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May 19th, 2019

Bombs Target Security Personnel; Seven Killed in Iraq UAE-Backed Yemen Troops Seize Southern City From Houthis
Daniel Ellsberg: From the Pentagon Papers to the Doomsday Machine Iraq Oil Minister Accuses Exxon of Evacuations for 'Political Reasons'
US Ambassador to China Visiting Tibet This Week Trump Warns Iran It Faces Ruin if It 'Wants to Fight' With US
Comedian to Be Sworn in as Ukrainian President Monday US 'Nuclear Coffin' on Island in the Pacific Could Be 'Leaking' Radioactive Sludge Into the Sea
US Diplomats Warn Airliners of Risk of Being 'Misidentified' in Persian Gulf Russia Announces Unilateral Ceasefire by Syrian Forces in Idlib
US to Reveal Economic Part of Palestine Peace Plan in Bahrain Sudan Military Arrests Over Protesters' Killings
Trump, Europe Increasingly at Odds on Iran Cubans Grapple With Food Shortage Due to Venezuela Crisis
Families of Japanese Abductees Urge PM Abe to Enter Negotiations With North Korea Political Activist Shot at South Kashmir
Bomb Attack on Shiite Militiamen Kills 7 in Eastern Iraq British Nationals to Be Banned From Parts of Syria Under New Law
Anger Still High Among the Ashes After Ivory Coast Ethnic Clashes Convicted 'Russian Agent' Butina Appeals for Money
Yemen's Government Forces Arrest Key Al-Qaeda Leader Sudan Protesters Want Civilian as Head of New Ruling Body
Libyan Fighters in Tripoli Get Armored Vehicles From Abroad US to Encourage Investment in Palestinians as First Part of Peace Plan
Google Severs Huawei Access to Android Software: Report Afghan Official: Roadside Bomb Kills 2 Policemen
Eurovision Scolds Madonna After She Displays Palestinian Flag During Guest Performance Gunmen Kill 19 at Fish Market in Northeast DR Congo
Peacekeeper Killed in Attacks on Nigeria and Chad Troops in Mali France Threatens Journalists With Jail Time for Exposing Use of French Arms in Yemen
In Sanaa, Yemenis Struggle to Find Politically Palatable Food to Break the Fast US Holds Iran Scientist 'Hostage' for Seven Months: Brother
Pentagon Reporters Left in Dark as Iran Tensions Escalate Bolton Emerges as Flashpoint in GOP Debate on Iran
Who Is Behind Israel's Archimedes Group, Banned by Facebook for Election Fakery? PA Slams Israeli Minister's Tour in Al-Aqsa Mosque
Al Jazeera Suspends Two Journalists Over Holocaust Video Part of 'Deal of Century' to Be Released on June 25 in Bahrain
Afghan Govt Not Willing to Form Negotiating Team: Political Parties Committee Formed to Solve Tension Over Afghan Parliament Speaker
Iraq Oil Minister Calls Exxon Mobil's Evacuation of Foreign Staff 'Unacceptable' 7 French Fighter Jets Make Emergency Landing in Indonesia
Rebels Say Syrian Army Fails to Retake Latakia Mountain Saudi Minister Denies Activist Baghdadi Faced Any Saudi Threat
Iran Is Not Pursuing War: Iran Revolutionary Guards Chief First Session of Afghan Parliament Ends in Brawl Over New Speaker
Poland Says Holocaust Restitution Would Equate to 'Hitler's Victory' GCC Countries Begin Enhanced Maritime Security Patrols: US Fifth Fleet
Violence Flares in West Bengal as Voting in Indian Election Ends Trump: 'if Iran Wants to Fight, That Will Be the Official End of Iran'
Trade War Reminds Chinese of Korean War Trump Threatens Iran in Tweet as Tension Between Two Countries Escalate
Google Suspends Some Business With Huawei After Trump Blacklist Blast Injures South African Tourists Near Egypt's Giza Pyramids
Ted Cruz Wants the Space Force to Fight Space Pirates Israeli Host Expecting Eurovision 'Punishment' for Iceland's Palestinian Flag Display
Katyusha Rocket Crashes Into Baghdad Green Zone Sudan Protesters Want Civilian as Head of New Ruling Body

May 18th, 2019

Fresh Airstrikes on ISIS Hideouts; Nine Killed in Iraq UK Made £11.5 Million in Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia Weeks After Khashoggi Murder
1 Killed, 6 Injured in Turkish Shelling on Kurdish Positions in Northern Syria Security Officials Under Fire Over Kabul Attack
Forces Loyal to Libya's UN-Backed Government Receive Military Hardware Libya Govt Boasts of New Weapons Despite Arms Embargo
Demonstrators Celebrate Austria Government Collapse Bolivia's Morales Defies Term Limits, Launches Bid for Fourth Term
Saudi Crown Prince Discusses Regional Developments With Pompeo Colombian Ex-Guerrilla Leader Arrested, Hospitalized Upon Prison Release
Turkey Says to Produce S-500s With Russia After S-400 Missile Deal Saudi Arabia Calls Urgent Gulf, Arab League Meetings Over Tensions
US Citizen Shot Dead in Nicaraguan Prison Was a Navy Veteran, Critic of President Ortega Sudanese Commander Says Democratic Elections Are His Goal
Amid Lull in Air Strikes, Rebels Reinforce NW Syria Frontlines Trump May Pardon Military Men Accused or Convicted of War Crimes
US Working With Allies to Pressure Cuba Out of Venezuela China's Top Diplomat Urges US Restraint
Sailors Created 'Rape List' of Female Crew Members Aboard Navy Submarine Yemeni Forces Recapture Key Southern City From Houthi Rebels
Algeria Riot Police Step Aside in Face of Protesters Syrian Air Defenses Intercepted Projectiles Fired From Israel, State Media Reports
The Israeli Army Trains in Bedouin's Backyard, Even During Holy Fasting Month of Ramadan North Korea Demands UN Action Over Ship Seizure by 'Gangster' US
Three Children Killed in Roadside Blast in Western Afghanistan US Warns Airliners Flying Over Gulf of 'Misidentification'
Venezuela's Maduro Says Norway Talks Seek 'Peaceful Agenda' Iran FM Zarif: We Don't Want War, and No One Can Confront Iran
Yemen War: Sanaa Air Raids Victims Slam Saudi-UAE Coalition ISIS Fighters Kill LNA Troops Outside Libyan Oilfield
Ordnance on F-16 Jet That Crashed in Southern California Is Detonated by Military Bahrain Asks Its Citizens in Iran, Iraq to Leave Immediately on Safety Concerns
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