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February 13th, 2018

10 Killed in Egypt's Anti-Terror Operation in North Sinai North Korea's Kim Orders Measures to Facilitate More Diplomacy With South
Harrowing World War Two Archive Footage Shows the Bombing of Dresden – 73 Years on From the Day the City Was Annihilated by Allied Planes US Drone Destroys Russian Tank in Eastern Syria
Iraqi Admits He Set Up Fake Abuse Claims Against British Soldiers Ahed Tamimi Remains in Israeli Prison as 'Trial' Adjourned
Syria's White Helmets Struggle With Budget Shortfall Egypt Arrests Ex-Anti-Graft Chief in Latest Pre-Vote Turmoil
North Korea Warms to South After Visit, Volume Down on Border Propaganda US Defense Secretary Mattis to Press European Allies on Military Spending
Myanmar Signs Ceasefire With Two Rebel Groups Amid Decades of Conflict Biggest US Force in Years Joins Thai Military Exercise
Hong Kong Court Rules Pro-Independence Stance Must Bar Standing for Election Malaysia Further Downgrading Ties With North Korea a Year After Airport Assassination: Sources
Syrian Government Rejects UN-Led Committee to Alter Constitution Israel: Record-Low in Gaza Medical Permits
Kenya's Attorney General Resigns, Says Kenyatta India Says Pakistan 'Will Pay' for Kashmir 'Misadventure'
Congo Violence Forces Over 22,000 to Flee to Uganda Afghan Army Shake-Up to Push Out Old Guard in Fight Against Taliban
NATO Chief Backs Bigger Alliance Training Mission in Iraq US Says Myanmar Denial of Ethnic Cleansing Is 'Preposterous'
UN Calls for Syria Ceasefire, Says It Is 'Very Possible' US Pushes Motion to Put Pakistan on Global Terrorist-Financing Watchlist
Coats: Pakistan Still Not Cracking Down on Militants Erdogan Tells Cyprus Not to Test Turkey Over Gas Standoff
Ethiopia Frees Opposition Leader Amid Protests US Urges Help for Iraq, Extends $3 Billion Credit Line
Kremlin: No Information About Reports of Russian Mercenaries Killed in Syria Enough Red Lines, Time to Act, Syria's White Helmets Tell Macron
Colombian Military Calls Venezuela's Invasion Fears 'Ridiculous' US Funding of Syrian YPG Militia Will Impact Turkey's Decisions: Erdogan
Kosovo President Expects to Reach 'Historic' Deal With Serbia This Year Pentagon Budget Includes $69m to Replace Top-Secret Detainee Section at Gitmo
Pence Raises Prospect of Talks With North Korea While Applying 'Maximum Pressure' Trump Taps Army Cyber Chief as Next NSA Head
World Chess Body Has Swiss Bank Accounts Frozen After President Accused of Links to ISIS Somalia: Switzerland to Host Somali Unity Talks
WikiLeaks Founder Assange Says He Has Three Months to Appeal UK Ruling Disgraced Minister's Remarks on Russia Reflect Reality: Dutch PM Rutte
US Intelligence Chief Says North Korea 'Decision Time' Is Near Ahed Tamimi Latest: Israeli Court Adjourns Trial of Palestinian Teenager After Closed Hearing
British Defense Secretary Says Warship Bound for South China Sea Two Ethnic Groups Sign Up to Myanmar's Flagging Peace Process
Dutch Foreign Minister Resigns After Lying About Putin Meeting Iran Claims Environmentalist Who Died in Prison Was Mossad, CIA Agent
Netanyahu Dismisses 'Unfounded' Police Recommendations as 'Slander' Macron Says 'France Will Strike' if There Is Proof Chemical Weapons Used in Syria
Israel Police Recommend Charging Prime Minister Netanyahu With Bribery in Two Cases Israel Justice Minister: We Must Safeguard a Jewish Majority Even at the Expense of Human Rights
Intelligence Chief: Federal Debt Is 'Dire Threat' to National Security Venezuela Fears Invasion After US Military Chief Visits Colombia
US Worldwide Threat Assessment of the US Intel Community Every Pentagon Wish Is Granted in Trump's Defense Budget Request
Turkish Warships Block Drilling Rig Near Cyprus WikiLeaks Founder Assange Loses Bid to Halt UK Legal Action Against Him
Damascus Warns Israel of 'More Surprises' in Syria '54 Palestinians Die' as Israel Refuses Medical Permits

February 12th, 2018

Home Invasion and Bomb Rattle Town Near Balad; Nine Killed Across Iraq As New Rivals Square Off, Syria War Is Getting Worse
Dutch FM Admits He Lied About Putin's 'Greater Russia' Plot US Sends Conflicting Signals Over North Korea Diplomacy
Kim Jong UN Says Continuing Dialogue With South Korea Important Trump Vows Major Expansion of US Nuclear Arsenal
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