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October 13th, 2021

Report: Iraq Election Commission Changes Results After Militia Threats Palestinian Beaten by Israeli Officer After Complaining About Police Violence
Poland Plans to Spend Over $400 Million on Wall on Belarus US Steps Up Rhetoric Against Iran, Weighing 'All Options' if Talks Fail
Guinea Strongman Doumbouya Sacks 44 Military Brass Government in Turkish Cypriot Enclave Offers Resignation
In Libyan City, Mass Graves Evoke Stakes of Faltering Peace Push Washington Lobbyists Drop Khalifa Haftar as a Client
Cyprus Says US Agents Check Light Aircraft Cited in Libya War Report Turkey Thwarts Attempt to Kidnap, Smuggle Former Iranian Soldier
Sudan's Intelligence Service Says It Did Not Ban Officials From Traveling: State Media An Afghanistan Evac Flight Was Almost Hijacked, Air Force Reveals
Sweden Moves to Criminalize Support for Palestine Photos Reveal Brutal Israeli Treatment of Activists, Farmers During Olive Harvest
US Accuses Cambodia of a Lack of Transparency Over China Construction Egyptian Court Upholds Life Sentences for 32 Convicted of Plot to Kill Sissi
Israeli Planes Said to Strike in Central Syria, Killing One, Injuring Three Others IDF Troops Maced by Settlers While Responding to Alleged Attack on Palestinians
More Than 74,000 Displaced in Yemen This Year as Marib Conflict Rages: IOM Saudi Arabia Funds Deal With Egyptian Company to Develop Lebanon's Second Largest Port
Hezbollah Accuses US of Interfering in Beirut Port Explosion Probe Israeli Settlers Vandalize Jerusalem Palestinian Cemeteries in Wave of Attacks
Iraqi Election Commission Backtracks on Results After Pro-Iran Militia Threats Moroccan Historian and Rights Activist Begins Hunger Strike Over Travel Ban Preventing Medical Treatment
Putin Says Militants From Iraq and Syria Are Entering Afghanistan Feds Investigating Another Navy Bribery Scandal
Fort Hood Soldier Found Dead Behind Barracks Pilot Lost Control of Wobbling F-22 That Spiraled to the Ground in Secretive Crash Last Year
US Troops Have Hundreds of Relatives Still Stuck in Afghanistan, and Congress Is Trying to Help Catholic Church Says Troops Should be Allowed to Decline Covid Vaccine as First Deadline Approaches
Turkish Shipyard Launches Mass Production of Fast Patrol Boats for Coastal Defense President Putin on Taiwan: 'China Does Not Need to Use Force'
Putin Says He Has 'Working and Stable' Relations With Biden 'Hard Choices' for Singapore Media After Controversial Foreign Interference Law Passed
Algeria Court Jails Brother of Deposed President Bouteflika Kenya Rejects ICJ's Verdict on Somalia Maritime Border Row
Kosovo Police Clash With Ethnic Serbs During Smuggling Raids EU Offers to Ease Northern Ireland Border Checks Amid Brexit Row
Blinken: US Policy Is to 'Oppose the Reconstruction of Syria' Palestine Olive Harvest: Campaign Begins to Help Farmers
US Will Move Forward With Plan to Reopen Jerusalem Consulate, Says Blinken Fresh Fighting in Ethiopia's Afar as Army Mounts 'Offensive'
Boeing Receives $1.1 Billion Patriot-3 Missile Seeker Contract Lockheed Delivers Hypersonic Weapon Launchers to US Army
US Air Force F-15e Successfully Drops New 5,000-Pound Bomb Taliban Asks US, EU to Lift Sanctions
Several People Killed in Bow and Arrow Attack in Norway US Rules Out Normalizing With Syria's Assad
Marine Who Criticized Handling of Afghanistan Withdrawal in Viral Video Will Plead Guilty, Seek Favorable Discharge Beijing Accuses Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-Wen of Demanding Equal 'State-To-State' Treatment
