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Updated June 27, 2024 - 8:43 PM EDT
Assange: I Broke the Law But the Law Is Wrong
Former PM: 'I Accuse Netanyahu of Betrayal'
  House Votes to Bar State Dept From Citing Gazan Health Ministry
  Israeli DM: 'Significant Progress' Made on US Arms Shipments
Cyprus Risks Being Drawn Into Israel-Lebanon War
  Israel Pounds South Lebanon Town With White Phosphorous
  Israeli Airstrikes Kill Two in Southern Syria
US Military Contractors To Work Inside Ukraine
  EU Expected To Sign Security Agreement With Ukraine
  Pentagon Chief Speaks With Russian Counterpart, 1st Time in a Year
Kenya's Ruto Says Tax Bill To Be Withdrawn After Protests
Supreme Court Backs Biden's Social Media Censorship
item Don't Be Fooled, the Push for Normalization Is About US Dominance  by Edward Hunt
item Is a Israel-Hezbollah War Inevitable?  by Paul R. Pillar
item Julian Assange Is Free!  by Andrew P. Napolitano
item Philosopher Kings or New-Age Militarists?  by William D. Hartung

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Turkey Says Cyprus Has Become a Military Base Targeting Gaza
Canadian University Sues Its Own Students Over Encampment for Palestine
New German Citizens Required To Affirm Israel's Right To Exist
Julian Assange Is Free
The Pointless Prosecution of Julian Assange
Julian Assange's Plea Deal Could Chill Press Freedoms
Julian Assange Was Isolated for More Than a Decade. Here's What That Does to the Body and Mind
'Julian Is Free': Assange Back Home in Australia After Taking US Plea Deal in 'Espionage' Case
'Enough Is Enough': How Australia's Diplomacy Led Assange to Freedom
'Precedent': Julian Assange's Wife Stella Calls for Reform of the US' Espionage Act
Orthodox Patriarchate Removed From Ukraine Statement After Turkey Protests
Britons Face Call-Up To Fight in the Armed Forces if UK Goes to War With Russia, Top Army Chief Warns
Norway's Largest Pension Fund Divests Stake in Caterpillar Over Israeli Settler Expansion
French Court Upholds Warrant for Syria's Assad Over Chemical Weapons
North Korea Claims Successful Test To Develop Multiple Warhead Missile
North Korea Failed Launch Was Possible Hypersonic Weapon: Seoul
US Issues Rare Criticism of India in Religious Freedom Report
India Exports Rockets, Explosives to Israel Amid Gaza War, Documents Reveal
Pakistan Urges Afghan Refugee Repatriation Amid Rising Challenges
Doha Talks 'In No Way' Recognize Afghan Interim Govt: UN Spokesperson

UNHCR Calls for Urgent Support for Sudanese Refugees in Chad

Sudan Warring Sides Using Starvation as Weapon: UN Experts
RSF Continued Shelling in
El-Fasher Kills Civilians, Targets Another Hospital
Death Toll Rises to 22 a Day After Kenyan Protesters Stormed Parliament
ICC Convicts Al-Qaeda-Linked Leader of War Crimes in Mali's Timbuktu
The War at Home
'Spies Who Lie' Leader, Cosigners Were CIA Contractors When They Falsely Implied Hunter Biden Laptop Was Russian Fake
SXSW Says It Won't Partner With the US Army or Weapons Manufacturers – in 2025
Air Force Fires Official Overseeing Sentinel Missile Program
Biden Pardons US Military Vets Convicted Under Revoked Homosexuality Law
US Jails Ex-Honduras President for 45 Years on Drugs Charges
Ten Children Per Day Losing One or Two Legs in Gaza: UNRWA
Photos: High Risk of Famine Amid Israel's War on Gaza and Aid Restrictions
500 Medical Workers Killed During Israel's Military Assault on Gaza, UN Says
Israeli Drone Strike Kills Sixth MSF Member in Gaza
'Pier Is Operational': Pentagon Says It Is Working With Aid Agencies
UN Tells Israel That Risk to Aid Workers in Gaza Is Intolerable
Summer Heat Brings New Misery to Palestinians in Israel's Gaza Campaign
Israeli Army Dog Mauling of Elderly Gaza Woman Sparks Concerns
Six Critically-Ill Children Among First To Leave Gaza Since Rafah Incursion
Germany Provides a Further $20.4 Million in Aid for Gaza
Gaza's British Cemeteries Are the Only Ones Israel Isn't Destroying
Israel-Hezbollah War Would Mean 'Ruin of Third Temple': Former General Itzhak Brik
Israeli Forces Demolish 17 Homes in the West Bank
West Bank Violence, Settlement Expansion: UNSC Members Raise Concerns
A Palestinian Was Shot, Beaten and Tied to an Israeli Army Jeep. The Army Says He Posed No Threat
Israeli Strike Wounds Five in Lebanon: Media
Displaced Yet Again, Southern Lebanese Decry Lack of State Support
Spread of Mideast Conflict to Lebanon 'Potentially Apocalyptic': UN Aid Chief
IDF Says It Struck Multiple Hezbollah Targets in Lebanon Today
Three UN Contractors Wounded by Gunfire in South Lebanon
Erdogan Accuses West of Supporting Israeli Plans to Attack Lebanon
Fearing a Third Lebanon War, Germany, and Netherlands Warn Their Citizens To Leave Country
Lebanon Asks UN To Renew UNIFIL Mandate as Pressure Grows on Israel To End Hostilities
Middle East
Parliamentary Elections in Iraqi Kurdistan Slated for October
Houthis Disappear Dozens of UN, NGO Staff in Civil Society Crackdown: HRW
Bahraini Activist Granted UK Citizenship After Threatening Legal Action

First Australian AUKUS Submarine Maintenance Group Trains in Pearl Harbor

Bolivia Attempted Coup: General Taken Into Custody, Military Flees Palace
Bolivian Prosecutors Launch Probe Against General Zuniga for Coup Attempt
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Putin’s ‘Winter War’ on Ukraine

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‘I Know You Are But What Am I’: Russia’s Ready Response to US Africa-Alarmism

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The FBI vs.

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