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Updated May 8, 2024 - 9:22 PM EDT
Israel Captures Rafah Border, Cutting Off Aid
  Biden Gave Netanyahu the Green Light To Capture Rafah Crossing
  Private US Security Firm To Take Control of Rafah Border Crossing
  'My Children Cling to Me as Dogs Raid Rafah Graves Near Shelter'
Biden Reaffirms 'Ironclad' Support for Israel
  Hamas Says No Ceasefire Deal if Israel Continues Rafah Operation
  US Report on Israel's Wartime Conduct in Gaza Delayed, Aides Say
Belarus Tests Readiness of Nuclear Forces
  Russia Warns It Can Strike UK Military Targets
Two Israeli Soldiers Killed in Hezbollah Drone Attack
US, Philippines Simulate Conflicts Over Taiwan, S. China Sea
How the Australian Army Privatized SAS Elite to Outfit Omni
item The Ukraine Aid Package Heightens the Risk of Escalation  by James Carden & Katrina vanden Heuvel
item Columbia Student Terrorists? NYPD Must Think We're Pretty Dumb  by Branko Marcetic
item Biden's Foreign Policy Has the US in Deep Trouble  by John Mearsheimer
item A Missed Off-Ramp for US Venezuela Policy  by Ivan Eland

More Viewpoints

TikTok Sues US Govt, Saying Potential Ban Violates First Amendment
After Raids, NYPD Denied Student Protesters Water and Food in Jail
USS Eisenhower Back in Red Sea To Boost Anti-Yemen Efforts
Pro-Palestine Protests
Gazans Salute University Students' Uprising for Palestine
Ex-Israeli Special Forces Agent Says He Went 'Undercover' at UCLA Protest Encampment
Pro-Palestine Protests: How Some Universities Reached Deals With Students
NYPD Arrests Gaza War Protesters Rallying Near the Met Gala
'A Battle Scene': The Brutality of Police Raids at Columbia University and CCNY
German Police Clear Pro-Palestinian Camp at Berlin University
Police Break Up a Pro-Palestinian Student Protest in Berlin as Demonstrations Spread Across Europe
Clashes Break Out in Pro-Palestinian Rally in Greece
British Students Launch Gaza Sit-Ins at Balfour's Old Universities
Police Clear Protest From Swiss University as Gaza Demonstrations Spread
Ukraine Arrests Two Colonels Accused of Russian Plot To Assassinate President Zelensky
Russia Court Allows Seizure of $13 Million of JPMorgan and Commerzbank Assets
Russia Wants No Country to Interfere in Its Election Process: Kremlin Spokesman
US, UK, Most EU Nations to Boycott Putin Inauguration
Russia Declares US NGO Freedom House an Undesirable Organization
German Conservatives Vote for Compulsory Military Service
Austria Plans To Deport Convicts to Kosovo
The SAS Murders: How a Senior UK Officer Exposed an Afghan War Crime Cover-Up
Taliban Say Order Restored After Afghan Opium Poppy Protests
China's Xi Visits Belgrade Embassy Bombing Site
Vietnam Celebrates 70 Years Since Dien Bien Phu Battle That Ended French Colonial Rule
Malaysian Government Defends Presence of Companies That Supply Weapons to Israel at Defense Show

Pakistan's Military Says Recent Suicide Attack That Killed Five Chinese Was Planned in Afghanistan

Philippines Did Not Agree to 'New Model' To Manage Second Thomas Shoal With China, Officials Say
This Gaza Doctor Refused To Abandon His Patients. Israel Tortured Him to Death
'Unlike Anything We Have Studied': Gaza's Destruction in Numbers
UK Yet To See 'Credible' Israeli Plan To Protect Civilians in Rafah
'Intolerable': UN Chief Warns Rafah Invasion Will Have Devastating Consequences
Four Children From Gaza Arrive in US for Medical Treatment
US Completes Construction of Gaza Aid Pier
Drafter of Leahy Law Says It Was Never Applied to Israel
Israel's Shutdown of Al Jazeera Is Mainly Due to Domestic Politics and Not Over National Security
Saudis Strongly Condemn Israel Amid Rafah Invasion Fears
Did Israel Coordinate With Egypt Before Reoccupying the Rafah Crossing?
Mid-Level Israeli Team To Head to Cairo To Assess Hamas Position, Official Says
Hostage Families Urge US, Other Countries To Press Israel To Reach Deal With Hamas
Palestine Seeks General Assembly Support for UN Membership
What It's Like To Be Used as a Human Shield by the Israeli Army
UNICEF: Children Pay the Price for Rising Conflict in Lebanon
Israeli Air Raids Target South Lebanon's Town of Aita Al-Shaab
Iraq Weekly Roundup: 59 Killed
'Alarming Lack of Transparency:' Amnesty Slams Latest Iraq Prisoner Executions
Death Toll From Strikes on DR Congo Camps Rises to 18
Egyptians Outraged at Israel's Military Operations in Rafah
Call for Port Extension To Be Halted as Genocide Remains Are Found on Namibia's Shark Island
Sudanese Army Recaptures Key Base in North Kordofan
Togo's President Signs Law Expected To Extend His Decades-Long Rule
The War at Home

Democratic Lawmakers Support Biden's LNG Permit Pause

How Sexual Harassment and the Shipyard Crippled a Navy Warship
US Must Support Critical Mineral Projects in Risky Nations, White House Adviser Says
US Soldier Bucked Army Rules Before Arrest in Russia
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