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Updated July 2, 2024 - 8:29 PM EDT
Israel Orders New Khan Younis Evacuation
  Blinken: No Sign Israel Has Lowered Intensity in Gaza
  'Doomsday Weapons': Israeli Warning Amid Regional Escalation
  IDF Raids West Bank Town, Kills Palestinian Woman and Child
Report: Israel To Invade Lebanon This Month
  US Sends Ship To Show Support for Israel Amid Lebanon Tensions
US Military Raises Alert Level at Europe Bases
  Finnish Parliament Approves New Military Deal With the US
Ukraine Recruits 3,000 Soldiers From Prisons
  Zelensky Calls on World To 'Force Putin To Make Peace'
Former NSA Chief Revolves Through OpenAI's Door
item The Republican Establishment's Sterile Foreign Policy Perspective  by Ted Galen Carpenter
item Julian Assange Is Free, but Justice Has Not Been Served  by Chip Gibbons
item Confronting NATO's War Summit  by Medea Benjamin & Nicolas JS Davies
item Joe Biden Wants to Steal Your Children  by Dan McKnight

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Neo-Nazi Azov Profile Quietly Removed From Stanford Extremist List
US Warships Barely Keep Up With Yemeni Attacks: Navy Commander
Iraqi Resistance To Raise Ante Against US Interests if Lebanon Attacked
Ukraine Dismisses Reports on Bolstering Troops Near Belarus
Netherlands Will Start F-16 Deliveries to Ukraine Soon, Government Says

Kremlin Says French Election First Round Outcome Is in Line With Europe-Wide Trends

Russia Is Studying an Intact US ATACMS Missile Guidance System, Says RIA
United Kingdom
UK Govt, British Airways Sued Over 1990 Kuwait Hostage Crisis
Battle-Tested in Gaza: Britain's Next Drones?
UK Election 2024: Labor's Non-Zionist Jews Complain of 'Disdain'
French Far Right Leads After Legislative Elections' First Round but Rivals Hope To Deny It a Majority
Spain's Top Court Upholds Arrest Warrants for Catalan Separatists Despite Amnesty
What To Expect as Taliban Joins Third UN-Held Talks on Afghanistan in Qatar
Pakistan Set To Deport Hundreds of Thousands of Afghan Refugees
Security Forces Kill Nine Terrorists in Two Separate Pakistan Operations
Three Civilians Killed in a Bomb Explosion in Pakistan and Two Security Personnel Die in a Rocket Attack
UN Experts Call for Pakistan's Imran Khan To Be Released From 'Arbitrary Detention'
North Korea Switches TV Transmission to Russia Satellite From Chinese
North Korea Fires Two Ballistic Missiles, One May Have Fallen on Land
Mongolia May Return to Coalition Government After Official Results Confirm Setback for Ruling Party
Philippines Ready To Discuss With Vietnam South China Sea Issues
The War at Home
Troops Say US Army Didn't Protect Them From Doctor Charged With Sex Abuse
Pro-Palestinian Protesters Block NYC Pride Parade, Cops Take 10 Into Custody
Lockheed Wins $5.2 Billion Patriot PAC-3 Missile Contract From US Army
US Court Dismisses Lawsuit Challenging Federal Marijuana Laws
US Army Announces $4.5 Billion Patriot Missile Contract To Meet Demand
Latin America
Bolivia's Government Arrests 17 More People Allegedly Involved in an Attempted Coup, Most of Them Military Officials
Adoptee Stolen at Birth Sues Chile Over Thousands of Dictatorship-Era Thefts
Al-Shifa Hospital Director Released From Israeli Detention, Says Prisoners Suffering Harsh Conditions
Starvation Shadows Northern Gaza as Ceasefire Talks Stalls
Netanyahu: 'No Change' on Israel's Stance on Gaza Ceasefire Deal
More Wounded Palestinians Tell BBC the Israeli Army Forced Them on to Jeep
'They Killed Everything': Israel's Army Pounds Shujaiya Neighborhood for Fifth Day
Israel's Labor Party, Left-Wing Meretz Merge Into One Party, To Be Called 'The Democrats'
Palestinian Militants Fire Rockets Into Israel, Tanks Advance in Gaza
Haredi Minister's Car Attacked as Violence Erupts at Anti-Draft Protest in Jerusalem
High Court Bans Settlement Council From Seizing Stray Palestinian Livestock

Israel To Test Hamas-Free 'Bubbles' in Postwar Gaza Plan

ISIS Kills Four Government Officers in Syria Desert Attack: Monitor
One Civilian Killed, Two Injured as Turkey Attacks Northern Syria
US Military Destroys Three Houthi Uncrewed Surface Vessels in Red Sea
Hunger Grips Yemen Even More. the UN Says More Than Half of Households Aren't Eating Enough
Iraq Monthly Roundup:
116 Killed or Executed in June
Iraq Says It Has Arrested PKK-Linked Cell Suspected of Planning Attacks
Middle East
US Complicity in Saddam's Chemical Attack on Iran Ongoing Through Sanctions: Iran FM
Opposition MPs Call for State of Emergency in Southern Lebanon
Ethnic Clashes Claim 11 Lives, Spark Fears of Tribal War in North Darfur
RSF Consolidates Control Over Sinjah, Expands Eastward
Sudan Paramilitaries Loot the Village of Jebal Moya
Egypt Denies Plans To Relocate Rafah Crossing
'A Palestinian Matter': Cairo Rejects Deployment of Egyptian Troops in Gaza
Killed, Disappeared, Displaced: Egypt's Sinai Devastated by Sisi's 10 Years as President
Tax Hike Protests in Kenya Killed at Least 39 People, Says Rights Watchdog
Kenyan Activists Call for More Protests as Govt Pledges Austerity

Mauritania President Re-Elected in Stable Outlier in Turbulent Region

Ex-Security Boss Turned President: Mauritania's Ghazouani
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