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Updated June 12, 2024 - 8:22 PM EDT
Hamas Responds to Ceasefire Proposal
  Almost 3,000 Children in Gaza at Risk of Dying of Malnutrition
  Four Israeli Soldiers Killed in Rafah House Explosion: Military
Israel Kill Sr. Hezbollah Commander in Lebanon
  Israeli Forces Kill Six Palestinians in West Bank Raid
US Lifts Ban on Arming Neo-Nazi Azov Brigade
  G7 Plans To Provide Ukraine Billions Using Frozen Russian Assets
US Shadowing Russian Warships Heading to Cuba
  Finnish Forces Conduct First NATO Deployment
Gaetz, Vance Seek Info on US Role in Ukraine 'Enemies List'
Assange's Extradition Appeal Hearing Starts Next Month
Poll: 73% of Filipinos Support Military Action Against Beijing
item The Perils of Wider War
in Eastern Europe
 by Katrina vanden Heuvel & James Carden
item When a Man's Life Becomes a Bargaining Chip  by Kym Robinson
item America's Arrogant Imperialism on Full Display in Tbilisi  by Doug Bandow
item Sanctions Are for Losers  by Steve H. Hanke

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Pro-Palestinian Protesters Arrested at UCLA, Ordered To Stay Away From Campus
South Korea Says It Fired Warning Shots After North's Soldiers Crossed Border
Parts of Sudan Are in Famine, Extent Unclear, Top US Diplomat Says
UN Says Israeli Forces and Palestinian Armed Groups May Have Committed War Crimes in a Deadly Raid
BRICS Nations Condemn 'Unprecedented' Israeli Violence in Gaza
Israel's Parliament Advances Ultra-Orthodox Military Conscription Bill
UN Says Violence Against Children in Conflict Reached Extreme Levels in 2023, Including in Gaza
US Congress Aims To Spend $30 Million on Increasing Israel 'Anti-Tunnel' Defense Capabilities
Tel Aviv Steals $35 Million in Palestinian Funds for Israelis Killed by Resistance
'There Is a Knife in Our Back': Israeli Reservists Fume Over Haredi Draft Law
Israeli Killings of Gaza Civilians During Raid May Be War Crimes: UN
Does US Support for Israel's Nuseirat Attack Have Legal Ramifications?
Hamas Accepts UN Resolution Backing Ceasefire Deal
Nuseirat, Anatomy of Israel's Massacre in Gaza
Iraqi Forces Kill Senior ISIS Leader in a Raid in Syria
Iraq Weekly Roundup: Three Killed
Middle East
As Transnational Repression Gets Attention in US, Activists Call for Focus on UAE
Israel Hits Deepest Strike in Lebanon Since Clashes Began
RSF Continues El Fasher Assault, Displaces Thousands Amid Humanitarian Crisis in Sudan
ICC Prosecutor Seeks Evidence of War Crimes in Sudan's Darfur
Sudan's Notorious Paramilitary Group Loots a Main Darfur Hospital, Aid Group Says
Dozens of Sudanese Refugees Die From Heatwave En Route to Egypt
Riots Erupt in Drought-Stricken Central Algeria Over Months of Water Shortages
Malawi Vice President, Former First Lady Among 10 Killed in Plane Crash
Nigerian Army To Receive More Tactical Vehicles for Counter-Terrorism Ops
Man Jailed in Belgium for 25 Years Over Rwandan Genocide
$20 Million Allocated for Vulnerable People in South Sudan
Fifty Emigrants Dead and 140 Missing After Boat From Somalia Sinks Off Yemen
Russian Su-34 Bomber Crashes in Caucasus, Crew Killed
Russia's Oil and Gas Revenues Surged by 73.5% in January-May
Multibillion-Euro Court Battle Over Stranded Russian Jets Begins in Dublin
What Are Tactical Nukes and Why Is Russia Holding Drills?
European Banks To Provide Over 600 Million Euros in Recovery Funds for Ukraine
Thales To Deliver Second Air Defense System to Ukraine
NATO Eyes Intelligence Sharing With Ukraine on Russia's Electronic Warfare Capabilities
United Kingdom
UK Approved Dozens of Military Export Licenses to Israel Since October 7 Attack
UK Drones Reportedly Helping Israel To Find Gaza Captives
Finland Sends Advanced Weapon Prototypes to Ukraine for Combat Testing
Infighting Over Budget Imperils Germany's Defense Upgrade
Netherlands To Invest Over $500 Million To Spur Domestic Defense Production
Afghanistan Demands Non-Interference From Other Nations
BRICS Ministers Advocate Peaceful Resolution in Afghanistan
China Urges Greater BRICS Role as Western Sanctions Mount
Coalition India Govt To Moderate Modi's Hindu Nationalism
Myanmar's Army Is Reportedly Emptying Villages in a Western State to Boost Defenses Against Rebels
New Zealand To Deploy More Soldiers to UN Mission in S. Korea
Pakistani Army Kills 11 Militants in Raid in the Northwest Following Bombing That Killed 7 Soldiers
Taiwan Takes 'Pragmatic' Approach To Keep Formal Allies Amid China Pressure
The War at Home
House Appropriators Report Shows Key Changes Across Procurement, R&D in Defense Spending Bill
Navy Explores How To Get 'Forever Chemicals' Out of Sailor Uniforms
Sonar Tech Killed in Electrocution Accident Aboard US Navy Sub
Latin America
Banana Giant Chiquita Must Compensate Victims of Colombian Paramilitary: US Court
Investigators Probe the Killings of Four Women and Two Children in Central Mexico
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