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May 15th, 2024

'Alarming Surge in Anti-Pak Rhetoric During India's Elections': Pakistan Foreign Office

May 14th, 2024

Biden Moves Forward Over $1 Billion in Weapons for Israel as Tanks Push Deeper Into Rafah Pentagon Lax in Following Transfer Policy for Sexual Assault Victims, IG Says
UCLA Attackers Exposed: Meet the Violent Zionist Agitators LA Police Haven't Arrested Corrupt Australian Firm Busted as Intelligence Front
Palestinian Surgeon Ghassan Abu Sitta's Schengen-Wide Travel Ban Overturned Hundreds of Syrian Refugees Head Home as Anti-Refugee Sentiment Surges in Lebanon
More Than Half a Million Palestinians Flee as Israel Escalates Gaza Attacks UC San Diego Students Condemn University Stance
RSF Intensify Shelling in El Fasher, Sudanese Civilians Bear Brunt of Renewed Clashes Sudanese Military Intelligence Arrests Journalist
Carrying on Kent State's Legacy of Antiwar Organizing, Students Press for Divestment White House Says Georgia's 'Foreign Agents' Bill Threatens Relations
Blinken Justifies Zelensky's Decision To Cancel Ukrainian Elections Unrest in Pakistan-Administered Kashmir: What's Behind the Recent Protests?
Biden Says New China Tariffs Are Needed To Protect US Industries From Companies Subsidized by Beijing Harvard Reaches Deal To End Pro-Palestinian Encampment
AIPAC-Affiliated PAC Backs Maryland Primary Candidate With $4 Million Psychedelic Therapy Data 'Speaks for Itself,' VA Official Says
Saudi FM Reiterates Call for Immediate and Permanent Ceasefire in Gaza Israeli Tanks Reach Residential Areas as IDF Pushes Further Into Rafah
India Running Risk of Sanctions, Says US Day After Chabahar Port Pact With Iran Palestinians Rally at Historic Villages in Northern Israel
Estonia 'Seriously' Discussing Sending Troops to Ukraine Biden Signs Bill Banning Russian Uranium, Gives Billions for American Production
Quarter of Gazans Displaced Again as Fighting Rages North to South Russia Puts Submarine-Launched Bulava Intercontinental Missile Into Service
Kids Descend to the Bunker at Ukraine's First Underground School Israeli Forces Back in Old Gaza Battlegrounds as Doubts Over War Aims Grow
Hezbollah Missile Fire Kills Civilian, Wounds Five Soldiers in Northern Israeli Kibbutz France Imposes Curfew in New Caledonia After Unrest by People Who Have Long Sought Independence
Pakistan PM Unveils Broader Plan to Sell Most State-Owned Firms Criminal Gangs, Profiteers Thrive in Gaza as Cash Shortage Worsens Misery
France to Send Extra Military Aid to Ukraine Shortly, Says Elysee Russia Says US Ban on Russian Nuclear Fuel Will Harm Global Market
No Single Action Is a Red Line on UK Arms Exports to Israel, Deputy PM Says Ireland to Slash Payments to Ukrainian Refugees in State Accommodation
PKK/YPG Torches Office of Syrian Kurdish National Council Air Force Pilot Dies When Ejection Seat Fires on the Ground; Latest in Series of Issues With Faulty Seats
Sullivan Plans Talks in Saudi Arabia, Israel Amid Tensions Over Rafah More Than 1,000 Hamas Members Hospitalized in Turkey: Erdogan
Fire Used as Weapon of War Destroyed 72 Villages in Sudan Jabalia Residents Face Horrific Situation as Israel Attacks
Germany May Introduce Conscription for All 18-Year-Olds US Voices Concern Over Report of Israeli Abuse of Palestinian Prisoners
Hamas Says Can Still Fight 'War of Attrition' Against Israel Israelis in West Bank Attack, Burn Aid Convoys Headed to Gaza
ISIS Kills Five, Including Commander, in Attack on Eastern Iraq Israeli Ministers Join March Calling for Settlements in Gaza, Expulsion of Palestinians
Number of Internally Displaced People Hit Record 75.9 Million in 2023 Gaza Death Toll: How Many Palestinians Has Israel's Campaign Killed
Photos: Palestinians Mark 76 Years of Nakba as New Tragedy Unfolds in Gaza Gaza Ceasefire Deadlocked as Israel's Rafah Attacks Set Talks 'Backward'
Photos: Unrest Wracks French Pacific Territory of New Caledonia Over Voter Reform Russia's Defense Rejig: 'Unfortunately for Ukraine, a Very Effective Move'
Russian Corruption Probe Widens as Senior Defense Official Arrested Tunisian Police Arrest Lawyer in New Raid on Bar Association Headquarters
Australian Whistleblower McBride Sentenced to 5 Years, 8 Months US Ambassador Says US and Israel Don't Have 'Real Disagreements'
Israeli Flag-Raising in Major Canadian Cities Spurs Outrage Amid Gaza War Israeli Bombing Kills 40 in Nuseirat as Jabalia and Rafah Fighting Rages
Israeli Seizure of Rafah Crossing With Egypt Threatens 45 Years of Peace UK Middle East Minister Warns Gaza on 'Brink of Famine'
US Report on Israel's Gaza Conduct Met With Disappointment Poll Finds 69 Percent of British Public Want End to War in Gaza
Over 500 Extremist Settlers Storm Al-Aqsa, Raise Flags on Israel's 'Independence Day' Turkey Arrests More Than 500 Over Suspected Ties to Erdogan Foe
At Least Three Killed in Firing by Security Forces in Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir IDF Observation Balloon Shot Down Over Lebanon
Israel Attacked Aid Workers Despite Knowing Their Locations, Report Says 'Less Than a Week' of Food Left in South After Israel Seized Rafah Crossing

May 13th, 2024

Amsterdam University Walkout: Staff Protest After Police Crackdown German MPs Call for 70km NATO Air Defense Zone Around Ukraine
Iraq Weekly Roundup: 16 Killed UN Clarifies That Death Toll of 35,000 in Gaza Hasn't Changed
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