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September 30th, 2014

Chinese Web Censors Struggle With Hong Kong Protest US Escalates ISIS Strikes, Pentagon Says They Can't Bomb Way to Victory
Kissinger Drew Up Plans to Attack Cuba, Records Show US to Greatly Expand Resettlement for Syrian Refugees of Civil War
Mexico Says 14 of 57 Students Missing After Shootings Found Mexico Announces Homicide Charges in Army Killings
Armed Contractor With Criminal Record Was on Elevator With Obama in Atlanta EU Gives More Aid to Farmers Hurt by Russia Sanctions
White House Presents Failed Yemen Intervention as 'Model' for ISIS War Turkey Seeks Parliament Mandate for War in Iraq, Syria
White House Scoffs at Notion of Congress Voting on ISIS War East Syria Economy in Ruins as US Destroys Privately-Owned Refineries
US Envoy: ISIS War Doesn't Change Plans for Assad Ouster Settlers Forcibly Seize 25 Palestinian Apartments in East Jerusalem
Tens of Thousands Flee as ISIS Nears Key Kurd Border Town New Afghanistan Pact Means America's Longest War Will Last Until at Least 2024
F-22 Raptor Stealth Jet Deployed in Syria Airstrikes Libya Dawn Militia Rejects UN Talks
Bahrain, Kuwait Revoke Citizenship of State Opponents In Al Qaeda Attack, Lines Between Pakistan Military, Militants Blur
ISIS Closes in on Town in Syria, Tens of Thousands Flee US Signs Afghan Troop Deal, Kills Four Civilians in Airstrike
Congress Pushes Nuclear Expansion Despite Accidents at Weapons Lab White House Scoffs at Boehner's Suggestion for Vote on ISIS War
White House Met Twice With Congress Aides on ISIS Northern Ireland Police Called Over 'Arabic Emblem' That Turns Out to Be EU Flag
Germany's Military Doesn't Just Choose Not to Act. It Can't Act. Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect's Sister Appears in Court for Alleged Bomb Threat
Iranian Filmmakers Call for Nuclear Deal Hajj Pilgrims Denounce ISIS 'Virus' but Doubt US-Led War
We Cannot Bomb ISIS Into Obscurity: US Military Yemeni Protesters Demand Rebels Withdraw From Capital
Nigeria Court Martials Soldiers for Balking at Taking on Boko Haram Uganda Uncovers 'Al-Qaeda Prison Plot'
Lebanon Soldier Held by Jihadists Freed: Army Myanmar Says Sectarian Violence Challenges Reforms
US Attacks ISIS With 20 Air Raids in 24 Hours: Centcom Pentagon: Media Lacking Patience at Start of ISIS Fight
Egyptian Court Jails 68 Muslim Brotherhood Supporters Myanmar Confirms Controversial Rohingya Plan at United Nations
Syria Raids Show Saudi, UAE Ambition to Extend Regional Authority North Korea Proposes Japan Abduction Talks in Pyongyang
Pope Summons Mideast Envoys to Rome Over ISIS Advance Northern Afghans Threaten to Rebel if Power-Sharing Deal Fails
Pakistan Protest Leader Denies Foreign Funding, Asks PM to Declare Assets Indian Temple 'Purified' After Low-Caste Chief Minister Visits
Taiwan Says China Risks Hurting Ties if It Mishandles Hong Kong Protests Deputy of Ousted Ukraine Leader Beaten by Mob in Odessa
Hardline Buddhists in Myanmar, Sri Lanka Strike Anti-Islamist Pact ISIS Insurgents Advance on Turkish Tomb in Syria: Turkish Deputy PM
Algerian Militants Who Killed Frenchman Display Fighters in Video Lightning, Rain Fail to Deter Resolute Hong Kong Protesters
US Warns South Sudan: Strike a Peace Deal or Face UN Sanctions EU's Russia Sanctions Over Ukraine to Remain in Place
US Bombs Privately-Owned Oil Refineries, Kills Civilians Egypt Court Jails 68 Pro-Morsi Protesters
Israeli DM Rules Out Notion of West Bank Withdrawal OAS Asks Latin American Member States to Take in Guantanamo Detainees
Despite Enmity, Netanyahu Would Still Meet With Abbas, Officials Say Candidates Sign Up for Elections in Tunisia
Libyan Parliament Rivals Hold First UN-Backed Talks Catalans Rally for Independence Vote After Setback
Iran 'Delays' Woman's Execution After Campaign ISIS 'Adapting to US-Led Air Strikes'
Argentina Deposits Debt Payment in Defiance of US Ruling Imelda Marcos Artworks Seized by Philippines Authorities
Iran to Donate Military Equipment to Lebanon Israeli Settlers Take Over 25 Homes in East Jerusalem
3,788 Killed Across Iraq in September Ya'alon Reiterates: Israel Chose Not to Topple Hamas During Gaza Op
Israeli Muslims to Tone Down Eid Celebrations on Yom Kippur Three Israeli Soldiers Who Fought in Gaza War Commit Suicide
Jordan Finds Israeli Spying Devices, Explosives From 1969 Netanyahu to Urge Obama Not to Be Lenient With Iran
Palestinian Negotiator Erekat Compares Netanyahu to ISIS Leader Iraq Accidentally Drops Food, Ammo on ISIS Fighters
US Loosens Standards on Killing Civilians US Says Wants Syria's Assad Out Despite Focus on ISIS
USAID Is Leaving Ecuador Today Tab for Trucks Pentagon Doesn't Need Could Top $100m
America's Allies Almost Bombed in Syrian Airstrikes Proposed Turkey ISIS Mandate Includes 'Military Action Abroad, Opening Bases to Foreign Troops'
Wave of Attacks Kills More Than 40 Across Iraq Marines Establish Three New Staging Locations in West Africa
Britain Carries Out First Airstrikes Against ISIS in Iraq Ukraine Prosecutor Opens Criminal Probe Against Russian Officials
J Street Flanks Bibi With Beyonces, Tells Him to 'Put a Border on It' Rightist Group Chalking Up Biggest Settler Influx in East Jerusalem in Decades
Pentagon: Most of ISIS' Oil Refineries in Syria Have Been Destroyed Kurdish and Iraqi Forces Widen Offensive Against ISIS in Northern Iraq
With the Rise of ISIS, Iraq Is Splintering Along Religious and Ethnic Lines Jihadists Free 70 Kidnapped Children in Syria: Monitor
America's Deadly Double Tap Drone Attacks Are 'Killing 49 People for Every Known Terrorist in Pakistan' The Road to Bamiyan: a Public Works Debacle That Defines Afghanistan
Julian Assange Fires Back at Eric Schmidt and Google's 'Digital Colonialism' Germany's Disarmed Forces: Ramshackle Military at Odds With Global Aspirations
Key Points in US-Afghan Bilateral Security Agreement Aid Worker Targeted in Syria for Telling US Where to Bomb ISIS
Gaza Lions Sent to Jordan After War Damages Zoo EU to Keep Russia Sanctions in Place Over Ukraine
Hong Kong Protesters Stockpile Supplies, Fear Fresh Police Advance Iraqi Arabs Claim Persecution by Kurds
Russia Hopes for Ukraine Gas Deal This Week ISIS Uses Grain to Tighten Grip in Iraq
Obama Goal of Gitmo Closure Stalled at Pentagon

September 29th, 2014

At Least 256 Killed Across Iraq as Battles Rage Near Baghdad US to Send 2,100 Marines to Kuwait for 'Regional Missions'
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