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July 28th, 2014

Video: Celebrities, Artists and Activists Call for Palestinian Freedom in #gazanames Project US Launches Satellites to Spy on Spy Satellites
Americans Don't Want the US to Take Sides in Foreign Conflicts US: Russia Violated 1987 Nuclear Missile Treaty
Senators Consider Obscure Rule in CIA Torture Report Declassification Debate As US Kicks Off Crude Exports, Iran Casts a Shadow in Asia
US Citizen Accused of Bribes Extradited From Iraq Iraq Appears Split Into Three States
US Teen Held in Israel After July 3rd Arrest at Protest Brazil's Leader Calls Gaza Conflict 'a Massacre'
NSA: Less Need Now for Snowden Deal Harry Reid: Israel May Need More Aid for War
Sunni Politician's Abduction, Rescue Raise Question of Who Controls Shiite Militias Israel-Gaza Conflict: the Children Were Playing in the Street With Toy Guns. the Air Strikes Were Tragically Real
Syrian and Turkish Kurds Unite to Battle Isis: 'We Shoot Them Like Sheep, but Next Day Double the Number Return' Eid in Gaza: 'There Were Kids Torn to Pieces'
Israel Army Warns Palestinians Around Gaza City to Flee Britain to Join NATO Military Exercise to 'Reassure' Eastern European Allies
Brazil Says Recall of Israel Ambassador a 'Friendly' Spat Israel Creates 'No Man's Land' in Gaza, Shrinking Strip by 40%
Talk of Feared New Holocaust at Knesset Meeting on European Anti-Semitism US Officials Warn Kerry Criticism Could Jeopardize Israel Ties
US Defends Ceasefire Draft, Says Israel Has No Better Friend Militants in Syria Put Victims' Heads on Poles; Hundreds Killed Daily
White House: Eu, US to Impose New Russia Sanctions US Sales to Russia Have Only Risen Since Sanctions Imposed
Ukraine Official: Black Box Shows Missile Shrapnel Downed Malaysian Airliner Women in Gaza Bear Psychological Scars of War
No Egyptian Killed in Tripoli Rocket Attack, Libya Claims Malta Oil Worker Kidnapped in Libya Released
Pentagon Auditor Spotlights US Billions Blown in Afghanistan Benjamin Netanyahu Vows 'Lengthy Campaign' in Gaza
Israeli Military Confirms Nine Soldiers Killed Today in Gaza CBS Host: Palestinians Force Israel to Kill Kids
Millions Displaced by Religious Violence in 2013 Israel Warns Gaza Civilians to Evacuate, as Hope for Cease-Fire Fades
Report: 40% of Weapons Sent to Afghanistan Are Unaccounted For Islamic State Jihadists Open 'Marriage Bureau'
Fallujah Terrorized by Iraqi Army's Use of Barrel Bombs In Victory for Kurds, Tanker Cleared to Offload Kurdish Oil in US
China Says May Have Citizens Fighting in Iraq Abu Sayyaf Gunmen Kill 21 Filipinos in Road Attack
Hamas Leader Meshaal Demands End to Occupation Thai Soldier Among Four Killed in Clash in Muslim South
US Fuming Over Israeli Criticism of Kerry Gaza in Critical Condition, Says UN's Ban Ki-Moon
US Officials Fume as Venezuelan General Slips Grasp Second Tripoli Fuel Depot Ablaze in 'Very Dangerous' Turn
Iraq Police Find 17 Bodies, Some Bound, in Baghdad Islamic Militants Open Fire on Vehicles in Southern Philippines Killing at Least 19 People
Afghanistan May Have Lost Track of More Than 200,000 Weapons Pakistani Mob Attacks Minority Muslims, Kills 3
2 Female Suicide Bombers Strike in Northern Nigeria, Killing at Least 3, Witnesses Say Palestinian Children Killed as Israel Bombs Hospital, Playground
Rocket Ignites Blaze Near Tripoli Airport, Libya in Chaos Gaza Strikes Near Shifa Hospital, Refugee Camp Kill or Wound 30
Justice Dept. Moves to Shield Anti-Iran Group's Files Emirates to Stop Flying Over Iraq After Mh17 Disaster
Report: NSA Surveillance Threatens Press Freedom and Right to Counsel UN Security Council Calls for Immediate Gaza Ceasefire
Ukraine PM Renews Push for Austerity Measures Gaza Residents See No Joy in Muslim Eid Holiday
Pakistani Mob Attacks Minority Muslims, Kills Woman and 2 Granddaughters France Offers Asylum to Mosul's Christians
Huge Oil Depot Blaze Puts Tripoli Under Threat Police Team Turns Back From Ukraine Crash Site
Israeli Embassy Warns Ireland Will Fall Under Islamic Influence

July 27th, 2014

Merciless Israeli Mobs Are Hunting Palestinians My Captivity in Ukraine Shows Amateurs Succumb to Hatred
Bloody Sunday in Iraq: 374 Killed, 78 Wounded
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