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May 29th, 2015

Iraq Bombs, Clashes Leave 22 Dead US Unsuccessfully Attacked North Korea With Stuxnet
Iraqis Recount Their Lives Under the Islamic State: Cheap Food, Endless Rules Obama Warns of Terrorism as Patriot Act Vote Looms
Video Shows Turkish Govt Arming ISIS Yemen Capital Governor Reported Killed in Clash With Houthis
Saudis Offered Former Yemeni President Saleh Millions to Fight Houthis NBC Reporter to White House: Is Rand Paul Wrong That NSA Metadata Program Has Not Stopped an Attack?
As Losses Grow, Pentagon Officials Push New Iraq 'Surge' Chris Matthews: Rand Paul Is America's No. 1 Whistleblower
In Jordan, 'Pipeline for Peace' With Israel Strikes a Nerve US Mulls Big Order for F-35s in 2018
White House Demands Congress Vote to Approve ISIS War US Downplays Threat as ISIS Bombs Saudi Mosque
Rand Paul Declares Surveillance 'War' and Hints at Filibuster for NSA Reform Truck Bombs: ISIS's 'Air Force'
Yemen's Saleh Says Saudi Offered Him 'Millions' to Fight Huthis Twin Bombs in Nigeria's Borno State Kill Seven and Injure 12
Croatian War Vets End Protest After PM Promises to Meet Them Christian Beheads Jihadist in Syria Revenge Killing
Bomb Damages Sweet Shop Belonging to Ukraine President's Roshen Chain Belgium Launches Investigation Into German and US Spying
Chad Says 33 Boko Haram Militants, Three Troops Killed in Clash Myanmar Publishes Census, but Rohingya Minority Not Recognized
Croatia Passes Law to Compensate War Rape Victims ISIS Fighter in Syria Was 'Beheaded in Revenge Attack'
Explosions Rock Burundi Capital as Deadly Protests Continue ISIS Not Significant Threat in Saudi Arabia: US Military
Cameroon Food Stocks Dwindle as Boko Haram Violence Disrupts Farming Venezuela Blocks Latin American Ex-Presidents From Seeing Detained Leaders
ISIS Militants in Libya 'Seize Sirte Airport' Kurds in Iraq and Syria Move Closer Together in ISIS Fight
What a New Iraq 'Surge' Could Look Like Mine Clearance by Army and FARC Starts in Colombia
Pakistan Bus Raids: Balochistan Gunmen Kill at Least 19 More Than 10,000 Websites 'Blackout' Congress in Protest of NSA Surveillance Laws
Pentagon Chief Joins Facebook House GOP Critics of NSA Spying Keep Watch in Empty Chamber
White House Rips 'Idle Chatter' From Congress on War Powers Congress Avoids War Debate as ISIS Advances
Fox News' Poll Coverage Omits Rand Paul Thousands Flee Violent Upsurge in Northern Mali
Fighters Battle Houthis in Yemen's Southern City of Aden Obama: 'Heaven Forbid' There's a Problem After NSA Program Lapses
US Tried Stuxnet-Style Campaign Against North Korea but Failed Tripoli PM: Libya 'Will Repel Any Military Action From Eu'
China Deployed Artillery in South China Sea: US Officials Military Retreats as Rebels Continue Syria Offensive
Houthi Rebels Kill Yemen Capital's Governor, Relatives Claim Ancient Temple Burned by Mistake at Israel's Burning Man
In Al-Nusra Front's Syria, No Room for Religious Minorities Suicide Bomber Strikes Shiite Mosque in Saudi Arabia, Killing Four
ISIS Settles Into Ramadi, Restores Order Swiss Police Probe FIFA Bomb Threat; Pro-Palestinian Protesters Ousted From Soccer Congress
Palestinians Pan Withdrawal of Motion to Suspend Israel From FIFA What Happens #ifthepatriotactexpires? ISIS, Hellfire, Doom
Al-Qaeda Syria Boss Says That His 'So-Called Khorasan Group Doesn't Exist' UN Special Rapporteur: Governments Must Not 'Backdoor' Encryption for Spying
Inside NSA, Officials Privately Criticize 'Collect It All' Surveillance Video Purports to Show Secret Arms Shipment From Turkey to Islamist Rebels in Syria
Appeals Court Refuses to Block Release of Guantánamo Force-Feeding Videos French FM to Travel to Israel, Palestinian Territories in June to Revive Peace Process
US Rescinds Ban on Military Sales to Fiji Turkish Daily Accuses Govt of Sending Arms to Syria Rebels
Netanyahu: Israel Isn't Perfect, but It Is on Par With World's Great Democracies After Compromise, Palestinians Drop Bid to Oust Israel From FIFA
US Removes Cuba From Terror List Ray Odierno Opens Door to US Troops Embedding With Iraqi Security Forces
US Biolabs: Hundreds of Accidents and Near Misses Put People at Risk Washington Subway Bans Prophet Muhammad Ads
Spain Allows Tripling of US Rapid Force at Morón Af Base, Makes Force Permanent After 50 Years, Stateless Shona Still Trapped in Kenya's Shadows

May 28th, 2015

No Us-Trained Troops in Iraq's New Fight for Ramadi Fighting in Northern Mali Forces Tens of Thousands to Flee: UN
State Dept: US Won't Consider Extension of Iran Talks
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