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Updated June 26, 2024 - 9:14 PM EDT
Assange Finally Free After Judge Accepts Plea
  Iraq to NSA Spying: Biggest Revelations by Assange's WikiLeaks
Former PM: 'I Accuse Netanyahu of Betrayal'
  Netanyahu Adviser: 'Hamas Cannot Be Eliminated'
  High Court Rules Ultra-Orthodox Men Are Subject to Draft
  Jews and Arabs Were Good Neighbors. Then Settlers Showed Up.
  How IDF Views Some Journalists in Gaza as Legitimate Targets
  UN To Warn 500,000 Gazans Facing 'Catastrophic' Food Insecurity
Biden Tells Lebanon US Cannot Control Israel
  Iraqi Militia Threatens US Troops if US Backs Israeli War in Lebanon
EU OKs Aid to Ukraine From Russian Assets
  Polling Shows Ukrainian Support for Diplomacy To End the War
  Zelensky Sacks General Blamed for Massive Losses
US Admits Allies in Syria Using Child Soldiers
Biden Hopes Kenya Will Fix Haiti as Chaos Erupts in Nairobi
911: Is Saudi Scoping Out the Capitol Enough Evidence Yet?
item Why Won't the US Help Negotiate a Peaceful End to War in Ukraine?  by Jeffrey D. Sachs
item Four Questions Biden Should Have to Answer in the First Debate  by Ted Snider
item Assange Is Free, but Justice Has Not Been Done  by Caitlin Johnstone
item The Hoover Institution Declares War on Russia  by William M. Drew

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For This US Airman, the Gaza War Hit Too Close to Home
Stella Assange Says She Will Seek a Pardon for Husband Julian
Photos: Unrest Erupts Again in New Caledonia After Activists Sent to France
Russia, Ukraine Each Return 90 Prisoners of War, Russian Defense Ministry Says
Russian Oil and Gas Revenues Surge by 50% in June
European Banks Leaving Russia Would Hurt Western and Russian Companies, Kremlin Says
Russia Bans Distribution of Dozens of EU News Outlets in Retaliatory Step
Dagestan Political Elite To Be Vetted for Links to Radical Islam After Shootings
Top European Court Finds Russia Guilty of Rights Violations in Crimea
ICC Issues Arrest Warrants for Russian Army Chief, Former Defense Minister
Five Killed, Dozens Injured in Russian Missile Attack on Ukraine's Pokrovsk
Ukraine Pledged Two More Patriot Systems From Netherlands, Romania
First Ammunition Shipment From Czech Initiative Arrived in Ukraine, Says PM
EU Launches Membership Talks With Moldova and Ukraine
Finland's Energy Firm Gasum To Halt Russian LNG Imports Amid EU Sanctions
Serbia, EU's Frontex Agency Sign New Border Control Agreement
Police Open Fire on Demonstrators Trying to Storm Kenya Parliament, Several Dead
Kenya's Parliament Burns as Protesters Object to New Taxes. Clashes Spread and Bodies Are Counted
Kenya's President Says Tax Protests 'Hijacked' After They Turn Violent
Kenya MPs Pass Punitive Taxes as Protesters, Police Clash
Barack Obama's Sister Auma Gets Tear-Gassed in Live Interview During Kenya Protests
EU Imposes Sanctions on Six Individuals Over Role in Sudan Conflict
US Earmarks $38 Million in Humanitarian Aid for Sudan
Sudanese Army Repels RSF Attack on Sennar, Triggering Mass Displacement
Niger in Mourning After 'Terrorist Armed Group' Kill 20 Soldiers, One Civilian
After Niger Exit, US Allies Could Include Libya, General Says
Morocco Activists Protest Israeli Warship Docking in Tangier Port
Nigerian Farmers Abandon Farms After Attacks, Sending Food Prices Higher
Ethiopia Is Free To Have Access to Sea, Says Somalia President
'Holding on by a Thread' – UN Official Says Gaza Humanitarian Aid Not Near Enough
Palestinian Child Dies of Malnutrition as Hunger Crisis Rages
Photos: Israeli Air Strikes Kill Dozens of Palestinian Civilians Across Gaza
WHO: 2,000 Medical Evacuations Prevented by Gaza's Rafah Closure
US Pier in Gaza May Be Extended Past July, US Official Says
Hunger 'Worse Than Bombings' for Starving Palestinians
Hamas Leader Says a Deal With No End to War 'Is Not an Agreement'
Hamas Chairman Haniyeh's Sister Among 40 Killed in Deadly Morning of Israeli Strikes
'I Thought I Would Die,' Recalls Young Palestinian Used as Human Shield by Israel
Israeli Forces Detain 25, Including Seven Children, in Latest West Bank Raids
'Failed Moral Test' – Australian Parliament Blocks Motion To Recognize Palestinian State
PM's Wife, Sara Netanyahu, Tells Hostage Families Army Chiefs Want To Stage a Coup Against Her Husband
Middle East
US Army Reinforces Occupation Base in Northeast Syria
Canada Urges Citizens To Leave Lebanon 'While They Can'
US Slaps Sanctions on Network It Accuses of Moving Billions for Iran's Military
Iraq Weekly Roundup: 29 Killed

North Korea's Latest Missile Test Likely Ended in Failure, South Korea's Military Says

India's Rahul Gandhi Appointed as Parliamentary Leader of Opposition
China's Lunar Probe Chang'e-6 Returns From Far Side of the Moon
US Welcomes Vietnam Minister for Economic Talks Days After Putin Visits Hanoi
Colombia Starts Talks With a Third Guerrilla Group
Massive Displacement Latest Sign of Fear in Mexican State Disputed by Cartels
Brazil's Supreme Court Votes to Decriminalize the Possession of Marijuana for Personal Use
The War at Home
Trump Handed Plan To Halt US Military Aid to Kyiv Unless It Talks Peace With Moscow
Two Lockheed Subsidiaries Settle Charges of Overbilling US Navy
'Outrageous': Pro-Palestine Activists Slam Biden for Labelling Protest 'Anti-Semitic'
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How Much Is US Aid to Ukraine Costing You?

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Putin’s ‘Winter War’ on Ukraine

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‘I Know You Are But What Am I’: Russia’s Ready Response to US Africa-Alarmism

Justin Raimondo
The FBI vs.

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