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How America's Wars Have Created Piles of Debt (and Little Strategic Benefit) Jacob Heilbrunn, 8/21/2018 Trump Wields Signing Statements, Carves Up Defense Bill Bruce Fein, 8/21/2018
Inside America's Meddling Machine by Max Blumenthal, 8/21/2018 Gaza Without Cancer Medicine as Haley Blames Arabs for Washington's Sins by Ramzy Baroud, 8/21/2018
Trump Quietly Overrides What Little Civilian Protections Remain in Yemen War by Sarah Lazare and Shireen Al-Adeimi, 8/21/2018 The US Is Building a Drone Base in Africa That Will Cost More Than $280 Million by 2024 by Nick Turse , 8/21/2018
America's Anxiety of Influence by Stephen M. Walt, 8/21/2018 Will the Real John Brennan Please Stand Up? by Philip Giraldi, 8/20/2018
A 'Regime' Is a Government at Odds With the US Empire by Gregory Shupak, 8/20/2018 On Iran, Is It Trump Versus His Own Neocons? by Trita Parsi, 8/20/2018
Fifteen Years of Forever Wars in the Middle East by Chas W. Freeman Jr., 8/20/2018 Not One More American Life Should Be Expended for Afghanistan by Robert W. Merry, 8/20/2018
My Daughter Molested by Tsa; Me Nearly Arrested for Objecting by Daniel McAdams, 8/20/2018 In Afghanistan, Our Need to Rethink the Institution of War by Dr. Hakim, 8/20/2018
Get Out of That Quagmire in Afghanistan by Brian Cloughley, 8/20/2018 Dying for What?: A Tour of Fruitless American Killing and Sacrifice by Maj. Danny Sjursen, 8/20/2018
America Is Addicted to Sanctions by Nicolai N. Petro, 8/19/2018 America Cannot Keep Hoping the Military Will Solve Everything by Daniel L. Davis, 8/19/2018
Why John Brennan Doesn't Deserve a Security Clearance by Peter Van Buren, 8/19/2018 Why Can't We Just Play Ball? by William J. Astore, 8/19/2018
From Beijing to the Beltway: the Revolt Against the Entitled by Justin Raimondo, 8/19/2018 Afghanistan: The War That Shames America by Eric Margolis, 8/19/2018
End US Support for This Misbegotten and Unwinnable War by Washington Post Editorial Board, 8/18/2018 Congress, White House Reaching Breaking Point on Yemen? by Eric Eikenberry, 8/17/2018
Sea of Tears: the Tragedy of Families Split by the Korean War by Simone Chun, 8/17/2018 New Book on 2011 Egyptian Uprising Shows How Israel Helped Thwart Democracy by James North, 8/17/2018
Corbyn Smeared as Anti-Semite, for a Reason by Jonathan Cook, 8/17/2018 What if Russiagate Is the New WMDs? by Jack Hunter, 8/17/2018
Are Americans Travelling Abroad a Foreign Policy Liability? by Doug Bandow, 8/17/2018 Seymour Hersh and the Disappearing Iconoclast by James Bovard, 8/16/2018
Russia Hysteria Undercuts Our Values, Impedes Relations by Rep. Thomas Massie, 8/16/2018 Voters Will Punish Congress for Ignoring Duty on War and Peace by Perry Cammack and Anthony Wier, 8/16/2018
America's Gulf Allies Are Making the World a More Dangerous Place by Kate Kizer, 8/16/2018 America Is Committing War Crimes and Doesn't Even Know Why by Micah Zenko, 8/16/2018
America's (Near) Thirty Years' War by Tom Engelhardt, 8/16/2018 Liberal Zionist Crackup Comes to the New York Times by Phil Weiss, 8/16/2018
The US Must Engage With Russia by Sen. Rand Paul, 8/15/2018 Yemen: Saudi Arabia's Vietnam by Jack Healey, 8/15/2018
The Hour When Children Die: What Is Going on in Yemen? by Vijay Prashad, 8/15/2018 Republicans Lose Faith in the FBI for All the Wrong Reasons by Dan King, 8/15/2018
God, War, and Progressivism by Justin Raimondo, 8/15/2018 Afghanistan Has Become Trump's 'Failed Narco State' by Reese Erlich, 8/15/2018
Murphy's Law: Big Tech Must Serve as Censorship Subcontractors by Thomas Knapp, 8/15/2018 Polls Show Millennials Are More Skeptical of Foreign Wars by Sophia Larson, 8/14/2018
Why America Must Put Interests Before Ideals by Ted Galen Carpenter, 8/14/2018 Plans to Memorialize a War Without End by Lucy Steigerwald and Jerrod Laber, 8/14/2018
The Good Old Days of the Cold War: US-Soviet Cooperation on Nonproliferation by William Potter and Sarah Bidgood , 8/14/2018 When Is the US Responsible for Allies' Civilian Casualties? by Jared Keller, 8/14/2018
Saudi Dilemma in Spinning the Optics of Dead Schoolchildren by Michael Horton, 8/14/2018 The Lesson in the Ruins of Rome by Stephen Kinzer, 8/14/2018
For a New Isolationism by Murray Rothbard, 4/1/59 War is the Health of the State by Randolph Bourne, 1918
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