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Obama Declares Perpetual War by Marjorie Cohn, 9/16/2014 The McKeon Amendment – A Lend-Lease Act for Terrorists by Justin Raimondo, 9/16/2014
America's 'State Secret' Obsession Has Gone Too Far by Trevor Timm, 9/16/2014 Pentagon Is Still Overfunded by William D. Hartung, 9/16/2014
The 47-Year-Old Nuclear Elephant in the Room by Douglas Birch and R. Jeffrey Smith, 9/16/2014 Obama's Member-Less Coalition Against Isis: What Good Are Allies Anyway? by Doug Bandow, 9/16/2014
Why Syria Is the Gordian Knot of Obama's Anti-ISIS Campaign by Joshua Landis, 9/15/2014 Those Who've Seen Bloodshed Warn of Endless, Brutal War in Iraq by Ryan Devereaux, 9/15/2014
Obama's Hazy Plan To Fight ISIS Is Unlikely To Succeed by Ivan Eland, 9/15/2014 The 28 Pages: Is Congress in a State of Willful Ignorance? by Brian McGlinchey, 9/15/2014
Is Obama Abusing the Constitution to Combat ISIS? by Gene Healy, 9/15/2014 Ted Rall's Uncomfortable Truths: How Exiting Afghanistan Risks 'Tremendous National Trauma' by Elias Isquith, 9/15/2014
The Pleasant Fiction of 'No Boots on the Ground' by William Rivers Pitt, 9/15/2014 Neocons Revive Syria 'Regime Change' Plan by Robert Parry, 9/14/2014
DOJ Demands Immunity for Anti-Iran Group UANI by Grant Smith, 9/14/2014 Iraq, ISIS, and the Myth of Sisyphus by Brad Hoff, 9/14/2014
Bin Laden's Strategy Continues To Outlive Its Creator by Branko Marcetic, 9/14/2014 A Note to My Readers by Justin Raimondo, 9/14/2014
The War on ISIS Already Has a Winner: the Defense Industry by Tory Newmyer, 9/13/2014 Dishing Up International Law a La Carte by Lawrence Davidson , 9/13/2014
Should Scotland Secede From the United Kingdom? by Doug Bandow, 9/13/2014 Ghosts of Imperialist Wars Past: China's Tourist Hot Spots Today by Doug Bandow, 9/13/2014
James Foley Is Not a War Ad by David Swanson, 9/12/2014 Never Learn Anything From 9/11 by Lucy Steigerwald, 9/12/2014
Israel's Hannibal Procedure by Uri Avnery, 9/12/2014 Obama's Betrayal of the Constitution by Bruce Ackerman, 9/12/2014
Neocons Revive Syria 'Regime Change' Plan by Robert Parry, 9/12/2014 Obama Is Picking Targets in Iraq and Syria While Missing the Point by Andrew J. Bacevich, 9/12/2014
The Impossible War by Patrick Cockburn, 9/12/2014 Arming Syrian Rebels – Afghanistan Deja Vu? by Abigail Hall, 9/12/2014
Perpetual War, and Shame, Is Our Policy by Matthew Hoh, 9/11/2014 Obama's Breathtaking Expansion of a President's Power to Make War by Jack Goldsmith , 9/11/2014
The Forever War by Patrick J. Buchanan, 9/11/2014 Iraq War III: Obama's 'Operation Double-Talk' by Justin Raimondo, 9/11/2014
News Organizations Finally Realize Obama's War Plan Is a Hot Mess by Dan Froomkin, 9/11/2014 Meet the New War, Same as the Old War by William Rivers Pitt, 9/11/2014
Obama's Long War in the Middle East by William Greider, 9/11/2014 Syria and Iraq: Why US Policy Is Fraught With Danger by Patrick Cockburn, 9/11/2014
Islamophobia Makes a Comeback by Kelley Vlahos, 9/11/2014 Barack, We Hardly Knew Ye by David Stockman, 9/11/2014
What Sort of Problem Is ISIS? by Justin Logan, 9/10/2014 The Death by Drone Memos by Rémi Brulin, 9/10/2014
Waging War by Andrew P. Napolitano, 9/10/2014 The American Fear-Mongering Machine Is About to Scare Us Back Into War Again by Trevor Timm, 9/10/2014
The Humanitarian Myths of Israel's 'Roof-Knocking' Policy in Gaza by Amjad Iraq, 9/10/2014 Ending Evil Vs. Defending the Country by Jacob Sullum, 9/10/2014
Obama Follows Bush's Iraq Playbook by Sheldon Richman, 9/10/2014 Glenn Greenwald's No Place to Hide: Edward Snowden, the NSA and the US Surveillance State by Opeyemi Agbaje , 9/9/2014
America's Frankenstein Brigade by Justin Raimondo, 9/9/2014 Robert Kagan Blames America First by Jacob Heilbrunn, 9/9/2014
Hamas Rocket Launches Don't Explain Israel's Gaza Destruction by Gareth Porter, 9/9/2014 Tinseltown Goes to War by Ralph Raico, 9/9/2014
Hamas Does Not Equal Isis, No Matter What Israel Says by Jonathan Cook, 9/9/2014 Cops Can Take Your Stuff Without Convicting You of Anything by Lucy Steigerwald, 9/9/2014
Washington Should Stop Playing the Fool by Praising Cairo's Commitment to Democracy by Doug Bandow, 9/8/2014 End the Tragic Waste in Afghanistan by Rep. Walter B. Jones, 10/15/2013
For a New Isolationism by Murray Rothbard, 4/1/59 War is the Health of the State by Randolph Bourne, 1918
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