack of Medicine and Food'
Palestinians Describe Bodies and Ambulances Crushed in Israel's Ongoing Raid Around Gaza Hospital
'My Father's Last Words': a Gaza Boy Describes Mass Executions at Shifa Hospital
At Least 19 Reported Killed as Israeli Forces Fire on Gaza Aid Seekers
Hospitals Under Attack, Scores Killed: Gaza Genocide Continues
'Silencing Palestinian Voices' – Three More Journalists Killed by Israel in Gaza
Gaza Drone Video Shows Killing of Palestinians in Israeli Air Attack
Gaza Christians Ask for Peace on Palm Sunday
Israeli Defense Minister to Visit Washington

US Proposes Hostage-To-Prisoner Ratio in Gaza Truce Talks, Israeli Official Says

New Arab-Jewish Movement Stages Countrywide Events Demanding Ceasefire
More Young Americans Favor Palestinians Than Israelis, New Poll Says
Middle East
US Approves Sale of 50 Abrams Main Battle Tanks to Bahrain
Syria Camps: Repatriations Stall as Instability Brings New Dangers for Detainees
PKK Says It Acquired Kamikaze Drones to Hit Turkish Aircraft
Biden To Host Iraqi Leader With Talks Underway on Winding Down Coalition Against the ISIS
The War at Home
Space Force Sends Congress $1 Billion List of Unfunded Projects
AOC Decries 'Unfolding Genocide' in Gaza, Urges Halting Weapons to Israel
US Army Publishes ALARACT for 'Utilization of the Army Retiree Recall Program'
Canadian Student Hospitalized After 34 Days of Hunger Strike for Palestine
Canada Announces Fund for Czech's Ukrainian Ammo Donation
Latin America
Ecuador's Youngest Mayor Found Shot to Death Alongside Advisor
France Charters Evacuation Flights From Haiti
Mexican Authorities Release Another 16 People Kidnapped by Criminal Groups in Sinaloa State
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The Israeli State’s Assault on Gaza Must Stop

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Throwing Good Money After Bad in Ukraine?

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Biden Makes Americans Targets in the Middle East, Then Campaigns on Their Deaths

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To Avoid a War With China Over Taiwan, the US Needs To Back Down

David R. Henderson
How Much Is US Aid to Ukraine Costing You?

Patrick J. Buchanan
Putin’s ‘Winter War’ on Ukraine

Maj. Danny Sjursen, USA (ret.)
‘I Know You Are But What Am I’: Russia’s Ready Response to US Africa-Alarmism

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The FBI vs.

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