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November 19th, 2023

Thirty-One Babies Evacuated From Gaza's Al-Shifa Hospital Why No One Is Stopping Israel
'The Settlers Are Trying to Take Away the Food We Put on the Table So They Can Then Take Our Land': West Bank Farmers US Military Is Secretly Supplying Weapons to Israel Using UK Base on Cyprus
US Says Israel Has 'Right' to Expand Military Operations in South Gaza but Wants a Delay When Will Israeli Army Explain Inconsistencies in Al-Shifa Hospital Videos?
Hungarian PM Claims Ukraine 'Light Years Away' From Being Invited Into EU Olive Farming in Iraq at Risk After Years of Conflict, Lack of Government Support
Israel Denies Report of Gaza Truce as Part of Hostage Deal Iraq's Kataeb Hezbollah Says Attacks Aim to 'Drain' US, Sanctions 'Ridiculous'
France Test-Fires Long-Range Ballistic Missile in Bid to Boost Nuclear Deterrence Zelenksy: Artillery Shell Deliveries Have Decreased Since Outbreak of Gaza War
North Korea Criticizes Potential Sale of US Missiles to Japan, South Korea UK Opposition Labour Party's Foreign Policy Chief Visits Israel
Zelensky Calls for Rapid Operations Changes for Soldiers, Sacks Commander Three More Journalists Killed in Gaza in Israeli Offensive, Relatives Say
Multiple Congressional Offices Hit With Pro-Palestinian Vandalism Biden Warns US Could Sanction Israeli Settlers Who Attack Palestinians
Democrats Clash Over Conditioning Aid to Israel Netherlands Budgets $2.2 Billion in Military Aid for Ukraine
US Army Sent Letters to Soldiers Separated for Vaccine Refusal Stolen National Guard Humvee Found After Four Months
Five Countries Ask ICC to Investigate Israeli Attacks on Gaza Senate Passes Bill to Suspend Military Aid to Azerbaijan
Japan Approved to Buy 400 Tomahawk Cruise Missiles Iran's Khamenei Says 'Fact' Israel Has Failed in Hamas War
Chad Opposition Leader Urges Reconciliation With Regime After Return From Exile Boeing Aims to 'Stabilize' Defense Business as It Pitches Mideast Countries
Biden's Approval Rating Slips to 40% as 70% of Young Voters Disapprove of Israel Policy UK Defense Ministry Vows Action Over 'Toxic' Work Culture Claims
US to Enhance Cyber, Space Collaboration With Indonesia Sudan Armed Conflict Expanding to Other Regions, Warns Un
Indian Police Say Seven Suspected Kashmir Rebels Killed Haaretz: Israeli Helicopter Fire 'Hit' Music Festival Attendees on October 7
Australia Accuses Chinese Navy of Injuring Its Divers With Sonar Ruling by Senegal's Highest Court Blocks Jailed Opposition Leader Sonko From Running for President
Liberian President George Weah Concedes Defeat After Provisional Results Show Challenger Won Runoff Jordan's Foreign Minister Criticizes Israel as Its War on Hamas Rages On
Israeli Drone Fires Missiles at Aluminum Plant in South Lebanon Dissent Over US Policy in the Israel-Hamas War Stirs Unusual Public Protests From Federal Employees
How Seriously Should We Take US Intelligence Claims on Gaza? Understanding Hasbara: Israel's Propaganda Machine
Twelve Palestinians Killed in 24 Hours of Attacks on West Bank Yemen's Houthis Seize Israeli-Linked Ship in the Red Sea
Student Gaza Protests Targeted by Pro-Israel Groups for Civil Rights Violations New York Police Makes Arrests at Fox News HQ as Gaza Protests Spread
Protesters Calling for Cease-Fire in Gaza Keep Up Drumbeat on Capitol Hill Photos: Emotions Run High at Pro-Israel and Pro-Palestinian Demonstrations Around the World
Thousands Gather in Pro-Palestinian Protests Across New York City Photos: People Across the World Protest Against Israel's War on Gaza
Eighth-Century Great Omari Mosque in Gaza Hit by an Israeli Air Strike The Fate of Hamas' Captives Could Tear Israeli Society Apart
Under the Cover of War, Israeli Forces Impose Restrictions on Al-Aqsa Prayers Five Palestinians Killed in West Bank Air Strike
Disabled Man Among Two Palestinians Killed in West Bank by Israeli Raids Russia Sends First Free Grain to Africa Since End of Black Sea Deal
New Maldives President Promises to Expel Foreign Military Personnel Azerbaijan Must Let Ethnic Armenians Return to Nagorno-Karabakh: UN Court
Qatar PM Says Only Minor Obstacles Preventing Israel-Hamas Hostage Deal 'Pipe Dream': Why Is the US Pushing the Palestinian Authority to Lead Gaza?
Gaza's Food Is Running Out Amid Israel's 'War of Starvation' Photos: Wounded Palestinian Children Evacuated From Gaza to UAE
Thousands Rally Across Iran to Protest Gaza Deaths, Slam Israel and US Families of Israeli Captives Arrive in Jerusalem, Rally at PM's Office
Large Protests Against Catalan Amnesty Deal in Madrid After PM Sworn In No End to Palestinian Suffering With No End to Israel's War on Gaza
Biden Writes Two Different Letters on Gaza War, Reflecting His US Audience 'Giving Up Is Not an Option': Volunteer Doctors at Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital
Pakistan Military Says Four Fighters Killed Near Afghanistan Border Hundreds of Thais Trapped by Clashes in Northern Myanmar Being Evacuated
Diseases Spread in Gaza Amid Water and Sewage Crisis, Cholera Feared Iran Unveils Upgraded Hypersonic Missile as Khamenei Touts Israel 'Failure'
Massive Protest Halts California Democratic Convention in Sacramento Taiwan Elections: Opposition Joint Presidential Ticket Talks Break Down Over Technicality
Forbidden Russian Oil Flows Into Pentagon Supply Chain Stanford Students Refuse to End Gaza Sit-In Until Demands Met
The War Turns Gaza Into a 'Graveyard' for Children

