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Updated April 19, 2024 - 5:53 PM EDT
$95 Billion Foreign War Bills Move to House Vote
  Rep. Greene: Reps Who Back Ukraine Aid Should Fight
Israel Launches Attack on Iran
  Israeli Security Chief Slams 'Lame' Attack on Iran
  Israel Targets Syrian Air Defense Sites, Causing Significant Damage
  Iran Warns Israel Not To Target Nuclear Facilities
  US Announces New Sanctions on Iran
  Two Hezbollah Fighters, One Civilian Killed in Israeli Strikes
US Vetoes Palestinian Bid for Full UN Membership
  US, Israel Have 'Shared Objective To See Hamas Defeated in Rafah'
  Israel Is Building a Military Base in the Heart of Gaza
Ben Gvir: Kill Palestinians for Room in Prisons
  Blinken Won't Sanction IDF Units Linked to Killings or Rapes
ISIS Kills at Least 28 Syrian Soldiers and Pro-Govt Fighters
US Reimposes Oil Sanctions on Venezuela
US Navy Flies Plane Through Taiwan Strait
item Speaker Johnson's Ignominious Betrayal on Behalf of the War Party  by David Stockman
item Leaked NY Times Memo Reveals Anti-Palestinian Bias of US Media  by Ramzy Baroud
item Warrantless Surveillance Makes a Mockery of the Constitution  by John & Nisha Whitehead
item There Is Only One Spaceship Earth  by William J. Astore

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Satellite Images Reveal Israeli Destruction of Hospitals in Gaza
Hamas Willing To Disarm Under Two-State Solution: Turkey FM
Armenian Victims Ask ICC To Investigate Genocide Claim Against Azerbaijan
IMF's Georgieva Says Ukraine Needs $42 Billion in Budgetary Support This Year
Ukraine Attacks Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant Training Center Again, Drone Neutralized
US 'Not Forgetting' to Help Itself With Aid to Ukraine: Kremlin

Ukraine Doesn't Want A-10s, but Another Country Might,
US Air Force Secretary Says

Soldiers From Russia and Tajikistan Stage Counter-Terrorist Drills
Russia Pounds Ukraine's Cities and Front Lines as Air Defenses Dwindle
Putin Is Bombing Ukraine Into Darkness – and Leaving Europe Short of Power
Russia Says Downed 5 Ukrainian Military Balloons in Kyiv's Latest Apparent War Innovation
United Kingdom

UK Insurers Refuse to Pay Nord Stream Because Blasts Were 'Government' Backed

UK Politicians Urge Rishi Sunak To Ban Iran's IRGC

US To Reduce Export Control Licensing by 80% for UK, Australia To Boost AUKUS
State Department: Women's Rights Condition for US Recognition of Taliban
Maldives High Court Overturns Ex-President Abdulla Yameen's Prison Sentence
North Korea, Belarus Deputy Foreign Ministers Agree To Strengthen Ties

Gunmen Ambush Vehicle Carrying Customs Officials in Northwest Pakistan, Killing Four Officers

Papua New Guinea Leader Says China, Australia Visits Show 'Robust' Ties With Major Powers
The War at Home
Biden Says Uncle's Remains Never Found During WWII Due to Cannibals
VA To Largely End Animal Testing on Dogs, Cats Within Two Years
White House Aims to Keep Gasoline Prices in Check Ahead of Election
Google Fires 28 Workers After Office Sit-Ins To Protest Cloud Contract With Israel
Greene Says She Doesn't Care if 'Speaker's Office Becomes a Revolving Door'
AIPAC-Endorsed Democrat Calls for Israeli Leadership Change
Mideast Missile Duels Have Cost US Navy Nearly $1 Billion, Secretary Says
Lockheed Clinches $17.7 Billion Next-Gen Interceptor Contract
Ilhan Omar's Daughter Suspended From University Over Pro-Palestine Activism
Prominent Palestinian Academic Arrested in Israel for 'Incitement'
Photos: The Destruction of the Nuseirat Refugee Camp in Gaza
Israelis Enraged as Palestinians Seek Respite From War and Heat at Beach
UNRWA Head Warns of 'Insidious' Israeli Campaign To Dismantle Agency
Meet the Jewish Activist Germany Arrested for Being Pro-Palestinian
Israel and Hezbollah: Fears of Escalation After Flurry of Attacks

Israel and Hezbollah: Fears of Escalation After Flurry of Attacks

Grief in Gaza: Image of Mourning Palestinian Wins World Press Photo Award
Israel Rules To Expel Palestinians in Sheikh Jarrah, Silwan
Israel Looks To Seize Funds Owed to Iran for Attack Losses
Gaza Children Yearn for Their School Days Before Conflict
Dozens Killed in Israeli Assault on Central Gaza Refugee Camp
Israeli Government Says It Isn't Required to Draft Haredi Men, nor End Funding to Yeshivas
What Hamas Wants From Israel – and Why the Ceasefire Talks Are Faltering
Battalion Commander to Troops: 'We're Going to Rafah and We'll Give It to Them'
Middle East
Turkey to End Claw-Lock Operation in Iraqi Kurdistan This Summer
Iran Attack on Israel Sought To Avoid Casualties: Commander
Lebanon Says Israeli Agents Likely Killed Hezbollah-Linked Currency Exchanger
Burkina Faso Kicks Out Three French Diplomats Over 'Subversive Activities'
Egypt Steps Up Border Security Ahead of Israeli Rafah Attack
Kenya's Military Chief Among 10 People Killed in Helicopter Crash
Nigeria's Army Rescues a Woman Abducted From Chibok as a Schoolgirl, and Her Three Children
Tunisian Opposition To Sue Saied Over Arbitrary Detention
Zimbabwe Frees Prisoners, Including Those Sentenced to Death, in an Independence Day Amnesty
Latin America
Argentina Asks To Join NATO as President Milei Seeks a More Prominent Role for His Nation

Haitian Groups Seek Billions in Reparations From France

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How Much Is US Aid to Ukraine Costing You?

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Putin’s ‘Winter War’ on Ukraine

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‘I Know You Are But What Am I’: Russia’s Ready Response to US Africa-Alarmism

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The FBI vs.

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