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Updated May 16, 2023 - 8:44 PM EDT
Ukraine Aid to Be Exhausted by Mid-Summer
  Zelensky Visits UK, Sunak Expresses Support for Fighter Jets
  G7 Expected to Adopt 'Highly Symbolic' Ban on Russia Oil Imports
Poland to Deploy HIMARS Near Russian Border
  Wagner Chief Denies Offering Ukraine Russian Troop Positions
US Terror Wars Contributed to 4.5 Million Deaths
  US Military Probing Reports It Killed a Civilian in Syria Airstrike
Chinese Envoy to Start Peace Trip to Ukraine, Russia
  PLA Reveals US-China Military Encounter Off Hong Kong in Jan. 2021
Durham Report: FBI Had No Intel for Russiagate Probe
UN Commemorates Palestinian Nakba for First Time
item With Upgraded Missiles, Ukraine Prepares to Strike Russian Heartland  by Ted Snider
item US Sanctions Are Brutal and Inhumane. and They Don't Work.  by Branko Marcetic
item The West's Economic War on Russia Has Failed  by John V. Walsh
item Biden Administration Quietly Backs Israel's Deadly Assault on Gaza  by Mitchell Plitnick

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Turkey Election Moves to Runoff With Erdogan in the Driver's Seat
Russia for the First Time Claims Downing of British Storm Shadow Missile
Rules for Pentagon Use of Proxy Forces Shed Light on a Shadowy War Power
Ukraine Ammo Storage Site Obliterated Where Huge Fireball Seen
Ukraine Says No More Talks Planned on Black Sea Grain Deal This Week
France Open to Training Ukraine Fighter Jet Pilots: Macron
Ukrainian Troops Gird for Counteroffensive They Hope Will End War
European Human Rights Summit to Step Up Aid for Ukraine to Counter Russian Invasion
Ukrainian Deminers Get Training in Cyprus From US, Irish Experts
UN Efforts to Save Black Sea Grain Deal to Continue in Coming Days
Ukraine Says Captured Over 'Ten Enemy Positions' in Bakhmut: Ministry
Russia Denounces Macron Over China Comments
South African Army General in Moscow Days After Country Accused of Sending Weapons to Russia
Russia Detains Former US Embassy Employee
Russia Scrambles Jet as France, Germany Conduct NATO Patrols
Photos, Video of Belarus Leader Emerge After Days of Absences That Sparked Health Rumors
Series of Mysterious Tremors in Denmark During the Anakonda23 Exercise Puzzle Scientists
Nationalized German Energy Firms Paid Big Bonuses to Their Traders
Pro-Russian Regional Leader in Moldova Seeks Closer Ties With Moscow
Israel's Elbit Systems to Supply Mortar Systems to Montenegro
Finnish Military Training Jet Crashes, Forcing Pilots to Eject
Norwegian Officer Found Guilty of Negligence Over Sinking of Navy Frigate
A Month Into Sudan's War, No End in Sight
Sudan Grandmother's Death Shows Struggle to Help Those Stranded in War
Saudi Arabia's Diplomatic Energy, Soft Power in Sudan
Sudanese Fleeing Fighting in Their Homeland Face Uncertain Future, Unsure of Return
Tunisian Judge Sentences Opposition Leader Ghannouchi to Year in Prison
Tunisia Opposition Leader's SIM Cards Used by 'Unknown Party' While in Prison
Islamist Insurgents Kill Three Nigeria, Niger Troops, Wound 12
In Blow to Polisario, Portugal Renews Support for Morocco's Autonomy Plan
'The Continuous Nakba': Palestinians Decry Perpetual Suffering
Nakba: Britain and the Secret 1948 Palestine Memos
The Nakba: Five Palestinian Towns Massacred 75 Years Ago
'We Fled on Foot': Palestinians in US Recall Nakba Dispossession
Protesters Attacked at Israel Hotel During Minister Visit
Palestinian Killed by Israeli Forces as West Bank Killing Spree Continues
Israel, Cyprus Working on Deal to Build Natural Gas Processing Plant, Pipeline in Cyprus
Palestinians Prefer Russia, China to Mediate With Israel, Don't Trust US
How This 85-Year-Old Palestinian Experienced Two Nakbas
Abbas Urges UN to Suspend Israel During First Commemoration of 1948 Nakba
Report: Egypt to Host Five-Party Meeting on Israel-Palestine
Middle East
Houthis Warn Saudi Arabia Against 'Procrastinating' Ending War
Turkey Elections: Three Winners and Three Losers
Iran Says Monitoring Persian Gulf as US Plans to Bolster Presence

Iraq Daily Roundup: Eight Killed

Pakistan Govt Vs Judiciary Tussle Intensifies After Khan Freed
Imran Khan Accuses Pakistan's Military of Ordering His Arrest
G7 to Show Unity on China Approach While Recognizing Individual Ties: US Officials
China Completes Delivery of Four Warships to Pakistan

Thai Election: Move Forward Party Declares Victory, Leader Pita Prepared to Be PM

'Nothing Left but Ashes': Indian State on Edge After Ethnic Riots
Malaysia Seeks to Decriminalize Possession, Use of Small Amounts of Drugs
US Equity Firm Eyes Further Shipyard Development at Former Naval Base in the Philippines
The War at Home
TSA Is Testing Facial Recognition at More Airports, Raising Privacy Concerns
Push to Refill US Weapon Reserves Could Strain Hypersonic Production
Trump Says There 'Must Be a Heavy Price to Pay' for Comey, Democrats After Release of Durham Report
Another US Army Helicopter Incident Results in Minor Injuries, No Deaths
Marines Exposed to Chemical at Camp Lejeune Had Higher Parkinson's Risk: Study
Cleaning Toxic US Military Sites Will Take Decades Without More Funding
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Putin's 'Winter War' on Ukraine

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'I Know You Are But What Am I': Russia's Ready Response to US Africa-Alarmism

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The FBI vs. Antiwar.com

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