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Updated May 11, 2024 - 4:33 PM EDT
UN Votes in Favor of Palestinian Membership
Food Running Out as Israel Expands Rafah Assault
  Israel Has Enough Weapons for Rafah Operation
  Settlers' Rampage on West Bank Village Leaves 'Trail of Wreckage'
  Two More Palestinians Killed by Aid Drops on Gaza
  UNRWA Closing Jerusalem HQ After Israeli Settler Arson Attacks
  Ben-Gvir Faces Calls for Removal After Posting 'Hamas Loves Biden'
House Bill Would Send College Protesters to Gaza
  Senate Bill Seeks To Place Campus Protesters on No-Fly List
  Congress Targets TikTok's Allies Ahead of Legal Battle
Israeli Srikes Hit Syria, Causing 'Material Damage'
  Israeli Drone Kills Two Civilians, Wounds Several in South Lebanon
  Israeli Drone Strike Kills Four Hezbollah Members in South Lebanon
US Warship Transits Through Taiwan Strait
  China Frustrated With Philippines Over S. China Sea Dispute
US Orders Troops to Leave Niger
Ukraine's Parliament Bill Cracks Down on Draft Evaders
item NY Times Ignites China Doping Controversy Leading Into the Olympics  by Rick Sterling
item Mark Milley Throws US Military Under the Bus for Israel  by Kelley Beaucar Vlahos
item War Culture Hates the Ethical Passion of the Young  by Norman Solomon
item Enforcing Silence on Genocide  by Elizabeth Vos

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Which Way, GOP?
by James W. Carden
Pete McCloskey, Antiwar Congressman Who Took on Nixon, Dies at 96
Half of Gaza's Water Sites Destroyed or Damaged by Israel
UN General Assembly To Vote on Recognizing Palestine as Full UN Member
Ukraine Drone Hits Russian Oil Facility a 'Record' 1,500 Km Away, Source Says
Russia Could Open New Front as Ukraine Remains Weapons-Poor, Say Officials
Putin Says 'Arrogant' West Risking Global Conflict
Putin Says There Is 'Nothing Unusual' About Tactical Nuclear Weapons Drill
Ukraine Air Attack on Belgorod Injures Eight, Governor Says
Zelensky Dismisses Head of State Guard After Two Members Accused of Assassination Plot
United Kingdom
UK Government To Fund Chaplaincy Service That 'Advocates for Israel' on Campuses
British Army Tests New Mobile Directed-Energy Weapon
Protesters in Armenia Demand PM Resign Over Border Villages Dispute
Belgium University to Quit Project With Israeli Institutions
EU Moves To Give Profits From Russian Assets to Ukraine
Kosovo Backs Ukraine Even Though Kyiv Has Not Recognized Its Independence, Foreign Minister Says
Staff at University of Amsterdam Condemn Crackdown on Pro-Gaza Encampment
Poland To Sign $1.2 Billion Early Warning Radar Balloon Contract
Thousands of Pro-Palestinian Protesters March in Malmo Against Israel's Eurovision Participation
Militants Bomb a Girls School in Northwestern Pakistan, Once a Taliban Stronghold. No One Was Harmed
A Year Since Pakistan's May 9 Riots: A Timeline of Political Upheaval

Gunmen in Pakistan Kill Seven Laborers Near Gwadar Port, Say Police

Chinese Companies Hit With US Trade Restrictions Over Spy Balloon Incident
Civilian Casualties Rise in Myanmar's Civil War as Resistance Forces Tighten Noose Around Military
India Completes Troop Exit From Maldives at Pro-China Leader's Request
The War at Home
Trump-Affiliated Group Releases New National Security Book Outlining Possible Second-Term Approach
FBI Informant Who Infiltrated ISIS and Al-Qaeda Released From US Prison
Apache Crash at Fort Riley Is Latest in String of Mishaps; Two Injured
Watchdog Blasts VA for Errors Leading to $11 Million in Improper Bonuses
Latin America
No New Trial for Convicted Honduras Ex-President in US Drug Case
18 Bodies Found in Mexico State Plagued by Cartel Violence
Gaza's Sick and Injured Search for Help as Rafah Assault Brings Hospitals to Their Knees
UNRWA Says 80,000 Palestinians Face Another Forced Displacement
As Biden Warns Against Rafah Invasion, AIPAC Pushes Congress To Support Israel's Operation
Israeli Protesters Block Humanitarian Aid Trucks to Besieged Gaza
Vessel Carrying Aid to US-Built Pier Off Gaza Leaves Cyprus
Destruction in Gaza: Side-By-Side Aerial Look at the Israel-Hamas War's Devastating Damage
Major Rafah Operation Will Not Defeat Hamas, White House Says
What Are the Latest Obstacles To Bringing Humanitarian Aid Into Gaza, Where Hunger Is Worsening?
Slovenia to Recognize Palestinian State by Mid-June
Ireland, Spain and Other EU Members Consider May 21 as Date To Recognize Palestinian State
US High School Students Organize Pro-Palestinian Protests Over Gaza
Israel's US Ambassador Slams House Dems for Trying to Block Military Aid
'One of the Most Difficult Battlefields in the World': Israeli Military Spokesman
Israel Due To Get Billions of Dollars More in US Weapons Despite Biden Pause
Factbox: Who Are Israel's Main Weapons Suppliers and Who Has Halted Exports?

Turkey Says It Is Not Easing Israel Export Ban

Turkey Renews Supply of Construction Materials to Israel Despite Trade Ban
Yemen's Houthis Chief Says Group Will Target Any Ships Related to Transport of Goods to Israel
Yemen's Houthis Say They Attacked Ships in Gulf of Aden, Indian Ocean
Children 'Piled Up and Shot':
New Details Emerge of Ethnic Cleansing in Darfur
Assassinations of Tribal Leaders Stoke Fears of Renewed Clashes in Sudan's South Kordofan
RSF Massacres in Darfur 'Possibly Genocide', Says HRW
'Constant Terror' in Key Darfur City as Fighting Closes In
Is Egypt Building a Militia Force To Handle Rafah Influx?
Video Shows Egyptian Soldiers Assaulting Palestinian Boy
Algeria's Leader Demands Justice Over French Colonial-Era Wrongdoing
Chad Opposition Leader Masra Claims Victory in Presidential Election
In Surprise Move, Somalia Asks UN To End Political Mission
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