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Updated April 6, 2024 - 7:50 PM EDT
Blinken: Israel, Hamas Becoming 'Indistinguishable'
  US Approves Transfer of Thousands of More Bombs for Israel
  Biden, Netanyahu Discuss Killing of Foreign Aid Workers
  Aid Group Hit by IDF Strike Says Israeli Response 'Cold Comfort'
  Gazans in Israeli Custody Lose Limbs Due to Abuse
  Military Pier Project in Gaza Could Be 'On Ice'
Israeli Embassies Around World Put on High Alert
  Eight Killed as Israel Strikes Across Southern Lebanon
  100,000 Estimated to Have Fled From South Lebanon
HRW: Israel Killed 100+ Civilians in War Crime
  IDF Admits to Killing Elderly Hostage on October 7
  Pressure Mounts on Sunak to Stop Arming Israel
US, UK Have Bombed Yemen 148 Times in 80 Days
  US Suggests Diplomacy With Houthis as Bombing Campaign Failed
Blinken Vows 'Ukraine Will Become a Member of NATO'
  US Official Admits Ukraine Proxy War Failing To Weaken Russia
  Russian DM Warns French Against Sending Troops to Ukraine
item Language in the War on Gaza  by Dubravka Žarkov
item The Growing Fissures in NATO Unity  by Ted Snider
item US Epic Fail in Niger  by Nick Turse
item Why Care About Kosovo?  by Doug Bandow

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Class Destroyed: the Rise and Ruin of Gaza's Revered Universities
More Aid Workers Killed in Gaza Than in All Wars Over Last 30 Years Combined
Majority in Southeast Asia Would Choose China Over US, Survey Suggests
'Deliberate Israeli Policy' to Kill Starving Palestinians, Target Aid Trucks: Euro-Med Monitor Report
UK Govt Urged to Create Gaza Family Reunification Scheme
Israeli Drone in Aid Worker Strikes May Have Used UK Engine, Campaigners Say
Palestinians in Northern Gaza Living on Less Than a Can of Beans Per Day
'Not Good Enough': Australian PM Slams Explanation for Aid Workers' Killing in Gaza
Almost Impossible To Deliver Aid in Gaza, Say Top Charities
Gaza Ceasefire Talks Stall as Israel and Hamas Dig In
Israeli Strike on World Central Kitchen Aid Convoy Shows Growing Danger of Humanitarian Work in Conflict Zones
Diplomatic Spat Erupts Between Poland and Israel After WCK Killings in Gaza
'There Were Never 40 Decapitated Babies': Why a Debunked Claim Continues to Circulate in Israel
Shutdown Threat: When Has Israel Targeted Al Jazeera Before?

Sen. Warren Says She Would Move To Block Sale of F-15s to Israel

Sen. Coons Open To Putting Conditions on Aid to Israel

Spain's PM Says EU Could Reevaluate Relations With Israel if It Finds It Breached Law

Huge Protests Across Israel Are Telling Netanyahu to Leave, Will It Happen?

Billions of Dollars: How US Provides Israel With Military Aid
Trump Says Israel Has To Get Gaza War Over 'Fast,' Warns It Is 'Losing the PR War'
Lebanon's PM Addresses Israeli Attacks on Southern Lebanon; Seeks Solutions for Refugee Crisis
Lebanon's Friends Pressing Israel To Halt Its Aggression: Caretaker PM Mikati
Lebanon's Billionaire Prime Minister Denies Allegations of Money Laundering in France
Anti-Tank Missile From Lebanon Hits House in Shlomi, Northern Israel
Middle East
Kurdistan's KDP Maintains Boycott of Regional Ballot, Rejection of Federal Court Decisions
Turkish Forces Shell Civilian Areas in Syria's Kobani
Houthi Attack Kills 11 Southern Separatists in Southern Yemen: Official
Russian-Installed Officials Say Six Civilians Killed in Ukrainian Attacks
Russia's Lavrov Says Chinese Peace Plan on Ukraine Is Most Reasonable So Far
Ukrainian Soldiers, Engineers Toil Round Clock To Build Defenses
Czechs To Give Tens of Millions of Euros for Ukraine Ammunition Plan, PM Says
Denmark Missile Launcher Fault Closes Busy Shipping Strait
Denmark Fires Chief of Defense, Runs Into More Naval Issues
United Kingdom
Ex-UK Minister Duncan Calls on Sunak to 'Flush Out' Senior Pro-Israeli Figures From Parliament
Majority of UK Voters Want To Ban Arms Sales to Israel: Poll
More Than a Dozen Pakistani Judges Receive Letters With 'Toxic' Powder
Pakistani Judges Say Intelligence Agency Threatened Them Over Imran Khan
Asia Pacific
Multiple Taiwanese F-16s Damaged in Powerful Earthquake
Myanmar's Worst Violence Since the Military Takeover Is Intensifying the Crisis, UN Says
New Zealand Says New NATO Partnership To Be Concluded in 'Coming Months'
Tonga Ministers Quit Amid Standoff With Powerful Monarch
Sudan Prosecutors Accuse Ex-PM Hamdok of 'Inciting War'
What Is the Future of the Sudanese Armed Forces?
Egypt Charges Pro-Palestine Protesters With 'Spreading Fake News'
Somalia Expels Ethiopian Ambassador Amid Somaliland Port Deal Dispute
What's Behind the Latest US Sanctions on Zimbabwe President Mnangagwa?
The War at Home
Deployed Troops Inhaled Toxic Air Even While Off-Duty, Study Finds
US Army Develops New Tech to Detect Brain Injuries Within Minutes
Ex-Marine Facing Extradition in Australia Says Wasn't US Citizen at Time of Offense
Iran FM, EU's Borrell Hold Phone Call Over Syria Attack
At Least 11 Killed in Attack on Iran's IRGC in Border Province: State Media
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Putin’s ‘Winter War’ on Ukraine

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‘I Know You Are But What Am I’: Russia’s Ready Response to US Africa-Alarmism

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