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Updated May 16, 2024 - 9:05 PM EDT
Biden Appointee Resigns Over Gaza Slaughter
  US Officials See Biden as Complicit in Gaza's Devastating Famine
  Democrats Fracture Over GOP Bill Forcing Weapon Shipment to Israel
  Congressional Panel Targets Pro-Palestinian Groups With Investigation
Gallant Challenges Netanyahu on Gaza Plans
  Israel Escalates Attacks as Gaza on Brink of Catastrophe
  $320 Million US Military Pier to Open for Business, but Storms Ahead
Hezbollah Launches Deepest Drone Strike in Israel
  Gallant Reportedly Orders Al Jazeera Closure in West Bank
Blinken Announces $2 Billion in Military Aid for Ukraine
Slovak Prime Minister Expected To Live After Shooting
Niger PM Says US Threats Led to Withdrawal Order
Aussie Whistleblower Sentenced to Six Years in Prison
item US Won't Defend Japan, but Tokyo Doesn't Tell the Truth to the Public  by Reiho Takeuchi
item The Pentagon Is Flirting With the Dark Side of AI  by Janet Abou-Elias,
Lillian Mauldin, & William Hartung
item The US and Israel Are Playing a Dangerous Game  by Daoud Kuttab
item The Recent Risk of Escalation in Ukraine  by Ted Snider

More Viewpoints

Russian Troops Leave Karabakh, Now Back Under Azerbaijan's Control
Sudan's People Trapped in 'Inferno of Brutal Violence,' Famine, Fighting Close In
Palestinian Fighters Battle Israeli Army in Gaza Refugee Camp on Nakba Day
Ukraine Says Withdrew Troops in Parts of Kharkiv Region
Russian Air Strikes Injure at Least 25 in Ukraine's South, Say Local Officials
Putin Says Advance of Russian Forces in Ukraine Is Going to Plan
Russian Forces Take Control of Three Settlements in Ukraine, Says Defense Ministry
United Kingdom
'As Someone With Palestinian Heritage, I Couldn't Stay in the Labour Party': Kamel Hawwash
UK Court System 'Crooked', Says WikiLeaks Editor Ahead of Crucial Assange Hearing
UK Plans Six Amphibious Warships in New Golden Age of Shipbuilding
Gaza Protesters Occupy Cambridge University Graduation Lawn
BBC Bucks Pressure From UK FM Cameron and Says Won't Refer to Hamas as 'Terrorists'
UK Labour Party Vote Share in Muslim-Majority Areas 'Down by One Third'

Reactions After Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico Is Shot and Wounded
Neutral-Country General to Head EU's Top Military Body
EU Ambassadors Agree To Place Four Russian Media Outlets on Sanctions List
Chances of Cyprus Peace Talks Restart Look Dimmer as Turkish Cypriot Leader Sees No Common Ground
Estonia Parliament Backs Using Frozen Russian Assets for Ukraine Reparations
Finland Plans To Use Reservists To Patrol Border With Russia
Germany Has Almost 4 Billion Euros in Frozen Russian Assets, Finance Ministry Says
Ireland To Recognize Palestinian State by End May, Foreign Minister Says
Moldova's Justice Ministry Seeks Temporary Ban on Pro-Russian Party Activities
No Resumption Date Set for Sudan Military-Paramilitary Talks
Sudanese Revolutionary Movement Plots Path to Peace
US Sanctions Two RSF Commanders as Fighting Escalates in Sudan's Darfur
Sudanese Army, RSF Clash for 4th Day Over El Fasher Control
An Islamist Group Used Child Soldiers in Mozambique Attacks, Says Human Rights Watch
Mosque Attack in Nigeria's North Injures at Least 24 People, Including Children
Swiss Court Finds Gambian
Ex-Minister Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity
UN Prosecutor Confirms Death of Last Two Rwanda Genocide Fugitives
Palestinians Observe Nakba Anniversary in Shadow of Israel's War in Gaza
Israeli Occupation Murders Five Palestinians, Injures Others in Bombing
India 'Deeply Saddened' by Gaza Killing of Ex-Army Officer Working for UN
Palestinians Say Gaza War Like Enduring a Second 'Nakba'

UN Confirms Massive Gaza Death Toll Is Mostly Women and Children After Israel Accusations

Bahrain Signals Willingness To Join Arab Multinational Force in Gaza, US Official Says
Palestinian Life Under Israeli Occupation: an Illustrated Guide
US Working To Get American Doctors Out of Gaza, White House Says
Even Democrats Don't Get What Biden's Doing on Weapons for Israel
Turkey Says It Killed PKK Members in Northern Iraq Strikes
Erdogan Says Israel Has 'Set Its Sights' on Turkish Territory
Turkey Claims New KAAN Fighter Jets 'Better Than' America's
Yemen's Houthis Say They Targeted US Warship and Vessel 'Destiny' in Red Sea
Yemeni Security Forces Deploy in Aden as Anger Simmers Over Lengthy Power Outages
Middle East
Kuwait's New 'Executive Protocol' With Turkey Could Mean New Weapons, Training
Lebanon's Hezbollah Hosts Hamas Delegation
UAE's Defense Giant Expands in Asia With New Ammo Production Line in Indonesia
Russian Fighter Jets Execute Several Airstrikes on ISIS Hideouts in the Syrian Desert
One Killed, 12 Injured in Afghan Air Force Helicopter Crash
France Declares State of Emergency in New Caledonia – Four Die in Riots
In First AI Dialogue, US Cites 'Misuse' of AI by China, Beijing Protests Washington's Restrictions
Malaysia Signs 40 Defense Deals Worth $1.5 Billion at DSA 2024
Major Cases Keeping Former Pakistan PM Imran Khan in Jail

Philippines Receives US-Funded Coast Guard Repair Facility Amid South China Sea Damages, Modernization Efforts

Lawrence Wong Sworn in as Singapore's First New Prime Minister in 20 Years
The War at Home
High Price of Red Sea Shootdowns Speeds US Navy's Pursuit of 'Cost-Effective' Solutions
US House Committee Moves Quickly To Approve Bill Limiting Business With Chinese Biotech Firms
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Putin’s ‘Winter War’ on Ukraine

Maj. Danny Sjursen, USA (ret.)
‘I Know You Are But What Am I’: Russia’s Ready Response to US Africa-Alarmism

Justin Raimondo
The FBI vs.

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