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Updated April 16, 2024 - 9:04 PM EDT
Israel: We Have No Choice But To Respond to Iran
  Hezbollah Attack Wounds Four Israeli Troops in Lebanon
White House Opposes Standalone Israel Aid Bill
  Bipartisan Lawmakers Rush to Battle Stations After Iran Attack
Israel Destroys 90% of Buildings in 'Buffer Zone'
  Israeli Forces Kill Five Palestinians Trying To Return to North Gaza
Ukraine Is Jealous of US Defense of Israel
  US Says New Russian Arctic Pipeline 'Dead in the Water'
  US General: Russia's Military Is Bigger Than Before Ukraine Invasion
What a Year of Conflict Has Done to Sudan
US, Chinese Officials Hold 'Frank and Constructive' Talks
item Biden's Irresponsible War Doctrine Led to Iran's Attack on Israel  by Ted Snider
item FISA Exchanges Real Liberty for Phantom Security  by Ron Paul
item Netanyahu Wants War With Iran. Biden Can Prevent It.  by Trita Parsi
item Will Israel Go Nuclear on Iran?  by Douglas Macgregor

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Iran Attack on Israel: What Was Shot Down and by Which Country?
Rising Numbers of Americans Say Biden Should Encourage Israel To Stop Gaza Actions
'We're on the Edge': Palestinians Terrified by Israeli Settler Violence
Istanbul Treaty Can Serve as Basis for Dialogue With Ukraine: Kremlin
Russian Strike on Kharkiv Region Kills Two and Injures Four, Governor Says
Russia's Top Brass Reports Destroying First Khmara Jammer in Ukraine Operation
Ukraine Sharply Boosts Delivery of Drones to Armed Forces So Far This Year, Commander Says
United Kingdom
UK Intelligence Secretly Funded Leftist Magazine, Then Covered It Up
'Prejudice, Islamophobia': Free Speech Fears as UK Redefines Extremism
Revolt in Northern England: No Gaza Ceasefire, No Vote
Azerbaijan Calls for ICJ To Throw Out Armenian Ethnic Cleansing Case
Lawmakers Brawl as Georgian Parliament Considers 'Foreign Agent' Bill
Activists Trigger Referendum That Could End Swiss Sanctions on Russia
Europe Pledges To Boost Aid to Sudan on Unwelcome War Anniversary
RSF Seizes Control of Strategic North Darfur Town of Mellit
'Crimes Against Humanity' May Have Been Committed in Sudan, Says UN Chief
Renewed RSF Attacks Devastate Darfur Villages, Displace Civilians
RSF Leader Expresses Readiness for Sudan Ceasefire, Peace Negotiations
World Donors Pledge $2.1 Billion in Aid for War-Stricken Sudan to Ward Off Famine
Fear Grips Key City in Sudan's Darfur as Fragile Peace Breaks Down
Sudan Crisis 'Almost Catastrophic': WFP Chief McCain
The War at Home
Pro-Palestinian Demonstrators Snarl Traffic on Brooklyn Bridge After Protesting on Wall Street
Philadelphia Protest Today Part of A15 Campaign Calling to End War in Gaza
Pro-Palestinian Protesters Shut Down Golden Gate Bridge, I-880 in Oakland, Causing Major Delays
Protesters Block Valero Entrance in San Antonio

NASA Confirms Space Station Debris Hit Florida Man's Home

Biden Admin Announces $6.4 Billion for Samsung to Expand Chip Production in Texas
Israeli Debt Doubled Since Beginning of War on Gaza
Continued Genocide in Gaza: Palestinian Civilians Targeted, Aid Hindered
'Dismantle Armed Settler Militias': ICC Urged To Take Action Against Illegal Settlers
Israeli Court Orders Removal of Palestinian Families From Their Sheikh Jarrah Homes
Israel Accused of 'GPS Jamming' to Thwart Iran Attacks as Phones Displayed Wrong Locations
Granddaughter of Hamas Chief Ismail Haniyeh Dies of Wounds Sustained in Israeli Strike
Israeli Settlers Kill Two Palestinians in Occupied West Bank, Mayor Says
What Humanitarian Aid Has Israel Barred From Entering Gaza?
US Legislators Renew Push for Additional Aid to Israel After Iran Attack
Lapid Calls Netanyahu 'Existential Threat' as They Spar Over National Security
'UNSC Failed Its Duty to Maintain International Peace:' Iran
Jordanians Angered by Government's Downing of Iran Missiles
Iran Did Not Provide US With Attack Warning or Targets, White House Says
US Military Says It Destroyed Dozens of Drones Fired From Iran, Yemen
Oil Prices Lower After Iran Attack on Israel
Iraqi Leader Calls for Restraint in Middle East During Washington Visit
Iraq Weekly Roundup: 22 Killed
Middle East
Saudi Arabia Complains to the UN After UAE Announces 'Protected Marine Area'
Macron Says Will Do Everything To Avoid Middle East Escalation
Rebels Raise Flag at Seized Myanmar Base, Commander Confident of Retaining Control
Pakistan Probes Recent Shooting of Man Acquitted in 2013 Murder of Alleged Indian Spy
Philippine Navy Test-Fires Long-Range Spike Missile
China Indicates Man Executed for Spying Had Sold Secrets to US
Review Says Abbey Gate Bombing in Kabul Wasn't Preventable
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‘I Know You Are But What Am I’: Russia’s Ready Response to US Africa-Alarmism

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