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Updated July 1, 2024 - 9:06 PM EDT
Israel Orders New Khan Younis Evacuation
  US Sent Israel 14,000 2,000-Pound Bombs
  US Military Again Removes Pier From Gaza Coast Due to Weather
  Israeli Officials Hiding Data About Forced Starvation of Gaza Prisoners
  Israeli Forces Pound Southern, Northern Gaza
Ukraine Wants NATO-Imposed No-Fly Zone
  Putin Says Russia Should Make Previously Banned Missile Systems
  Russia Threatens US Drones in Black Sea Aiding Attacks on Crimea
Iran Warns Israel of 'Obliterating War' in Lebanon
  Israel Attack Kills Three Hezbollah Members in Southern Lebanon
  Balloons Land in S. Lebanon, Warning the Land 'Belongs to Jews'
Israel OKs Flashpoint West Bank Settlements
  Israeli Bill Would Reserve 'Administrative Detention' for Non-Jews
Why the US Abruptly Ended the Case Against Assange
item The Altalena Affair: Is Israel Heading Towards a Civil War?  by Ramzy Baroud
item In Destroying Ukraine's Power Grid the Russians Are Following Our Lead  by Andrew Cockburn
item Julian Assange and the Continuing Threats to Journalism
 by Katharine Gun
item Assange's Freedom Is Also Ours:
To Tell the Truth
 by Robert Koehler

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Fake Titanium Scandal Alerts Investors to Issues With Sanctions
540 Palestinian Children in West Bank Detained Since Start of Gaza War
Israel's Ben-Gvir Calls for Palestinian Prisoners To Be 'Shot in the Head'
Ukrainian Drones Attack Russian Steel Mill in Overnight Raid
Russia Strikes New York in Donbass With Giant Bomb
One Dead, Nine Wounded in Bombing of Post Office in Ukraine's Kharkiv
Body of US Army Vet Killed in Ukraine Recovered Months Later
Germany To Buy 3,200 Brimstone Missiles for Eurofighter Fleet
Protesters, Police Clash as Germany's Far-Right AfD Party Congress Starts
Serbia's Arms Sales to Israel Put the Country's Political Ties in the Spotlight
Crossbow Assailant Killed After Attack at Israel Embassy in Serbia
Can the Complaint Against a French-Israeli Soldier Accused of Torture Succeed?
Chameria: 80 Years On, Albanians Remember Greece's Ethnic Cleansing of Muslims
Azerbaijan Receives First C-27j Spartan Tactical Transport Aircraft From Italy's Leonardo
'Patriots for Europe': Hungary's Orban Announces New EU Parliament Alliance
David Cameron: Keir Starmer Is in Danger of Weakening UK's Defenses
The Taliban Tell the West To Look Past Harsh Edicts on Afghan Women and Girls and Build Ties
Taliban Govt. Representatives Meet UN, Afghanistan Envoys in Doha
Pakistan To Start Second Phase of Afghan Deportations
'No Dialogue': Pakistan Says Open to Attacks on Afghan-Based Armed Groups
North Korea Says US, South Korea, and Japan Developing 'Asian NATO'
North Korea Launches a Ballistic Missile Off Its East Coast, South Korea Says
Asia Pacific
Japan Protests Alleged Sex Assault Cases Involving US Military in Okinawa
Myanmar Central Bank Denies UN Report on Weapons Transactions
Taiwan Troops To Simulate Losing Contact With Central Command in War
Australian Diplomat Says Adding AUKUS Partners 'Complicated'
One Dead, 18 Injured in Car Bomb Explosion in Southern Thailand's Yala
Marines Demonstrate New Missile for First Time in Indo-Pacific
Latin America
Belize Crackdown on Gang-Related Killings Leads to Dozens of Arrests
Bolivian President Orchestrated a 'Self-Coup,' Former President Evo Morales Claims
The War at Home
House Shoots Down Amendment To Cut F-35 Purchase
Space Force Working With SpaceX To Closely Watch Falling Starlinks
Frankly Speaking: The Arab Verdict on the US Election Debate
Several US Military Bases in Europe Put on Heightened State of Alert, US Officials Say
Pattern of Brain Damage Is Pervasive in Navy SEALs Who Died by Suicide
At Least 18 Killed, Dozens Injured in Nigeria Suicide Attacks
Nigeria Bombings Plunge Residents Back to Past Violence

