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Updated November 18, 2009 - 11:29 PM EST

Iran Rejects UN-Proposed Nuclear Deal

  Iran Began Preparing for US Bombing in 2002
  IAEA: Claims of Secret Nuclear Talks With Iran 'Entirely Baseless'
Afghanistan: About as Corrupt as They Come

Afghanistan, Iraq Near Bottom of Corruption Index

  British Army Formally Sets Out 'Bags of Gold' Strategy
  UK's Brown Tries to Sell Unpopular Afghan War
  Poll: Most Americans Say War in Afghanistan Going Badly
Swat Valley Taliban Chief Escapes to Afghanistan
Iraq VP Vetoes Election Law
  Kurdish Leaders Threaten Iraq Election Boycott

Tuesday: 10 Iraqis Killed, 25 Wounded

GI Group: Army Underreporting Suicides

  White House Baffled by Clinton's Gaffes
Obama Admits Gitmo Won't Close by January Deadline
US 'Dismayed,' but Israel to Build 900 New Settlement Units
US Nuclear Arms in Japan: A Firsthand Account  by Brian A. Victoria
Afghanistan as a Patronage Machine  by Pratap Chatterjee and Tom Engelhardt
Face Down the Militarists and Get Out of Afghanistan, No Strings Attached  by Simon Jenkins
Our National Cognitive Dissonance  by Jeff Huber
Teuton and Gaul Will Never Again Fight  by Eric Margolis
The View From China  by Robert Dreyfuss

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Karzai About to Start New Term, but Will He Finish It?

UK Official: Taliban to Play Role in Afghan Government

Retired Gen. Clark Calls for Exit Strategy in Afghanistan

Judge Warns of Israel's Two-Tier Legal System

National Intelligence Director to Evaluate CIA Missions

US Submarine's Trip to Arctic Should Sound Alarms for Canada: Expert
Lingering Effects of Baghdad Blasts on Iraqis

Vehicle Ban Imposed in Fallujah

Iraqis Say British Army Used Guantánamo Interrogation Methods

The Day That All Hell Broke Loose in Basra

Tuesday: 10 Iraqis Killed, 25 Wounded

The War at Home

Fort Hood Slayings Prompt Full Pentagon Review

US Army Suicides Set Another Yearly Record

Hasan's Links to Radical Cleric Raise Issues for Law Enforcement

Republicans Criticize Obama's Call to Delay Hill Inquiries on Fort Hood

'War on Terror'

Lawmaker: What if Terrorists Took NYC Mayor's Kid?

Fact Check: Guantánamo Detainees and US Prisons

NY Ex-Lawyer Ordered to Prison in Terror Case

Town Divided Over Terror Suspects

US Official Says al-Qaeda Africa Wing Less a Threat to Europe


Iran IAEA Nuclear Reports 'Tiring Game'

Iran Says UN Watchdog Has Cleared Nuclear Program

UN Nuclear Chief in Secret Talks With Iran Over Deal to End Sanctions

US Still Waiting for Iran's Reply to Nuclear Proposal

Iran Sentences 5 to Death in Postelection Turmoil


90-Year-Old Charged in Germany for Nazi-Era Crimes

Czechs Celebrate Fall of Communism 20 Years Ago

Suspect Physicist Discussed Attacks on French Army

Russian Lawyer Who Accused Police of Corruption Dies in Prison

In Other News

UN Inspectors Visit Site Outside Damascus

Honduran Congress Will Rule on Zelaya After Vote

In Sri Lankan Politics, Not Even an Opposition Astrologer Is Safe

NATO Chief Confident of Big Afghan Troop Increase
Afghan Minister Accused of Taking Bribe

EU Mission to Train Afghan Police in Disarray

US Struggles With 'Electronic Fratricide' in Afghanistan

Slovakia to Add 250 NATO Troops to Afghan Mission

US Turns to Local Guns-For-Hire to Guard Afghan Outpost

What's Real Price Tag on War in Afghanistan?
Taliban Militants Fire Rockets on Crowded Bazaar Northeast of Kabul

Pakistani 'Successes' May Sway US Troop Decision

Bomb Targeting Police Chief Kills 1, Wounds 6 in Pakistan

Security Forces Further Consolidate Positions in South Waziristan

Taliban Blow Up Girls' School in Pakistan: Officials


Palestinians Throw Down Challenge to Obama and UN

EU Rejects Palestinian Statehood Appeal

PA Says Israel Preventing It From Paying Salaries

Israeli Govt Funding Rabbi Who Endorses Killing Gentile Babies

Al-Aqsa Remains a Jerusalem Flash Point

Sarkozy: Ready to Mediate Between Syria, Israel

Syria Denies Contact With Israeli Media in Paris


Israel Army Punishes Troops for Settlement Protest

Settlers Outraged at US Demands to Halt Construction

Christian Peace Activists Attacked by Settlers

Obama in China

In Obama's China Trip, a Stark Contrast With the Past

China Holds Firm on Major Issues in Obama's Visit

During Visit, Obama Skirts Chinese Political Sensitivities

Some African Countries 'Not Viable,' Philanthropist Mo Ibrahim Says

South Sudan Violence Kills 12, Injures Minister

Hutu Extremist Group Leaders Arrested in Germany


Justin Raimondo
Our Chief Industry: War

Ivan Eland
Civilian Trials for 9/11 Suspects Aren't Enough

Kelley B. Vlahos
Iraqi Christians Seek Return, Sense Extinction

Charles V. Peņa
Not Every Tragedy Is Terrorism

Philip Giraldi
Same Song, Different Verse

Nebojsa Malic
Resurrecting the Caliphate

David R. Henderson
An Evening With Cindy Sheehan

Ran HaCohen
Fascism Needs an Enemy

Alan Bock
Independence, Empire Don't Mesh

Edouard Husson
The Virtues of Gorbachevism

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