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Updated April 11, 2024 - 9:24 PM EDT
US Thinks Iranian Attack on Israel Is Imminent
  Mossad Suspected in Killing of US Sanctioned Man in Lebanon
Biden Walks Back Call for Ceasefire in Gaza
  Trump Says Biden Has 'Totally Abandoned Israel'
  Israel Kills Sons and Grandchildren of Hamas Leader
  Top Dem Questions F-15 Sale to Israel
Biden Undercounted Ukraine Spending $14 Billion
  US Transfers Weapons Seized in Middle East to Ukraine
Biden Considers Dropping Charges on Assange
House Votes Down Extending Mass Surveillance
Xi Meets With Taiwan Ex-Leader in Historic Beijing Talks
item How Big a Factor Is Iran in the War on Gaza?  by Ted Snider
item Not Enough War on the Ground, the US Is Taking It to Space  by Stavroula Pabst
item US Should Adopt the Mearsheimer Plan  by James Carden
item Peril of Forgetting Guantánamo  by Karen Greenberg

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44% of All Palestinians Killed by Israel Since October 7 Are Children
Thousands of Palestinians Mark Eid Al-Fitr at Al-Aqsa Mosque
Peace Activists Arrested for Disrupting USAID Chief Samantha Power
Press Officer Killed in Ukraine's Attack on Journalists Near Kremennaya
Russian Missile Attack Kills Four in Odesa District, Governor Says
Ukraine, UK Sign Agreement to Cooperate on Arms Production
Three People Killed in Russian Air Attacks on Ukraine's Kharkiv Region
United Kingdom
'Beyond Alarming': Cameron Slammed Over Continued UK Arms Exports to Israel
The Vanishing UK Military Presence in Northern Ireland
EU Leaders Hypocritical About Conflict in Ukraine: Top Hungarian Diplomat
Greece Buys 35 UH-60M Black Hawks From US
Serbia To Procure 12 Rafale Fighter Jets From France
Spain's Sanchez Says 'Disproportionate' Israeli Gaza Attacks a World Threat
Neutral Switzerland Joins European Sky Shield Defense Project
More Than 10 Million Sudanese Children Have Been in Warzone: Charity
Thousands Fleeing Sudan Daily After One Year of War: UN
US To Make Additional Nine-Figure Push in Funding in Response to Sudan Conflict
Algeria Restores Envoy to Spain After Two Years of Dispute
Ethiopian Opposition Figure Killed in Oromia
Mali's Junta Suspends Political Party Activities Until Further Notice
A Moroccan Activist Was Sentenced to Five Years for Criticizing the Country's Ties to Israel
10 Years After Chibok, Agony of Abductions Plagues Nigeria
Togo Bans Protests Against Arrest of Opposition Activists, Constitutional Reform
Zimbabwe's New Currency Suffers Chaotic Start
Thai Soldiers on Alert as Myanmar Border Clashes Enter Second Day
Myanmar Military Begins Basic Training to Draftees Under Conscription Law
India, China Should Urgently Address 'Prolonged Situation' on Borders, Modi Says
Protesters Demanding Restoration of Nepal's Monarchy Clash With Police
Former Colombia President Uribe Denounces Case Against Him as Political Vengeance
Colombia Peace Delegation To Hold Extraordinary Meeting With ELN Rebels
'Steadfast Despite Grief': Palestinians in Gaza Mark Solemn Eid Al-Fitr
Palestinian Priest to Tucker Carlson: 'Washington's Support for Israel Threatens Palestinian Christians'
Israel Kills 14 Palestinians in Gaza Eid Al-Fitr Airstrikes
What Military Support Does the US Provide Israel?
Israeli Businessmen Warn That Turkish Export Restrictions Could Increase Property Prices
As Gaza Is Pummeled, Is Serbia Secretly Sending Weapons to Israel?
High Court Rejects Likud Minister's Petition Seeking To Conscript Arab Israelis
Europe Jewish Leader Hits Out at Ben-Gvir Over Antisemitism
Samantha Power: Aid Workers Say Gaza Crisis 'Unprecedented'
Gaza Aid Shipments To Resume Soon, Cyprus Says, as 1,000 Tons of Food Await Delivery
Iran's Khamenei Blasts Israel, West for 'Bloody' Gaza War in Eid Speech
Iran Seeking Free Trade Agreement With Lebanon
Iran Says Could Close Hormuz Strait, Amid Israel 'Threat'
UNIFIL Calls for a Permanent Ceasefire in Southern Lebanon
Gantz: Lebanon Will Pay if the Conflict Expands
Rocket Fired at Kiryat Shmona as UN Peacekeepers on Lebanon Border Fear Escalation
ISIS Kills Two SDF Members in Eastern Syria
Israel Hits Hezbollah Posts in Syria Amid War Escalation
Russian Forces Eliminate 11 Terrorist Bases in Deir Ezzor: MoD

Canada Not Warned About Missile Strike in Syria That Damaged Embassy, Joly Says

Middle East
Baghdad's Reopening of Rival Oil Pipeline to Turkey Likely to Ratchet Up Tensions With Kurdistan Region
Bahrain Amnesty: Which Political Prisoners Have Been Released?
Dutch Logistics Ship to Support EU's Counter-Houthi Operations
The War at Home
How Companies Plan To Ramp Up Production of Patriot Missiles
Hundreds of New Satellites Will Give US Military Faster Tactical Comms and Data
Army Orders Pilots To 'Reinforce' Flying Skills After 12 Crashes
Army PSYOP Training to Be Unified Under New School
When Can US Spies Buy Your Personal Data? New Guidelines Are Coming
Republicans Pick Defense Hawk To Usher Spending Bills
Chinese Firms Helping Military Get AI Chips Added to US Export Blacklist
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