Updated May 22, 2020 - 8:41 PM EDT
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May 22nd, 2020

JP Morgan Study: Lockdowns Failed to Alter the Course of Pandemic and Are Now Destroying Millions of Livelihoods Worldwide Mysterious MiG-29 Fighter Appears at Libyan Air Base Held by Russian-Backed Forces
Libya's Tripoli Government Retakes More Areas of Capital Glenn Greenwald: 'A Lot of People Can't Get Past Their Ideological or Political View' of Flynn
Russian State Holding Gives Up Control of Rosneft After Venezuela Exit Release of USS Thresher Documents Delayed by Covid-19 Office Closures
As Tankers Head Toward the Caribbean, Growing Iran-Venezuela Ties Draw US Concern Video: USS Portland Fires Laser Weapon, Downs Drone in First At-Sea Test
Turkish Forces Send 30 Truckloads of Logistics to Syria Afghan Migrant Drowning Issue With Iran to Proceed 'Diplomatically'
Suspect in Attempted West Bank Shooting Was Palestinian Police Officer Israel Cuts Palestinian Water Supply in West Bank
Israeli Colonists Burn Palestinian Farmlands Near Nablus Israeli Concussion Grenades Burn 120 Olive Trees Near Jenin
Texas Naval Base Shooter Voiced Support for Clerics UK Court Orders Gunrunner to Pay Over $4.1m to UAE Emirate
Trump Declares Churches 'Essential,' Calls on Them to Reopen NATO Allies Alarmed, Annoyed by US Open Skies Exit
Top Venezuela Court Orders Seizure of AT&T Subsidiary Assets Europeans, NATO Urge Russia to Work to Save Treaty Dropped by Trump
Russia to Convene Mideast Quartet for Talks on West Bank Annexation Plans Libya's Tripoli Government Retakes More Areas of Capital
Smartphone Data Shows America's Cautious Comeback Treasury Sanctions Top Nicaraguan Officials
Russia Says US Withdrawal From Open Skies Treaty Would Undermine Global Security Michigan Governor Extends Stay-At-Home Order Through June 12
House Chairmen Demand Explanation on Trump's 'Illegal' Withdrawal From Open Skies Treaty 'Culture of Violence': The Thai Military's Problem With Abuse
Where's Kim? North Korea Leader Keeps Unusually Low Profile Malawi's Electoral Chief Resigns Ahead of Election Rerun
Egypt Accepts Ethiopia-Sudan Proposal to Renegotiate Dam Dispute Remains of Rwanda War Crimes Suspect Found in Congo
Saudi Activists: Khashoggi Murder Case 'Political, Not Personal' Foreigners Evacuated From Iraq Gas Field After Protests
Sons' Forgiveness in Khashoggi Murder 'Parody of Justice': UN Expert Yemen Aid: The NGO Battling Coronavirus in a War Zone
Egypt Arrested 10 Reporters Since Coronavirus Outbreak: Rights Group Libyans Parade Captured Missile System as Government Accuses Russia of Supplying Jets to Haftar
HRW: Thousands Fleeing From Fighting in Northern Yemen at High Risk of Coronavirus Hamas Says Gaza Could Be Locked Down for Eid Amid Rise in Coronavirus Cases
Two Years of Escalations: Looking Back at US-Iran Tensions After Nuclear Deal Pullout Iran Is Retreating From the Iraqi Political Scene
Fauci Says Staying Closed for Too Long Could Cause 'Irreparable Damage' The US Goes to Bat for Lebanon's 'Butcher of Khiam'
Biden Says US Should Lead World in Condemning China Over Hong Kong Actions China Slows Defense Spending Despite Threat of New Cold War With US
US Plans to Sell $180 Million in Torpedoes to Taiwan, Riling China Two Regional ISIS Leaders Killed in Syria: CentCom
FBI Director Wray Orders Internal Review of Flynn Investigation Armed Conflict Has Forced 661,000 People to Flee Their Homes During the Coronavirus Pandemic
Burundi Ruling Party Heads for Poll Victory, as Opposition Cries Foul The US Cleared the Way for a New Arms Sale to the UAE, Despite Evidence It Violated the Last One
Yemen's Health System 'Has in Effect Collapsed' as Covid Spreads: UN US Presses Advancing Libya Government to End Fighting
Hong Kong Leader Vows 'Full Support' for National Security Law Hongkongers Rush to Download VPN Tools Amid Fears of Beijing Upping Surveillance With National Security Law
Chinese Government Drops References to 'Peaceful' Reunification With Taiwan Mike Pompeo Calls Beijing's Move Against Hong Kong 'Disastrous' and Hints at US Sanctions
China's 6.6 Per Cent Defense Spending Boost Marks Slowest Growth in Three Decades China on Their Mind: Why the India-Nepal Border Has Become a Global Flashpoint
Europeans 'Regret' Trump's Decision to Leave Open Skies Pact Surveillance Treaty Sudan's Bloody Tribal Clashes Threaten Fragile Transition

May 21st, 2020

South Carolina Army Lieutenant Dies in Afghanistan From Non-Combat Cause US, China Have Unsafe Encounters in South China Sea
Taiwan Is Another Major Issue in Growing US-China Tension Trump: Iraq's Instability Continues to Pose 'Extraordinary Threat' to US National Security
Family of Jamal Khashoggi Forgives Killers of Saudi Journalist State Department: New START Talks Between US, Russia Have Begun
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