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Updated November 15, 2009 - 11:25 PM EST
Clinton: No Long-Term Designs on Afghanistan
  Afghan Surge Would Send Costs Soaring
  Afghan Women Want West to Back Off 'Rape Law'
  NATO Braced for Attack as President Karzai Is Sworn In
  Afghanistan's 300-Year-Long Civil War
  NATO Troops Say Woman Killed in Error
Iraqis: British Soldiers Sexually Abused Us
  British Troops Face 'Hundreds' of Iraq Abuse Cases Claims Lawyer
Report: Israeli Military Option Against Iran Alive
  Opposition: Iran Rulers More Brutal Than Shah
  Iran Arrests Sunni Cleric in Restive Province
  Case Against Iranian Foundation Threatens Mosques, Schools, Charities
No Let-Up in Peshawar Bombings
  Hersh Claims US Nuke Team Already in Islamabad
Gates Signs Order Barring Release of Torture Photos
White House Source Says Gitmo Inmates Could Go to Illinois
The Afghan Government Is More a Racket Than a Regime  by Patrick Cockburn
Why the Afghan Surge Will Fail
by Conn Hallinan
Without War We Are Nothing, Apparently  by Alex Massie
Why Die for Karzai?  by Tom Hayden
The Fifty-Year War  by Jonathan Schell
Pacifying Afghanistan: A Dangerous Dream  by Walter Rodgers

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US Mosque Seizures Attacked
Concern at NY School as Building's Owner Is Linked to Iran
NY Mets Urged to Cut Ties with Israeli Group
US Stresses Urgency of Honduran Unity Government
New Zealand Setting Afghan Exit Plan for Troops
Guantánamo Detainees
Guantánamo Detainees by the Numbers
Obama's Lawyer Makes Quiet Exit After Gitmo Frustrations
Plan to Try Terror Suspects Sends 'Mixed Message,' McCain Says
Who Will Control the Narrative in KSM Trial?
Assembling KSM's Defense Team Will Be Among the Initial Challenges
A Risky Setting for NYC Trial of 9/11 Suspects
9/11 Trial Poses Unparalleled Legal Obstacles for Both Sides
New Yorkers Worry About Trial for 9/11 Mastermind
New York Split Over Plan to Try Sept. 11 Plotters
9/11 Suspects Face Angry Reception in New York
Fort Hood Killings
Ft. Hood Shooter Failings to Be Held to Account: Obama
Obama Urges Congress to Put Off Fort Hood Probe
Tangle of Clues About Suspect at Fort Hood
Iraqi Politics
Ohio US Attorney: Shift Some Attention From Terror
Tories Investigate Their Own Muslim Website
Napolitano Pronounces US Border More Secure Now
Md. Islamic Center's Owner Targeted for Alleged Ties to Iran
Nearly 400 Terrorist Suspects Under UN Sanctions
The War at Home
Navy's Vieques Training May Be Tied to Health Risks
Calif. City Tries Iraq-Style Counterinsurgency to Stem Gang Problem
Iranian Opposition
Fissures Over Goals Test Strength of Iran's Opposition
Iran Forms Unit to Go After Opposition on Internet
Khatami Criticizes 'Martial Management' of Society in Iran
Mousavi Again Calls for New Iran Election
Iran Artists in Tug of War With Government
Iran Student Gets 8 Years Over Post-Election Protests
Rights Group, Parents Seek Pardon for Iranian Kurd
Obama Bids for Russian Help on Iran
US Expert Urges All-Out Financial War on Iran
Official: Iran's Supreme Leader Cannot Be Removed
Iran's Struggle With America Should Continue: Cleric
Iran Produces New Thermal Air-to-Air Missiles, Says Air Force Commander
IAEA Discussing Turkey as Potential Partner in Iran Nuclear Deal
US Denies Turkish PM's Remark on Iran's Nuclear Work
Iran MPs to Vote on Rest of Ahmadinejad Cabinet
Former UN Diplomat Defends Kurdistan Oil Interests
Olives Irrigated With Blood: Al-Qaeda Turned an Iraqi Village Into Tomb
Iraq's Kurdish Parties Lose Unity Ahead of January Election
British Minister: Iraq Abuse Allegations Do Not Warrant Public Inquiry
US: Iraq Needs to Do More to Help Refugees Return
Saturday: 4 Iraqis Killed, 7 Wounded
IDF Chief Rabbi: Troops Who Show Mercy to Enemy Will Be 'Damned'
Hamas: Israel Fabricating Pretext for New Gaza War
Mideast Radicals Fill Space Left by Peace Impasse
Next Round of Gaza Hostilities Likely To Be More Intense
PA Negotiator: We May Seek UN Recognition of Palestinian State
Hamas Says Unaware of Egypt's Intention to Renew Palestinian Mediation
Hamas: Abbas Security Forces Detain 12 Hamas Members in West Bank
Hamas Makes U-Turn Over Palestinian National Day
Israel FM Warns Against Return to '67 Borders
Israelis Want a Pain Ray of Their Own
Rocket Hits Southern Israel After Palestinian Killed by IDF
Widespread Lebanon Cabinet Support Likely to Hasten Ministerial-Draft Formulation
Lebanon's New Cabinet Leery of Hezbollah Dispute
Campus Elections in Lebanon Mirror Society's Politics
Hezbollah 'Knows Everything' About Israel's Border Force
Syria Rebuffs Israeli Offer of Direct Talks
Report: Syrian Official Helped Mossad Kill Hezbollah Commander
US Says No Military Cooperation Deal With Yemen
Yemen's Fight With Rebels a Regional Concern
Saudi Combat Jets Hit Rebel Targets in Yemen
Turkey Is to Allow Kurdish Television as Peace Process Gathers Pace
Turkey Risks Pleasing No One With Kurdish Peace Plan
Ethiopia's ONLF Rebels Say Captured Seven Towns
Activist: Rights, Liberties Waning in Ethiopia
Sudan Calls for All Sides to Resume Darfur Talks
Sudan's 'Trouser Lady' Continues to Fight Decency Laws
Polisario Militant Arrested in Morocco
In Other News
Newly Agreed UN Corruption Deal Panned as 'Toothless'
Khashoggi: An Arms Dealer Returns, Now Selling an Image
Afghanistan Occupation
Bombed, Blasted and Shot Yet Still the Taliban Come
Three Americans Killed in Afghanistan
71% Support Afghan Withdrawal, Says British Poll
South Koreans Protest Afghan Troop Dispatch
British Troops Say They Killed 80 Taliban in 10 Days of Helmland Fighting
Afghan Roadside Bombs a New Priority for US
Traumatized British Troops Get Payout Pittance After Afghanistan and Iraq
Marine Corps to Make Women an Integral Part of Spec Ops Teams in Afghanistan
Army Study: Mental Health Staff Lacking in Afghanistan
Afghan War Protest Targets NATO Meet in Edinburgh
City Vigil Supports UK Soldier Who Refused to Deploy to Afghanistan
Canada: 'Space Clown' Had More Attention Than Afghan Mission
Afghanistan Plans Court to Try Corrupt Ministers
Increasing 'Indian Presence' in Kabul Cause for Concern for Pakistan
Four Taliban, Three Civilians Die in Afghan Clash
90-Kg of Explosives Found and Defused in Kabul
Biometric Tests to Identify Rebels in Afghanistan
Militants Attack Anti-Taliban Mayor in Pakistan
31 Militants Die in Two Pakistan Areas
Children Among 12 Killed in Peshawar Blast
Pakistan Taliban Steps Up Bombings Due to SWA Operation
Indian Outcry Over Gilgit-Baltistan Polls Rejected by Pakistan
Pakistan: Sharif to Give Zardari Two-Week Deadline on Constitutional Reforms
Three Pakistani Lashkar Militants Arrested in Bangladesh
India Quietly Bolsters Disputed China Border
India Not Serious on Resumption of Talk, Says Pakistan Foreign Office Spokesman
India Says Five Muslim Rebels Killed on Kashmir Border
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka General: I Was Sidelined
Sri Lanka's President Rajapaksa 'Feared Coup' After Defeat of Tamil Tigers
Obama Says US Does Not Wish to 'Contain' China
China Dissidents 'Detained Ahead of Obama Visit'
A Rising China Is Changing the Way Americans Live Overseas and at Home
China Confronts Issues of Race and Long-Held Prejudice Ahead of Obama Visit
Obama Says Base Issue Must Be Solved Quickly
US and Japan Renew Alliance but Military Feud Rumbles On
Tokyo Demonstrators Push for Nuclear-Free World
Obama: US Won't 'Be Cowed' by North Korea
South Korea Keeps Military on Alert Over North Korean Threat
North Korean Cargo Ship Arrives in South After Clash
Obama Sends Letter to Philippine Muslim Rebel Leader
Hillary Aims for Peace Pact Before Arroyo's Term Ends
Three Killed in South Thai Violence
Ousted Thai Rallies in Cambodia
Thailand's Thaksin Bids Adieu to Cambodian Hospitality
Obama Pledges Greater US Engagement in Asia
Obama Offers Myanmar Better Ties if It Reforms
US Sees Progress on Arms Control Talks With Russia
Caucasus Emriate Leader Thought Dead
Kosovo Election Divides Serbs
Kosovo's Serbs Turn Their Anger on 'Betrayal' of Minority Status

