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Updated July 3, 2024 - 8:35 PM EDT
Israeli Generals Want Truce, Netanyahu Doesn't
  Family Slaughtered by Israeli Strike in So-Called 'Safe Zone'
  Staffer Resigns: Working for Biden 'Makes You Complicit in Genocide'
Netanyahu Risks Lebanon War for Political Survival
  Hezbollah Says Gaza Ceasefire Needed To End Lebanon Conflict
Ben-Gvir Adamant: Death Penalty To Clear Prisons

Israeli Forces Are Detaining Pregnant Palestinian Women

  IDF Raids West Bank Town, Kills Palestinian Woman and Child
Hungary's Orban Visits Ukraine, Wants Ceasefire
  Austin Says Will Give Ukraine New $2.3 Billion Weapons Package
China, Philippines Hold Talks on South China Sea
item On Aid and War – How Israel Has Used Starvation to Subdue the Palestinians  by Ramzy Baroud
item Former Israeli PM Admits Israel's War Crimes Can't Happen Without US Support  by Caitlin Johnstone
item A War Draft Today Can't Work. Let Us Count the Ways.  by Edward Hasbrouck
item The Three-Hour Coup. What Just Happened in Bolivia?  by Ted Snider

More Viewpoints

'Agony and Pain': US Health Professionals Reflect on the Horrors in Gaza
US Says It's Still Open to Talks With Venezuela After Maduro Announces Meeting
Over 55,000 Flee Sudan Town as RSF Battles Army: UN
Photos: Israel Strikes Southern Gaza Following New Evacuation Order
Two Israeli Soldiers Killed in Central Gaza Combat, IDF Says
Thousands Flee Southern Gaza as Israel Mounts New Assault
Desperate Gazans Sleep Outside After New Israeli Evacuation Order
Devastating Impact: Over 8,500 Students Killed in Gaza, 100 in West Bank Since October 7
Why Israel Ordered Yet Another Evacuation of Gaza's Khan Younis
UN: 1.9 Million Now Displaced in Gaza
Factbox: US Officials Who Have Resigned in Protest Over Biden's Gaza Policy
Republicans Introduce Bill Attacking Gaza Solidarity Encampments at US Universities
Israel's Netanyahu Slams Release of Gaza's Al-Shifa Hospital Chief
Video: The Pediatric Amputee Crisis in the War on Gaza
CUNY Encampment Felony Charges Could Set a Dangerous Precedent for Palestine Organizing
Shin Bet Reveals 21,000 Palestinian Prisoners Held in Israeli Jails

Hezbollah Says Launched Rocket Salvo at Israel After Civilian Death

Blinken Says Hezbollah Attacks Have Cost Israel Sovereignty in North
Middle East
Iraq Monthly Roundup:
116 Killed or Executed in June
Seven Protesters Killed in North Syria Clashes With Turkish Forces
Protests and Arrests as Anti-Syrian Riots Rock Turkey
Four Chinese-Military Linked Companies Put on US Trade Sanctions List
North Korea Brags of New Missile With 'Super-Large Warhead'
Anti-Coup Forces Allege Myanmar Military Using Banned, Restricted Weapons
The War at Home
CIA Mishandled Sexual Assault, Harassment Within Its Ranks, Internal Review Finds
Meet the Air Force's Secretive Long-Range Drone That Flies for Days
How GAO Told the US Air Force To Redo $12 Billion Systems Integration Contract
Lawmakers Request Review of Two Defense Industry Acquisitions
One Airman Dead, Five Injured in Malmstrom AFB Humvee Wreck
Two Russian Northern Fleet Warships Call at Venezuelan Port
Moscow Takes Two More East Ukrainian Villages
Russia Says Destroyed Five Ukrainian Jets in Strike on Air Base
Russian Pipeline Gas Exports to Europe Soared by 23% Over Last Year in June
UN Experts Say Russia Violated International Law by Imprisoning Wall Street Journal Reporter
Ukraine Says It Foiled Coup Attempt That Would Have 'Played Into Russia's Hands'
Negotiated Outcome Most Likely Result of Russia-Ukraine War, Major Poll Says
Turkish-Led Sea Mine Removal Effort Starts Operations in Black Sea
Kazakh Dissident Dies Following Assassination Attempt in Ukraine
Two of the German Military's New Spy Satellites Appear To Have Failed in Orbit
'Germany Is Being Complicit in a Genocide in Gaza': Historian
German Parliament Approves Acquiring Over 500 Stinger Anti-Aircraft Missiles
United Kingdom
Pro-Israel Tycoon Gives Labour Half a Million Pounds
UK Accused of Obstructing ICC Prosecution of Netanyahu
Belarus Not Going To Get Involved Into Any Hostilities: Lukashenko
Moldovan Separatists Complain to EU About Central Government
New Caledonian Activist Jailed in France Claims to Be a Political Prisoner
New US Army Storehouse in Poland Receives First Batch of Vehicles
Around 115,000 Afghan Migrants Return From Pakistan, Iran
Jen Psaki Agrees to Afghanistan Probe Interview
UN Seeks Help for Sudan Refugees Fleeing to Libya, Uganda
RSF Drone Strikes on El Fasher Mosque, Kills Eight
Two Aid Workers Killed in the Latest Violent Attack in Eastern DR Congo's Conflict
What's Behind the Dispute Between Benin and Niger?
Regional Force Says 70 Jihadists Killed in Lake Chad
Anti-Government Protests Clash With Riot Police in Kenya
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The Three-Hour Coup. What Just Happened in Bolivia?

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We Spent a Billion Dollars Fighting the Houthis… and Lost

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Putin’s ‘Winter War’ on Ukraine

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‘I Know You Are But What Am I’: Russia’s Ready Response to US Africa-Alarmism

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The FBI vs.

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