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Updated April 12, 2024 - 7:37 PM EDT
House Votes To Extend Warrantless Spying Powers
USAID Says Famine Is Happening in North Gaza
  How the Massacre at Al-Shifa Hospital Happened
  Over 13,000 Missing in Unmarked Graves Across Gaza
Gantz: Middle-Schoolers Will One Day Fight in Gaza
  Israeli MK Says There Are Secret Plans To Settle Gaza
Japan's Kishida Speaks to Congress, Slams China
  Biden-Kishida-Marcos Meet Shows 'Ironclad' Support for Philippines
  Bipartisan Bill Would Give Philippines $2.5 Billion in Military Aid
US Gen. Arrives in Israel To Discuss Iran Attack
  Iran: US Involvement in Israel War Will Lead to Attacks on US Troops
  After Brief Calm, Hezbollah Fires 40 Rockets Against Northern Israel
Russia Destroys One of Ukraine's Largest Power Plants
  NATO's F-16s to Ukraine Limited by Pilots, Combat-Ready Aircraft
NATO Could Surge Presence in Eastern Europe
Assange Defenders Tell Biden To 'Do the Right Thing'
item Killing Humanitarian Workers as a Strategy: Israel's Endgame in Gaza  by Ramzy Baroud
item Everyone Wants to Seize Russia's Money. It's a Terrible Idea.  by Christopher Caldwell
item The CIA Wants More Power to Spy on Americans  by Andrew P. Napolitano
item If Europe Pushes Putin, America Should Tap Out  by Doug Bandow

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S. Korea's Opposition Party Wins Resounding Majority in National Assembly
Russia, US in Touch on
Non-Deployment of Nuclear Weapons in Space

US Troop Presence in Iraq To Be a 'Very Important Part' of PM's Visit

West's Refusal to Condemn Kiev Looks Like Encouragement for Attacks on ZNPP: Russian Diplomat
Pentagon Can't Force Starlink To Block Service to Russians, US Official Says
Russian Missile Kills Four in Ukraine's Mykolaiv
Russia's New Rocket Blasts Off Into Space After Two Aborted Launches
Russia Calls for Restraint in Volatile Middle East
Russian Forces Kill Two Terror Suspects in North Caucasus Operation
Russia Sends Military Trainers and Air-Defense System to Niger, Says Niger State TV
European Gas Prices Soar as Russian Retribution Puts Kyiv in the Dark
Russian Attacks on Ukraine Stoke Fears Army Near Breaking Point
Ukraine and Latvia Sign Security Agreement, Zelensky Says
Netherlands To Pledge Additional 400 Million Euros in Aid for Ukraine
US Special Forces Students Are Learning Ukrainian in New Language Course
'Waiting for My Time To Come': Ukraine's New Draft Law Unsettles the Young
IAEA Board To Meet on Zaporizhzhia Attacks on Thursday, Diplomats Say
Factbox: What Does the Ukrainian Mobilization Bill Entail?
Hungary Will Impose New Restrictions on Agricultural Imports From Ukraine
Outsider Norway Should Keep Close EU Ties, Government Commission Says
Sweden To Invest $36 Million in Bomb Shelters, Civil Defense
Afghanistan's Taliban Leaders Issued Different Messages for Eid. Experts Say That Shows Tensions
Taliban Minister Condemns Israeli Strikes, Expresses Solidarity With Hamas
Myanmar Troops Retreat to Thai Border Bridge After Days of Fighting
Myanmar's Ethnic Karen Guerrillas Claim To Have Seized the Last Army Base Defending Key Border Town
Jakarta Denies Indonesia 'Willing To Normalize Ties With Israel' in Bid To Join OECD
China Sanctions Two US Defense Companies and Says They Support Arms Sales to Taiwan
Vietnam Tycoon Truong My Lan Sentenced to Death in Fraud Case Related to Political Corruption Campaign
Israel Shuts Down a Town in the Occupied West Bank, Canceling Eid for Palestinians
UN Security Council Asks Israel To Do 'More' on Gaza Aid
Netanyahu Says Israel Preparing for Scenarios in Other Areas Than Gaza
Will Ultra-Orthodox Jews Have To Enlist in the Israeli Army?
Israeli Forces Clash With Palestinian Youth in West Bank
Tim Kaine: Biden Knows Netanyahu 'Played' Him in Early Months of Gaza War
Muslim Leaders Tire of White House Outreach on Gaza as War Drags On
Pro-Palestine Protesters Push Back Against Chicago Mayor, DNC on Permits
'No Legal Basis' for Continuing To Exempt Haredim From IDF: Attorney General
Smotrich's Proposal To Secure US Support for Rafah Attack
Lufthansa Extends Suspension of Flights to Tehran, Foreign Ministers Hold Call
US Has Told Iran It Was Not Involved in Damascus Attack, White House Says
Oil Swings Near $90 With Risk of Iran Strike on Israel in Focus
Will Iraq's Muqtada Al-Sadr End His Political Quarantine?
ISIS Couple From Iraq Arrested in Germany for Enslaving Yazidi Girls From Shengal
IDF Fighter Jets Strike Three Hezbollah Military Compounds in Southern Lebanon
Lebanon's Displaced Awaits More Aid as Border Conflict Drags On
Turkey Bombards Kurdish Positions Near Manbij: Monitor
Turkey Considers S-400 Deployment on Iraq Border for Upcoming Anti-Kurd Operation: Turkish Media
After a Year of War in Sudan, What Is the Situation Now?
Russia Expands Diesel Exports to Sudan Amidst EU Embargo
The War at Home
US Air Force Issues $409 Million Award for Long-Sought Pacific Airfield
US Coast Guard Takes 210-Foot Cutter Out of Service To Fill Manning Gaps Elsewhere
FBI Concerned About Possible Coordinated Attack in US After Russia Massacre
Police Official Is Shot to Death in Mexico's Troubled Resort of Acapulco
Mexico Calls on the International Court of Justice To Expel Ecuador From UN
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‘I Know You Are But What Am I’: Russia’s Ready Response to US Africa-Alarmism

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The FBI vs.

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