Kosovo Steps Up Security Ahead of Polls

Europe Rises as the Modest Superpower
Ousted Honduran Leader Says Won't Negotiate Return
Grenade Fired at Building With Honduran Ballots
Uribe Re-Election Bid Falters
Colombia to Return Venezuela National Guard Troops
Venezuela Destroys 30,000 Seized Guns
Peru Pulls Out of APEC Summit Over Chile Spy Case
Chile Urges 'Caution' in Peru Spying Row
Americans Still Dying
Paratrooper's Mom Begs Obama: 'They Either Need to Come Home or We Need to End It' (MA)
New York Servicewoman Killed on Iraq Base by Bullet to Head
New Mexico Soldier Survived by Wife and Unborn Child
Family, Friends of Fallen Jacksonville (FL) Helicopter Pilot Speak Out
Fallen Ocala (FL) Soldier Was to Return Home for Thanksgiving
Afghanistan Conflict Claims Decorated Maryland Marine
Family, Friends Honor Fallen Opelika (AL) Soldier Supporting OIF
Family, Friends, Community Honor Texas Marine Killed in Afghanistan
Custer (WA) Soldier Killed by IED in Afghanistan
West Virginia Paratrooper Killed in Afghanistan
War in Afghanistan Touches Home (GA)
Fallen Oceanside (CA) Soldier Returns Home

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An Evening With Cindy Sheehan

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Fascism Needs an Enemy

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The Virtues of Gorbachevism

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