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Global Reform and How the US Hurts Itself by Ted Snider, 7/24/2022 Ralph Nader: Weaning US State Department From War-Making to Peaceful Robust Diplomacy by Ralph Nader, 7/23/2022
The Borsch War by Katya Sedgwick, 7/22/2022 Nancy Pelosi Has to Stay Clear of Taiwan for the Sake of Us All South China Morning Post, 7/22/2022
Calling Putin 'Hitler' to Smear Diplomacy as 'Appeasement' Joshua Cho, 7/22/2022 Time Is Running Out to Save the Truce in Yemen Hassan El-Tayyab, 7/22/2022
Pelosi's Dangerous Stunt Daniel Larison, 7/22/2022 Pelosi's Big Trip to Taiwan Draws Ire From China - and White House Daniel Larison, 7/22/2022
Strategic Ambiguity Works Peter Van Buren, 7/22/2022 Joe Biden's Trail of Broken Promises Ted Snider, 7/21/2022
Britain Helped US Cover Up Downing of Iranian Airliner John McEvoy, 7/21/2022 Somalia: Prelude to a Redeployment Amanda Sperber, 7/21/2022
Want to Help Iran's Reformers? - Revive the Nuclear Deal Muhammad Sahimi, 7/21/2022 Hawkish Senators Make Moves to Take Over Biden's Iran Policy Ryan Costello, 7/21/2022
Ukraine Far Outperforms Russia - on the Lobbying Front, in Washington Faezeh Fathizadeh and Nick Cleveland-Stout, 7/21/2022 Biden Ripped for $1 Billion UAE Arms Deal Days After Khashoggi Lawyer Sentenced by Brett Wilkins, 7/21/2022
Joe Biden Grovels to the Saudis by Doug Bandow, 7/20/2022 A Veteran Explains Why People Aren't Joining the Military by John Vaughn, 7/20/2022
Joe Biden Brings a Neo-Imperialist Vision to the Middle East by Nader Hashemi, 7/20/2022 Ukraine-Us-Russia: Dangers of Tit-For-Tat by Ray McGovern, 7/20/2022
The Shameful UN 'List of Shame': Equating Between the Israeli Perpetrator and the Palestinian Victim by Ramzy Baroud, 7/20/2022 Why Do We Keep Listening to the 'TV' Generals on Ukraine? by Daniel L. Davis, 7/20/2022
Biden, Media Standards Were All Over the Place During Middle East Trip by James Zogby, 7/20/2022 Why Is Biden Joining the Warpath Against Iran? by Ted Snider, 7/20/2022
Nuclear Strategy and Ending the War in Ukraine by Oscar Arias and Jonathan Granoff, 7/19/2022 EU Sides With Israel Against Its Own Member States by Ali Abunimah, 7/19/2022
Palestinian Universities Are Once Again Under Attack by Neve Gordon, 7/19/2022 Biden Hides Behind 'Great Power Competition' to Maintain the Bankrupt Status Quo by Daniel Larison, 7/19/2022
If Americans Won't Battle for Kyiv Today, Why Would They Do So Tomorrow? by Doug Bandow, 7/19/2022 Palestinians Face Forced Expulsions as Biden Pledges Allegiance to Israel by Marjorie Cohn, 7/18/2022
US Admits to Providing Intel on Russian Assets to Ukraine by Natalie Dowzicky, 7/18/2022 Biden's Words Make War With Iran More Likely by Mitchell Plitnick, 7/17/2022
Expanding Sanctions Won't Halt North Korea's Nuclear Program by Doug Bandow, 7/17/2022 Does Biden's Base in Poland Break a NATO Promise by Ted Snider, 7/17/2022
Biden Signs the Palestinians' Death Certificate by Gideon Levy, 7/16/2022 Hotter Than the Sun: Finally, a Book Worth Reading by Joseph Solis-Mullen, 7/16/2022
How the 'Great Power Competition' Model Leads to Costly Entanglements by Daniel Larison, 7/15/2022 Credibility and the 'Xinjiang Police Files' by Patrick MacFarlane, 7/15/2022
US Vows to Hunt Russian War Criminals - but Gives a Pass to Its Own by Nick Turse, 7/15/2022 Supporting Ukraine for 'As Long as It Takes' Is Not a Strategy by Daniel L. Davis, 7/15/2022
Worsening Chaos: Israel's Political Instability Is Now the Norm by Ramzy Baroud, 7/15/2022 End the Korean War and Stop the Us-China Arms Race by Youkyoung Ko, 7/15/2022
The US Continues to Bankroll Ukraine by Bradley Devlin, 7/14/2022 President Biden Must Commit to Ending the War in Yemen by Farrah Hassen, 7/14/2022
Is a US-Russia War Becoming Inevitable? by Patrick J. Buchanan, 7/14/2022 The Empire Is Showing More and More of Its True Face by Caitlin Johnstone, 7/14/2022
This Proxy War Has No Exit Strategy by Caitlin Johnstone, 7/14/2022 Nuclear Deal: It's Iran Doing the 'Waiting' by Thomas Knapp, 7/14/2022
Mr. President, Don't Forget About Saudi Arabia's Attack on NAS Pensacola by Rep. Matt Gaetz, 7/14/2022 No Path to Justice: Israeli Forces Keep Killing Americans by Alice Speri, 7/14/2022
For a New Isolationism by Murray Rothbard, 4/1/59 War is the Health of the State by Randolph Bourne, 1918
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