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Updated July 10, 2024 - 9:53 PM EDT
US To Deploy Nuclear Missiles to Germany
  Ukraine's Path To NATO Will Be 'Irreversible'
  Sweden Calls on NATO To Focus on China To Placate Trump
  US Provides $2 Billion Military Aid Package to Warsaw
Israeli Military Controls 26% of Gaza
  IDF Says Hamas Will Still Be in Gaza Five Years From Now
  US To Permanently Remove Pier Built Off the Coast of Gaza
  Dozens of Palestinians Killed in Israeli Air Raid on Gaza Encampment
Netanyahu Doesn't Want a Deal With Hamas
  On the Record With Hamas
  Independent UN Experts Slam Israel for Creating Famine in Gaza

Israeli General Denounces Jewish Settler Violence in West Bank

US Rules Out Resuming Talks With Iran
  Israeli Strike Kills Hezbollah Leader's Former Bodyguard in Syria
Senate Proposes 'Automatic' Draft Registration
item Inside China-Focused Congressional Hearings, Panic, Paranoia, and Hypocrisy Reign  by Megan Russell
item Assange Is Free, but US Spite Will Chill Reporting for Years  by Ari Paul
item Parody of a Statesman: Antony Blinken, Secretary of War  by Laurie Calhoun
item Why Didn't You Tell Me?  by Andrew Cockburn

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German Parliamentarian in Washington Says No to NATO – Yes to Peace
Saudis Warned G-7 Over Russia Seizures With Debt Sale Threat
A Look at How Settlements Have Grown in the West Bank Over the Years
Russia Promises To Discharge Indians 'Misled' Into Joining Its Army, Indian Official Says
Russian Spy Service Accuses US of Plotting 'Regime Change' in Georgia
Bomb Shelters Built on Crimean Beaches After Deadly Missile Strike
Ukraine's State Arms Producer Opens Office in Washington
Top German Ministers Resist Plan To Bring Back Conscription
Germany, Eight Other Baltic Sea Nations Seek To Jointly Buy Naval Mines
Swiss Government Adopts More EU Sanctions Against Russia
Renowned French Political Scientist, Supporter of Gaza in Custody for 'Advocacy of Terrorism'
EU Freezes 30 Million Euros in Aid to Georgian Army
Hungary's Orban Meets China's Xi in Mission To End Russia-Ukraine War
NATO Agency Orders Stinger Anti-Aircraft Missiles for $700 Million, Stoltenberg Says
Demining Diplomacy: To Counter China's Cambodia Sway, Japan Touts Landmine Clearance
'This Poor, Miserable Life': New Myanmar Clashes Turn Town to Rubble
Three Pakistan Soldiers Killed in Exchange of Fire With Terrorists in South Waziristan
Taiwan Soldier Charged With Leaking Military Secrets to China
DR Congo
'I'll Never See Him Again':
Attacks Killing Aid Workers in Eastern DR Congo
DR Congo UN Peacekeepers Pausing Pullout, No Timeline for Next Phase
Cameroon's President Wins Backing To Delay Legislative, Local Polls
Ethiopia's Abiy Visits Sudan's Army Chief on Red Sea Coast
UN Probing Reported Mass Grave on Libya-Tunisia Border
South Sudan Holdout Groups Oppose Security Bill, Vow To Quit
Latin America
Brazil Ratifies Free Trade Pact With Palestinian Authority
Cuba Foils Plot To Sneak Arms Onto Island From US: Official
'Critical Shortages': UN Says Access Limitations Hampering Entry of Fuel, Aid Into Gaza
Two Terrified Families' Desperation as Israel Orders Gaza City Evacuation
'No Vegetables or Meat': Pangs of Hunger Stalk Gazans
House Keys Carry Symbolic Weight for Gaza Families Repeatedly Displaced by War
Little Water and Intense Heat, Skin Diseases Spread in Gaza
Palestinian Emerges in Harsh and Shocking Health Condition After Months in Israeli Detention
Israeli Forces Kill Palestinian Boy in West Bank
American Citizen Working for Drone Company Injured Hezbollah Rocket Attack in Israel
Hamas Presence in Doha Prompts US Senate Bill Calling for Review of Key Qatar Base
Two Israelis Critically Hurt in Hezbollah Retaliatory Attack on Golan, Says Ambulance Service
Israel's Defense Minister OKs Plan To Start Drafting Ultra-Orthodox
Court Says Netanyahu Must Begin Testimony in His Corruption Trial in December
'Shame!': Knesset Ushers Drag Brother of Hostage Out of Meeting for Interrupting
Ben-Gvir Claims Netanyahu Assured Him Seat on Govt Security Forum Amid Ahead of Coalition Drama
Hezbollah Releases Aerial Footage of Israeli Bases in Golan
Israeli Airstrikes on Southern Lebanon Cause Fires in Several Towns
Yemen's Houthis Open Office in Baghdad Amid Regional Tensions
Yemen's Houthis Say They Attacked Maersk Sentosa Ship in Arabian Sea
Iraq Weekly Roundup: 28 Killed
PKK Establishes Drone Workshops To Fend Off Turkish Operations in Iraq
The War at Home
How Biden's Inner Circle Worked To Keep Signs of Aging Under Wraps
Leaked American F-35 and F-15 Documents Appear Authentic, Chinese Security Expert Says
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