US Strengthens Asia-Pacific Defenses by Deploying Floating Base for Helicopters and Hovercraft to Okinawa Alongside Israel's Lapid, Blinken Says 'Time Running Short' on Iran Nuclear Diplomacy
US: Blinken to Warn Lapid of Risks of Cooperating With China in 'Candid' Talk Vandals Attack Palestinian Village, Daubing Walls and Puncturing Car Tires
Sudanese Justice Minister Meets With Israeli Officials in UAE Amid Israeli Threats, Iran Touts Successful Test of Anti-Missile Defense System
Over 9,000 Olive Trees Destroyed by Israel in the West Bank in One Year 400 Palestinian Prisoners Start Hunger Strike to Protest Israeli Repressive Measures
Nancy Pelosi: Support for Israel 'Is in Our DNA' French Soldier Dies in a Maintenance Accident in Mali, Minister Says
No Clear Path for Unfreezing Afghan Funds, Qatar Foreign Minister Says Russia-Led Security Bloc to Hold Military Drills Near Afghan Border on October 22-23: RIA
Training Plane Crashes Off Lebanon, Search Ongoing for Two People Saudi-Led Coalition Destroys Two Houthi Explosive-Laden Boats: TV
Ethiopian Offensive in Two Northern Regions Intensifies, Tigrayan Forces Say US Calls Cambodia Opaque Over Chinese Activity at Navy Base
US to Weigh All Options if Iran Will Not Resume Nuclear Deal EU Nuclear Coordinator Visit to Iran Not 'Business as Usual': E3 Diplomats
Russia's Putin Sees Potential to Work With Biden on Energy, Security, and More Afghanistan: 30,000 Passports Issued Since Office Reopened
WFP Official: Needy Afghans in North to Receive Aid The Taliban Blames the US for Afghanistan's Growing ISIS Problem
New US Official Takes on Afghan Evacuation Mission Qatari Official Says Recognizing Govt in Kabul Not a Priority
G-20 Summit Calls for More Aid to Afghanistan Taliban Government Asks US, EU to End Sanctions
Lebanon: Pound Crashes Again After Brief Recovery Flights Carrying Afghans From Ramstein to US Resume After 3-Week Pause
Azerbaijan and Iran Agree to Hold Talks to Mend Diplomatic Ties Arms Trade: UK Exporting Tear Gas to Middle East Authoritarians
Sally Rooney Hebrew Row: Israel Says Normal People Author 'Impeding Peace' Palestinians Cancel FIFA Chief's Visit After Gala Event at Historic Muslim Cemetery
Iraq: Journalist Ali Abdel Zahra Recounts Abduction Days Before Elections Facebook Criticized Over 'Terror' List That Overwhelmingly Features Muslim Groups
Sudan: Travel Ban Imposed on 11 Civilian Members of Transitional Government Occupied West Bank: When a Walk to School Is Fraught With Fear
Qatar FM on GCC Blockade, Iran, and Engaging With the Taliban Spain Evacuates 160 More Afghans Via Pakistan
US Air Force Is Testing a New Bunker-Busting Bomb That Could Counter North Korea and Iran North Korean Soldier in Blue Generates Buzz on Social Media
Kosovo Police Clash With Ethnic Serbs During Smuggling Raids Amid Flurry of Taliban Diplomacy, Qatar Stresses Engagement
UN Says Sudanese Migrant Beaten, Shot and Killed in Libya Palestinians: 250 Prisoners Held by Israel on Hunger Strike
Ransomed and Beaten: Migrants Face Abuse in Libyan Detention Turkey Says Will Do 'What Is Necessary' After Syria Attacks
Azerbaijan, Iran Agree to Mend Ties 'Through Dialogue'

October 12th, 2021

Iraq Daily Roundup: Two Killed UN Told Failure to Deal With Diversity Is Root Cause of Wars
Israel's FM Claims Iran Is 'Becoming a Nuclear Threshold State' Robot Dogs Can Now Have 6.5mm Assault Rifles Mounted on Their Backs
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