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May 14th, 2018

In Baghdad's Sadr City, Hope for Change After Vote Google Employees Resign in Protest Against Pentagon Contract
Two Chinese Among Those Killed in Northern Myanmar: Ministry Myanmar Police to Charge 17 Antiwar Protesters Over Demonstration
Trump Defends Decision to Revisit Action on Chinese Company 35,000 Protesters Rally Against the US Embassy Opening in Jerusalem
Costly Helicopter Rides for US Officials Show Afghanistan's Security Decline Iran Sanctions: Siemens CEO Says He Can't Accept New Orders
Israeli Government Minister Justifies Gaza Massacre by Calling Palestinians 'Nazis' Iraqi Shi'ite Cleric Gained Ground With Nationalist Voice
Elusive Peace Grows More Remote With US Jerusalem Embassy Move, Violence Iraqi Air Force Destroys ISIS Command Center in Syria
Malaysia's Mahathir Vows to Investigate Toppled Government Yemen's Houthis Fire Missile at Aramco Facility, Saudi Arabia Says It Falls in Desert
Closing North Korea Nuclear Test Site an Important Step, UN Chief Says German Military to Move Forward With Plan to Lease Israeli Drones
Hezbollah Says Rocket Attack on Israeli-Occupied Golan Marks 'New Phase' US Diplomat Involved in Accident Allowed to Leave Pakistan
Trump Blames Hamas for Deadly Gaza Violence Four Egyptian Workers Killed by Land Mine Near New Capital: Sources
A Gaza Photographer in 'A Place of Death' Egypt Orders 20 More Alleged Metro Protesters Detained
IDF Has 'Enough Bullets for Everyone,' Senior MP Says of Deadly Gaza Clashes Nasrallah Calls for Swift Formation of Government
14 Arrested, Palestinian Flags Outside US Embassy Ceremony White House Calls Deaths in Gaza 'Propaganda' by Hamas
Ahead of Vote on Gina Haspel, Senate Pulls Access to Damning Classified Memo Ivanka Trump Opens US Embassy in Jerusalem During Israeli Massacre of Palestinians in Gaza
Afghan Capital Kabul Hit by Explosion Thousands Rally in Istanbul in Solidarity With Palestinians
Philippines: Election-Related Violence Leaves 33 Dead Scotland: Catalan Separatist Fighting Spanish Extradition Case
Yemen PM: Crisis Over UAE Deployment to Socotra Over Turkey Recalls Ambassadors to Israel, US Over Gaza 'Genocide'
Influential Cleric Sadr's Bloc Is Surprising Winner of Iraq's Saturday Vote Kushner in Jerusalem: Peace Deal to Benefit Both Sides in Mideast Conflict
US Adds Dozens of Marines to Guard Embassies in Israel, Turkey, Jordan 'Burn Them, Shoot Them, Kill Them': Israelis Cheer in Jerusalem as Palestinians Shot in Gaza
Saudi-Led Coalition Masses Troops for Push on Yemen's Hodeidah A Tale of Two West Bank Towns: a Bleak Palestinian Refugee Camp Choked by a Thriving Israeli Settlement
Catalonia: Pro-Independence Candidate Wins Presidency US Opens Embassy in Jerusalem: Which Countries Attended?
To Pay for a 'Russia First' Agenda, Putin Takes Ax to Military Spending IDF Kills 90 Palestinians, Wounds 11,200 in Gaza-Israel Fence Protest in Six Weeks
Israelis Kill 58 in Deadliest Day for Palestinians New US Embassy Location in Jerusalem Cuts Through Armistice Line
Surabaya Attacks: Family of Five Bomb Indonesia Police Headquarters

May 13th, 2018

Europeans Should Have Known Trump Would Abandon Iran Deal, Bolton Says Cries of Electoral Fraud in Kurdish Region; Eight Killed in Iraq
Pompeo: US Will Lift Sanctions if North Korea Dismantles Nuclear Program Iran FM Sets Out on Diplomatic Tour to Save Nuclear Deal
North Korea Details Plan to Dismantle Nuclear Test Site, Invites World to Watch Saudi Forces Arrive on Socotra as Yemen Slams UAE 'Colonization' of Island
Key Iraqi Cleric Sadr Takes Substantial Lead in Weekend Vote US Threatens EU Companies With Sanctions for Doing Business With Iran
Navy SEALs Face Sexual Assault Charges and Drug Investigation
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