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Updated November 19, 2009 - 11:29 PM EST
NATO Delays Afghan Talks Until Obama Decides
  White House: No Afghan Decision Before Thanksgiving
  As Clinton Visits, Karzai Inaugurated to 2nd Term as Afghan President
  Suicide Bomber Kills 10 Civilians in Afghanistan
  Afghans Say Poverty, Not Taliban, Main Cause of War
  Obama Calls Leaks on Afghanistan a Firing Offense
20 Killed in Courthouse Bombing in NW Pakistan
  Pakistani Army Kills 6 Civilians, Sparking Protests
  US Drone Strike Kills Four in North Waziristan
  Taliban Declare Guerrilla War Against Pakistan Army
Iran Rejects Nuclear Deal, Suggests Compromise
  IAEA: Claims of Secret Nuclear Talks With Iran 'Entirely Baseless'
Odierno: US Has Time to Reconsider Iraq Pullout
  Iraq Election Planning Halted by Veto
  Al-Qaeda in Iraq Becoming Less Foreign, Says US General
Obama: Gitmo Won't Close by January Deadline
  'New' Military Courts Still Lack Basic Safeguards
  Obama: Main 9/11 Plotter Will Be Convicted, Executed
  CIA Secret 'Torture' Prison Found at Riding Academy in Lithuania
Little Behind Obama's Tough Mideast Talk
  Report: Netanyahu to Propose 10 Month 'Settlement Freeze'
Hasan Sought 'War Crimes' Prosecution of US Soldiers
One Option: Get Out of Afghanistan  by Robert Zaller
Obedience to God or Obedience to Orders?  by Jacob G. Hornberger
I Fought the Law. . . and I Won
by Steve Bierfeldt
A Crock of COIN  by Jeff Huber
Afghan Lessons from the Iraq War  by Ray McGovern
13 vs. 2,000,000  by Ted Rall

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The Obama Admin Is Selling the Peace Process, but the Press Is Not Buying It
Vet Shrinks That 'Get It' Get Sacked
Fine and Inquiry Possible for Blackwater Successor
Retired Military Officers Cash in as Well-Paid Consultants
West Is East, When Israel Decides
Former AIPAC Staffer in Talks With Americans for Peace Now on Iran
Corruption Index 2009
Detainees to New York
Guantanamo Suspect Denied Military Lawyers in NY
Holder: Don't Fear Trial of 'Coward' 9/11 Plotter
Holder Answers to 9/11 Relatives About Trials in US
'War on Terror'
Mumbai Investigators Focus on 2 Men Charged in Chicago
Senators Ask Holder to Declassify Evidence on PATRIOT Act
FBI Tracked Studs Terkel for Decades, Documents Show
Secret Evidence Blow Hits Guantanamo Seven
AG Holder Disturbed by Shooting Suspect's Contacts
Senators Press Obama on Fort Hood Probes
2 Fla. Men Sentenced to 6 and 7 Years in 'Sears Tower Plot'
GAO: Los Alamos Computer Security Has Weaknesses
Iran Threatens IAEA Ahead of Inspection of New Site
Suspicious Death of Iranian Student Who Knew Too Much About Dissidents' Prison Torture
Arabs Go for Air Power to Counter Iran
Iraqi Politics
Sahwa Leader Survives Second Assassination Attempt
All Quiet on Iraq's Western Front
US Pledges to Keep Taking in Iraqi Refugees
Police Seize Control of Iraqi Football Offices
Iraq Wants France's Total to Work Its Oilfields
Marines, Corpsman to Be Removed in Iraqi Death
Wednesday: 4 Iraqis Killed, 6 Wounded
Hamas-Linked Group Offers Cash for Israeli Capture
Mideast Peace Talks Hang in Balance Over Abbas
Israel Brushes Off Obama Criticism Over Jerusalem
Israel the Real Victim Here, Netanyahu Assures
Livni Slams Netanyahu for 'Delegitimization' of Israel
Jerusalem Real Estate Tour Is Politically Charged
Erekat: Gilo Construction Shows Why Israel Not Partner for Peace
Hamas Says Israeli Air Strikes Wound Three in Gaza
Israel, Hamas Wary on Talk Prisoner Swap Imminent
Border Cops Suspected of Beating Arab in Jerusalem Cemetery
Afghan Minister Accused of Taking $30 Million Bribe
Obama Says He Is Seeking 'Endgame' to Afghan Conflict
Obama Demands Afghan Reforms Produce Results
Afghans See No Change to Life of Hardship, Fear
Afghan Attorney General to Indict Five Leading Politicians
Germany Approves Extension for Afghan Mission
Afghan Capital Braces for Karzai Inauguration
Troubled Afghan President Readies Inaugural Speech
Canada Spending Millions on Private Security in Afghanistan
Dozens of Militants Die in Afghanistan
Canadian Diplomats Ordered to Hold Back Information on Afghan Prison Torture
Business Flees Afghan Instability
British Soldier Killed in Afghanistan
Taliban Blame Blackwater for Pakistan Bombings
24 Killed in Hangu and Orakzai Airstrikes
UN Investigators Quiz Musharraf Over Bhutto Assassination
Pakistan Maintains 'Proof' of Indian Meddling in Balochistan
US Pleased With Pakistan's Advances in South Waziristan
Obama, Lee to Seek 'Grand Bargain' With North Korea
North Korea Maneuvers to Evade UN Sanctions: Experts
US Determined to Hold Out Food Aid to North Korea Until It Sees Moves to Disarm
Missing the Nuance in South Thailand
Ethiopia Denies Ogaden Rebel's Claims
Somali Pirates Attack Maersk Alabama Again
US Warns Against Paying Ransom to Pirates
A Soccer Match in Sudan Includes Soldiers and Guns
FDLR Inc: Congo's Multinational Rebels
Sides Gear Up for Fight Over US Ban on Travel to Cuba
In Ukraine, '04 Euphoria Has Turned to Despair
Local Leader Says Chechnya 99 Percent Rebuilt

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An Evening With Cindy Sheehan

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Fascism Needs an Enemy

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The Virtues of Gorbachevism

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