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Peter Bergen Is Mistaken About bin Laden's Strategy Scott Horton, 8/22/2021 The War in Afghanistan Is Dead. Long Live the War on Terror? by Harry Blain, 8/22/2021
Failed Policymakers Have No Shame on Afghanistan by Daniel L. Davis, 8/21/2021 Sens. Probing Biden's Withdrawal Were Mum on 'Afghanistan Papers' by Ben Armbruster, 8/21/2021
Three Major Networks Devoted a Full Five Minutes to Afghanistan in 2020 by Jim Lobe, 8/21/2021 Taliban Stole US Weapons Because Invaded, Not Because We Left by Eric Boehm, 8/21/2021
Afghanistan Is the Latest War Driven by Deceit and Delusion by Gordon Adams, 8/21/2021 The Crimes of the West in Afghanistan by Fabian Scheidler, 8/21/2021
Hawks Scorn Endless War 'Mantra' While Pushing Endless War by Ben Armbruster, 8/21/2021 Propaganda Onslaught, Media Ignores the Real 'Catastrophe' of Afghanistan by Michael Tracey, 8/21/2021
Afghanistan Syndrome: a Bitter End to America's Longest War by Weimin Chen, 8/20/2021 Neocons Seize on Afghan Debacle to Celebrate 'War on Terror' by Philip Weiss, 8/20/2021
Will Americans Who Were Right on Afghanistan Still Be Ignored? by Medea Benjamin & Nicolas J S Davies, 8/20/2021 Biden Is Right to End the War in Afghanistan by Peter Certo, 8/20/2021
As Kabul Is Retaken, Papers Look Back in Erasure by Gregory Shupak, 8/19/2021 The Fake Image of 'Democratic' Afghanistan Made by the US Collapses With the Taliban Victory by Muhammad Sahimi, 8/19/2021
The Afghanistan Lessons America Refused to Learn by Scott Shackford, 8/19/2021 The All-American Base World by Patterson Deppen, 8/19/2021
After Afghanistan: Apply Obama's Simple Foreign Policy Precept, Don't Do Stupid Sh*t! by Doug Bandow, 8/19/2021 We Failed Afghanistan, Not the Other Way Around by Matt Taibbi, 8/18/2021
We Will Spend Trillions on the Afghan War Long After Its Over by Eric Boehm, 8/18/2021 Kabul's Collapse and DC's Incurable Arrogance by James Bovard, 8/18/2021
The US and UK Have Failed to Grasp Something Key About Afghanistan by Patrick Cockburn, 8/18/2021 Afghanistan Aftermath: No Firings? No Resignations? by Sheldon Richman, 8/18/2021
Diplomacy, Not Bombs: Anti-War Voices Say Afghanistan Shows Need to Stop Any Further March to War by Brett Wilkins, 8/18/2021 Now, About That Peace Dividend ... by Thomas Knapp, 8/18/2021
Baby Teeth Collected Six Decades Ago Will Reveal the Damage to Americans' Health Caused by US Nuclear Weapons Tests by Lawrence Wittner and Joseph Mangano , 8/18/2021 Afghanistan Tragedy Should End Calls for 'Regime Change' in Iran by James North, 8/17/2021
SIGAR's Stinging Take Down of Nation Building in Afghanistan by Alex Jordan, 8/17/2021 The Generals Lied and the Fantasy Died by Anatol Lieven, 8/17/2021
$10,000 Invested in Defense Stocks 20 Years Ago Is Now Worth $100,000 by Jon Schwarz, 8/17/2021 New Arms Sales Send the Wrong Signal on Taiwan by A. Trevor Thrall , Jordan B. Cohen, and Michael Klare , 8/17/2021
The Pentagon and the Generals Wanted This Disastrous War by Ryan McMaken, 8/17/2021 Hurrah! Washington's Pointless Sojourn in the Graveyard of Empires Is Finally Over by David Stockman, 8/17/2021
The Afghanistan War and the Dissenters We Should've Listened To by Kevin Gosztola , 8/17/2021 Biden's Determined Humility Regarding Afghanistan Is What America Needs Right Now by Eric Boehm, 8/17/2021
The Afghanistan War Was Founded on Lies by Daniel Bessner, Derek Davison, 8/17/2021 In a World Aflame, an Antiwar Movement Is Needed More Than Ever by Doug Bandow, 8/17/2021
Canada's Disaster in Afghanistan by Yves Engler, 8/17/2021 Afghanistan Slides Into the Abyss by Doug Bandow, 8/16/2021
Afghanistan Withdrawal Is Still the Best Course for the United States by William Ruger, 8/16/2021 Blame Bush and Obama for the Afghan Disaster by Scott Horton, 8/16/2021
Humiliating as It Is, Leaving Afghanistan Is the Right Choice by David Robinson, 8/16/2021 Self-Delusion Is Cruelest of All: The Collapse of Afghanistan and American Illusions by Maj. Danny Sjursen (ret.), 8/16/2021
Recognizing and Combating the Pernicious Effects of Propaganda by Daniel Larison, 8/16/2021 Kabul Has Fallen – but Don't Blame Biden by Ron Paul, 8/16/2021
Afghanistan: We Never Learn by Matt Taibbi, 8/16/2021 The US Government Lied for Two Decades About Afghanistan by Glenn Greenwald, 8/16/2021
Make No Mistake, the US Military Will Continue to Thrive After Afghanistan by Col. Douglas Macgregor, 8/16/2021 Why US Foreign Clients Collapse – and Collapse Fast by Ted Galen Carpenter, 8/16/2021
For a New Isolationism by Murray Rothbard, 4/1/59 War is the Health of the State by Randolph Bourne, 1918
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