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Updated June 5, 2024 - 8:24 PM EDT
Ukraine Claims Strike in Russia Using US Weapons
  NATO Developing 'Land Corridors' To Rush US Troops to Frontlines
  Kremlin Warns Western Troops in Ukraine Will Be Targeted
US, Israel Sign $3 Billion F-35 Deal
  Biden Suggests Netanyahu Prolonging Gaza War To Stay in Power
  House Votes To Sanction ICC for Case Against Israeli Leaders
US Field Tests Anti-Drone Weapon in Gaza
  At Least 15 Killed in Israeli Attack on Central Gaza Refugee Camps
  A Gaza Journalist's Agonizing Search for Safety
  Closure of Gaza Route Out Leaves Boy With No Treatment for Cancer
Reports Suggest Israel Gearing Up for Lebanon War
  Ben-Gvir Threatens To Storm Al-Aqsa During Extremist Flag March
US Marines Deploy MQ-9 Reaper Drones to Philippines
item The Speech That Military Recruiters Don't Want You to Hear  by Casey Carlisle
item When Nicaragua Took Germany to Court, Media Put Nicaragua in the Dock  by John Perry
item Is Biden Leading From Behind on Ukraine?  by Ted Snider
item US Is Discrediting All Arguments for Why It Should Lead the World  by Caitlin Johnstone

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One-Third of American Jews View Israel's War on Gaza as Genocide
Famine Is Possibly Underway in Northern Gaza, a New Report Warns
Sudan: Mass Exodus From El Fasher Amidst Intensifying Conflict in North Darfur
Children Unfed All Day, Thousands for One Toilet in Gaza: Oxfam
More Than 15,000 Children Killed in Gaza Since October, Says Education Ministry
Conditions in Gaza Are 'Unspeakable' as One Million People Flee Rafah: UNRWA
Palestinian Children Dream of School in Gaza Water Queues
Netanyahu's Ultra-Orthodox Coalition Partners Back Gaza Hostage Deal
CIA Director, Biden Adviser Head to Mideast To Push for Hostage/Ceasefire Deal
Senior Hamas Official Criticizes US, West's Calls on Group To Accept Biden's Gaza Proposal
Some Gazans 'Drinking Sewage Water': WHO Regional Chief
US Urges UN Security Council To Support Cease-Fire Plan in Gaza Announced by President Biden
No 'Clear Position' From Israel on Gaza Ceasefire Deal: Qatar
Israeli Government Estimates More Than a Third of the 250 Gaza Hostages Are Dead
Fires Break Out in Northern Israel as Conflict With Lebanon Intensifies
Palestinian Bedouin Girl, Sole Victim of Iran Missile Strike Makes First Public Appearance
Seven Labour Councilors Quit Party Over Gaza Stance and 'Institutional Racism'
Homes Destroyed in Jalbun Village by Israeli Forces, Amid Daily Violations
UN Rights Chief Condemns 'Unprecedented Bloodshed' in Occupied West Bank
UN Rights Office Criticizes Israel Over Deaths of 500 Palestinians in West Bank

Police Swiftly Clear Pro-Palestinian Encampment Outside LA City Hall

Slovenia Becomes Latest European Country to Recognize a Palestinian State After Parliamentary Vote
Tel Aviv Students Threaten Netanyahu With Strikes Over Ultra-Orthodox Draft Evasion
Israel's Bedouin Fight Eviction in Desert Region
Columbia Law Review Board Nukes Website Over Palestine Article
Turkish Exports to Israel Down 99 Percent in May Following Trade Ban
Turkish Military Training Plane Crashes, Killing Two Soldiers
Turkey Dismisses Pro-Kurdish Mayor Over Alleged 'Terrorist' Links
Middle East
Five ISIS Members Killed in Coalition, SDF Airdrop Operation in Syria
UK Navy Hero Held in Dubai for Seven Months on Spying Charges
US, G7 Partners Making Progress on Ways To Use Frozen Russian Assets, Treasury Official Says
US General Rejects Ukrainian Complaints About Abrams Tanks
Former US Soldiers Met in Ukraine Before International Crime Spree
Germany Looks to Deportations to Afghanistan After Police Killing
German Authorities See Islamic Extremist Motive in Mannheim Knife Attack
Cyprus President Says a Buffer Zone Splitting the Island Won't Become Another Migrant Route
British Military Pilots Sue UK Govt Over Carcinogenic Helicopter Exhaust
Biden Heads to France for D-Day Anniversary, Democracy Speech
Short on Troops, Australia Opens Military to Non-Citizens
US Pentagon Chief Visits Cambodia to Boost Ties With China Ally
China Denies Fueling Russia-Ukraine War Tensions, Says It Supports Peace
India Election Results: Big Wins, Losses and Surprises
US Contractors Arrive in Taiwan To Meet Leaders and Attend Defense Forum Amid Rising Tension
Japan Signs Railgun Cooperation Agreement With France, Germany

South Korea to Resume All Military Activities Along Demarcation Line

Philippines Says Chinese Boats Seized Supplies Airdropped to Filipino Outpost
The War at Home
Pro-Palestinian Cyclists Disrupt Biden's Day at the Beach
Service Dogs Helped Ease PTSD Symptoms in Military Vets, Study Finds
Landmark Review Spotlights Challenge of Judging Psychedelic Therapies
Congressional Group on Nuclear Arms Sets Hearing for Embattled Missile Program
FDA Panel Rejects MDMA-Based Treatment for PTSD
RSF Accused of Ethnically Motivated Killings in Darfur

Mass Displacement From South Khartoum Amidst Insecurity and Deteriorating Conditions

Besieged El Fasher Receives Life-Saving Medicines Airdrop
Iraq Monthly Roundup:
132 Killed in May
Iraq Requests Eight M-SAM-II Air Defense Missile System Batteries From Korea in $2.56 Billion Deal
Iraq Repatriates Nearly 200 Families From ISIS Detention Camp in Syria
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