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Updated June 15, 2024 - 7:37 PM EDT
Putin Makes Public Peace Offer to Ukraine
G7 To Give Ukraine $50 Billion of Russian Assets
  Biden, Zelensky Sign 10-Year Bilateral Military Deal
  Stoltenberg: Ukraine Using F-16s on Russia Won't Be an Escalation
Israel Hurls Fireballs at Farmland in S. Lebanon
  Overnight Israeli Strike Kills Two Women, Wounds 20 in Lebanon
  US Thinks Israel Escalating in Lebanon With No Clear Strategy
Biden: There Won't Be Gaza Ceasefire Deal Soon
  CENTCOM Moves Gaza Pier and Halts Aid Deliveries
  US Sanctions Israel Group Attacking Aid Shipments
  When Israel Killed Twins in Front of Their Father
  Israel Army Accused of 'Active' Support for Settlers in WB Violence
US Signs $23 Billion F-16 Deal With Turkey
Pentagon Ran Secret Campaign to Smear China's Covid Vax
House Passes Repeal of Indefinite Detention Provision
Officials: 'Widowmaker' Osprey Will Fly With Faulty Clutch
item After Training African Coup Leaders, US Blames Russia for African Coups  by Nick Turse
item The Biden Administration Must Stop Israel Before It Escalates in Lebanon  by Mitchell Plitnick
item Countdown to Zelensky's 'Peace Summit'  by John Zavales
item Gaza Ceasefire Proposal: Diplomacy or Magic Trick?  by Ted Snider

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UN Security Council Demands Halt to Siege of Sudan City of 1.8 Million
Videos Emerge of Released Palestinian Prisoners Telling Detention Conditions
Russia Expands Nuclear Drills to Areas Bordering NATO States
Full Text of Hamas Reply to Israel's Gaza Ceasefire Proposal
50 Detained Gaza Men Released by Israel With Signs of Torture
Israel in Gaza, Palestinian Fighters in Israel, What the UN Accuses Them Of
Videos Show Israeli Soldiers Executing Gazans in 'Safe Zone'
House Votes To Block US Funding To Rebuild Gaza
Violations Against Children in Conflict Reach 'Extreme Levels,' UN Says
'Catastrophic Risks': UNRWA Warns of 330,000 Tons of Accumulated Waste in Gaza
Hamas Makes Revisions to Gaza Truce Deal, Slams Blinken Comments
Israel, US Will Not End War on Gaza, Say Palestinian Officials
Pentagon Spending Bill Would Defund Biden's Gaza Pier
'Genocidal State': IOC Urged to Bar Israel From Olympic Games in Paris
Freed Israeli Hostage Horrifically Trolled After Sharing Story
Israel To Hold Body of Detainee Walid Daqqa as 'Bargaining Chip'
Israeli Army Chief Meets With Top Arab Generals Amid Gaza War
Palestinians Organize Meeting To 'Rebuild PLO' in Ramallah
Smotrich: Palestinian Dead Should Be 'Dragged Through Streets'
Back in Opposition, Gantz Says Freeing Hostages Should Take Priority Over Gaza Fighting
Palestinian Speaker Aziz Dweik Released by Israel After 8 Months
Iraq Warns of 'Danger' in Lebanon Conflict Expanding
Hezbollah Targets Sensitive Israeli Military Sites in Galilee and Golan
France, US To Push Roadmap To Stop Hezbollah-Israel Escalation: Macron

US Wants 'De-Escalation' in North After Hezbollah Fires Largest Rocket Volley of War
Middle East
Who Are the Six Candidates for Iran's Presidential Election?
Jordan Jails Journalist Over Report on 'Land Corridor' With Israel
Suspected Attack by Yemen's Houthi Rebels Sees Missiles Strike Ship in Gulf of Aden, Sparking Blaze
Russians Move S-500 Air Defense System to Crimea: Ukraine Spy Chief
Russia Says Detained US Reporter Gershkovich Will Stand Trial Over 'CIA Work'
French Mirage-2000 Fighters Are Headed to Ukraine
Germany Will Deliver 100 Patriot Missiles to Ukraine in Days
NATO Says Over 300,000 Troops Now on High Readiness
Sweden Protests to Iraq Over Death Sentence Given to Swedish Citizen
UK Elections 2024: 50 Labour Members Resign After Party Drops Faiza Shaheen
Afghan Girls Have Lost 'Three Billion Learning-Hours': UNICEF
American Held by the Taliban Needs Urgent Medical Care, Says UN Expert
Afghanistan To Send Three Women and Three Men to Compete in Olympics
US Tracking ISIS-K in Afghanistan-Pakistan Border Area
Chinese Military Sends Three Advanced Type 055 Destroyers for Training Exercise in South China Sea
A Chinese Military Buff Inadvertently Bought Four Books of Military Secrets for Under $1
Pakistan Fighter Jet Crashed Last Week, Says British Ejection Manufacturer
Turkish Company To Build Three Littoral Mission Ships for Malaysian Navy
The War at Home
Noncitizen Troops Seek To End Strict Trump-Era Citizenship Policy
EPA To Disband Red Hill Oversight Group Amid Navy Complaints
The Army Undercounted 4,000 Domestic Abuse Cases
Massive Fire at Unlicensed Iraqi Kurdistan Oil Refinery Injures 14
Baghdad Blocks Military Aid to Kurdish Peshmerga: Advisor
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