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Updated May 7, 2024 - 9:27 PM EDT
Israel Captures Rafah Border, Cutting Off Aid
  Baby Saved From Dying Mother's Womb Killed by Israeli Strike
  Everything To Know About Gaza Truce Proposal Hamas Agreed To
Republican Senators Threaten ICC for Israel
  Mitt Romney Says Congress Supports Banning TikTok for Israel
  The US Gives Israel $1.2 Billion for Giant Laser Beam Weapon
Moscow Warns It Can Strike UK Military Targets
  Russia To Hold Nuclear Drills in Response to Western Provocations
Ukraine Wants US Reaper Drones for Long-Range
  Ukrainians Abroad Slam Plan To Deny Embassy Services
Israel Used US-Made Bombs on Lebanese Paramedics
item The Great Ukraine Robbery Is Not Over Yet  by Ron Paul
item Claims That Student Protesters Are Chanting 'Death to America' Are B.S.  by Ken Klippenstein
item Another Bogus Antisemitism Scare  by Sheldon Richman
item The US Cannot Help Ukraine Win the War  by Ted Snider

More Viewpoints

'Yemen at a Crossroads': Nearly 200 Aid Groups Issue Urgent Funding Appeal
Nearly All 600,000 Kids in Rafah 'Injured, Sick, Malnourished,' Says UNICEF
Darfur on Brink of Starvation, UN Blames Violence and Bureaucracy
Pro-Palestine Protests
NYC Mayor Smeared a Grandmother as an 'Outside Agitator' To Justify NYPD Assault on Columbia
Where Pro-Palestinian College Protesters Have Been Arrested

Cambridge and Oxford Students Launch Protest Encampments Against Gaza War

NYPD Officer Fired Gun While Clearing Protesters From Hamilton Hall at Columbia, DA's Office Confirms
US Campus Protests of Israeli 'Genocide' Offer Hope to Students From Gaza
Thousands March at Bangladesh Universities for Gaza
US Soldier Arrested in Russia, Army Officials Confirm
Hensoldt To Deliver Six Additional TRML-4D Air Defense Radars to Ukraine
Ukrainian Drones Kill Six, Injure 35 in Russia's Belgorod Region, Governor Says
Germany Recalls Ambassador to Russia Citing Cyberattacks
German Chancellor Backs EU Plan To Use Frozen Russian Assets To Fund Ukraine Arms
EU Eyes Shipping, Violations in New Russian Sanctions Package, According to Text
'Taboo': French Women Speak Out on Rapes by US Soldiers During WWII
EU to Drop Rule-Of-Law Dispute With Poland
Violent Poppy Clearing Sparks Backlash in Northeastern Afghanistan
Sightline Media Urges India To Provide Information on Reporter Arrested a Year Ago
Suspected Kashmir Rebels Kill Indian Air Force Corporal
Myanmar Ethnic Armed Group Says Captured Hundreds of Junta Personnel
The War at Home
Defense Secretary Makes Final Pitch on FY25 Military Budget This Week
Troops Injured in Florida Landing Craft Collision Returned to Duty or Stable
This New PSYOP Recruiting Video Will Blow Your Mind
Counterfeit Computer Gear Wound Up Being Used by US Military
Nigeria Gunmen Kill 25 in Raids on Northwest Villages
Sudanese Army, RSF Clash Intensifies in Al-Jazira State
Israeli Airstrikes Bomb UNRWA Building, Schools in Gaza
Text of the Gaza Ceasefire Proposal Approved by Hamas
Why Is Israel Forcing the Evacuation of Part of Rafah, Gaza's Last Refuge?
Qassam Rockets Kill Israeli Soldiers Prepping Rafah Attack

Wall Street Ignores Own Rules on Weapons Investing in Gaza

Democratic Lawmakers Tell Biden Evidence Shows Israel Is Restricting Gaza Aid
Photos: Palestinians Evacuate Eastern Rafah Ahead of Expected Israeli Assault
The UN Says There's 'Full-Blown Famine' in Northern Gaza. What Does That Mean?
34,735 Palestinians Killed and 78,108 Injured in Israel's Military Offensive on Gaza Since Oct.7: Gaza Health Ministry
UN Denounces 'Onslaught of Violence Against Women' by Israel, Notes Mass Graves in Gaza
Qatar Says Hamas Response to Truce Proposal Is Positive
What Is the International Criminal Court, the Independent Body That Has Israel Worried?
Protesters Block Roads To Demand Israel Accept Ceasefire-Hostage Deal, Halt Rafah Push
Netanyahu Calls Non-Jews 'Untrustworthy' in Holocaust Speech
Netanyahu Uses Holocaust Ceremony To Brush Off International Pressure Against Gaza Offensive
Spain, Ireland Discuss Recognizing a Palestinian State
Iraq Weekly Roundup: 59 Killed
Iraq Executes 11 People Convicted of Terrorism, Two Security Sources Say
Iraqi Kurdistan's President Visits Tehran to Ease Tensions
Turkey Strikes Northern Iraq From Air, Says It Kills PKK Members
Middle East
Biden Meets Jordan's King as Gaza Ceasefire Hopes Dim
US Army Engineers Quietly Upgrade Bunkers in Middle East, To Protect Soldiers From TBIs
Hezbollah Says Its Drone Hits Northern Israeli Town, Casualties Reported
Tunis Police Raid Sees Refugees Abandoned Near the Border With Algeria
Chad Holds Presidential Election After Years of Military Rule
Egyptian Army Turns to Sinai Tribes To Prepare for Influx of Palestinians
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The Great Ukraine Robbery Is Not Over Yet

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American Intifada for Gaza: What Should We Expect?

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How Much Is US Aid to Ukraine Costing You?

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Putin’s ‘Winter War’ on Ukraine

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‘I Know You Are But What Am I’: Russia’s Ready Response to US Africa-Alarmism

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The FBI vs. Antiwar.com

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