Burkina Faso: 6.3 Million People in Need of Humanitarian Support and Protection

'Nowhere To Go': People Trapped in Eastern DR Congo as Rebel Militia Seize Key Town
All of Gaza's Health Centers Will Cease Operations in 48 Hours: Health Ministry
Israeli Forces Intensify Attacks in Shujayea as Gaza Death Toll Rises
Netanyahu Vows To Continue War, Says Israel Committed To End Hamas
Gaza Encampments: As University Terms End, UK Students Take on Other Forms of Activism
UNRWA Says People in Gaza Deprived of Basic Necessities
Israeli Tank 'Runs Over Injured Mother' in Gaza City's Shejaiya
Fierce Clashes Shake Gaza as Hamas Says 'No Progress' in Truce Talks
No Palestinian Rule of Any Kind in Post-War Gaza: Netanyahu
Red Crescent Evacuates Khan Younis HQ After Israeli Bombing

Israel Army 'Needs Six More Months' in Gaza-Egypt Philadelphi Corridor

Poll: 66% of Israelis Want Netanyahu To Leave Politics
Revealed: The Tech Entrepreneur Behind a Pro-Israel Hate Network
Arab Israelis Being Persecuted for Gaza Sympathies in Wake of October 7
Hamas Refutes Reports of Political Bureau Relocating to Iraq
Israeli Police Launch Probes Into Cops Who Told Protester 'I'll Rape Your Mother,' Shoved MK
Arab League Chief Condemns Israeli Decisions in the West Bank as a Complete Overturn of the Oslo Accords
Israel Extends Cooperation Between Israeli and Palestinian Banks, Official Says
Ultra-Orthodox Protest Against Order To Enlist in Israeli Military Turns Violent in Jerusalem
US Officials Concerned Israeli Offensive on Hezbollah Could Drag in Russia
Israel Destroys 11 Homes in West Bank Village Amid Spiraling Violence
Israel Carrier Says Turkish Workers Refused To Refuel Plane
Lebanese Premier Calls on Israel To Stop 'Repeated Attacks' on Lebanon
Weary Israeli Army 'Not Ready' for War in Lebanon: Report
UK Has Sent 74 War Planes From Cyprus to Lebanon Since March
Lebanon PM Mikati Says Country at War Amid Israel-Hezbollah Clashes
Arab League 'Reverses View That Hezbollah Is Terrorist Group': Report
Five ISIS Bombs Found Hidden in Iraq's Al-Nuri Mosque: UN Agency
Iraqi Warplanes Destroy ISIS 'Abandoned' Vehicle, Hideout in Kirkuk, Diyala
Middle East
Yemeni Sides Resume Prisoner Exchange Discussions in Muscat
ISIS Killed 4,100 in Syria Since 2019 Defeat: Monitor
Iran To Hold Run-Off Vote Between Reformist and Ultraconservative Candidates
Egypt Jails Man for Three Years for Wearing 'Anti-Torture' T-Shirt, Amid Condemnation
Even After Escaping Israel's Genocidal War in Gaza, Palestinians in Egypt Face Dire Conditions
RSF's Sinjah Takeover Sparks Mass Displacement, Humanitarian Crisis Unfolds
Mass Displacement and Looting in Sinjah After RSF Attack
Paramilitary Forces Attack a City Under Military Control in Central Sudan, Opening a New Front
Armed Men Loot Aid Convoy in Central Darfur: WFP
Sudan's RSF Says It Has Taken Key Town, Closing in on Army HQ in Port Sudan
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