November 18th, 2023

Dozens Killed in Israeli Attacks on Two Schools in Northern Gaza TASS: Armenia and Azerbaijan Have Agreed on Basic Peace Treaty Principles
Netanyahu Scrambles to Quell Revolt by Far Right Over Gaza Fuel Israel Agrees to Allow 'Minimal' Two Trucks of Fuel a Day Into Gaza
First Planeload of Wounded Palestinian Children From Israel-Hamas War Arrives in United Arab Emirates Russia Designates the Moscow Times Newspaper a 'Foreign Agent'
Bulgaria Accelerates End of Sanctions Loophole That Earned Russia EUR1 Billion Five Killed in Israeli Strike on Balata Camp in West Bank

November 17th, 2023

Norway's Parliament Calls on Its Government to Be Ready to Recognize Palestinian State Netanyahu Claims Israel 'Not Successful' in Minimizing Civilian Casualties in Gaza
UN Forced to Halts Aid Deliveries Into Gaza, Warns of 'Immediate Starvation' Pentagon Won't Say Where It's Sending US Troops - to Avoid Embarrassing Host Nations
'All ICU Patients in Al-Shifa Dead Amid Israeli Siege,' Gaza Hospital's Director Tells Al Jazeera Aid Agencies Say They Can't Send Food and Other Supplies to Gaza Because of Communications Blackout
Thousands of Bodies Lie Buried in Rubble in Gaza. Families Dig to Retrieve Them, Often by Hand UAE Orders Brazilian Anti-Ship Missiles
Maldives to Inaugurate New China-Leaning Leader China and Japan Agree to Try to Resolve Fukushima Water Dispute Through Dialogue
Explosion Rocks University in Armenia's Capital, Killing 1 Person and Injuring 3 Others Ukraine Claimes Establishment of 'Several Bridgeheads' on Eastern Bank of Dnipro
First US Jewish Congress Member to Call for Ceasefire in Gaza Erdogan to Visit Germany as Differences Over the Israel-Hamas War Widen
Sudan Armed Conflict Spreading to New Regions, Warns UN European Nations Join Myanmar Genocide Case

November 16th, 2023

Photos: Death and Despair Continue in Gaza as Israeli Attacks Rage On
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