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Updated November 22, 2009 - 11:21 PM EST
US Spurs Rise of Afghanistan Militias
  A Bad Month in Afghanistan Rippled Across the US
  Afghan Troop Rollout to Have NATO Element
  Pentagon: US to Look at Own Role in Afghan Graft
Iran Sets War Games to Simulate Foreign Attack
  Dangerous Game: The Next Round of the US-Iran Nuclear Face-Off
Al-Qaeda in Iraq Regaining Strength
  Iraqi Lawmakers Again Fail to Resolve Election Law Deadlock
  Secret British Papers Reveal Blunders and Concealment on Iraq
Pakistan Grants Graft Amnesty to 8,041 Officials
  Pakistan Interior Minister Offers to Quit if Blackwater Presence Proved
India: 2 Bombs Leave 7 Dead, 52 Wounded
Russian President Criticizes Ruling Party Over Vote
Barak: We Must Crush Military Refusal With an Iron Fist
Terror Trials Are Our Defining Moment  by Leonard Pitts Jr.
Our Volunteer Army: Two Wars and Counting  by Murray Polner
The Israel Lobby, the Neocons, and the Iranian-American Community  by Muhammad Sahimi
Not Serious – This Time  by Daniel Levy
Should Obama Fire Gen. McChrystal?  by Ray McGovern
Obama's Extrajudicial Killers
by Nat Hentoff

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UK: Public Inquiry Into Iraq's 'Battle of Danny Boy' Murder Claims
Bill Moyers Tells a Tale of Two Quagmires: Vietnam & Afghanistan
Partisan Divide Widens as Obama Considers Afghanistan Policy
An Accused Plotter With Feet in East and West
Azerbaijan Threatens Armenia Over Nagorno-Karabakh
Fort Hood Killings
Fort Hood Suspect Ordered Held Until Court-Martial
Levin: Could Be More E-Mails From Ft. Hood Suspect
Can Soldiers Be Victims of Terrorism?
Guantánamo Detainees
Algerian Is 31st Guantánamo Detainee Ordered Freed
Terror Trials Differ in Civilian, Military Courts
Germany to Send Trial Observer to NY
US Military
As Deployment Nears, Nerves Fray
US Soldier Found Guilty of Abusing Subordinates in Iraq
Canada: Court Orders Refugee Board to Consider 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' in US Army Deserter's Case
Specter: 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Repeal Has Better Chance if Attached to Defense Bill
US May Add Money to Program for F-35 Jet
Fired Therapist: Stressed Marines Get Shoddy Care
Troubled VA Agency Will Get a New Chief
Iran Cleric: We'll Hit 'Heart of Tel Aviv' if Attacked
Cleric Wields Religion to Challenge Iran's Theocracy
Iranian Authorities Claim Detention Center Physician Committed Suicide
Inside the Mind of a Female Suicide Bomber
Iraq Working for Release of Americans Held in Iran
Women in Iraqi Police a Sign of Progress
Saturday: 2 Iraqis Killed, 15 Wounded
Syria: No Peace Talks Without Israeli Promise to Return Golan
Israel Wants Turkey Back on Board as Mediator With Syria
Turkey Denies Scrapping Purchase of Israel's UAV
Hamas: All Gaza Militant Groups Agree to Halt Rocket Attacks
Hamas Denies Holding Secret Talks With Israel
Palestinians: Israeli Planes Hit Gaza Targets
Israel Releases 5 Palestinian Intelligence Officers
Mourning Uprooted Olive Trees in West Bank Villages
Abbas Prods Brazil to Help End Iran Support for Hamas
Jordanian Prisoners on Hunger Strike in Israeli Jails
Lebanon's Military Chief Urges High Alert on Israel Border
Lebanon Army Reportedly Fires at IAF Drone, Amid Rising Tensions
No Official Comment on Report of Lebanese Army Firing at Israeli Drone, Says IDF Spokesman
Lebanon: Body Believed to Be British Journalist Undergoing Tests
US Delivers Training Seminar to Lebanese Air Force
Mubarak Vows Not to Tolerate Attacks on Egyptians After Soccer Rivalry With Algeria Turns Violent
Demonstrating Bedouins Block Trade Routes in Sinai, Alleging Police Killed Man
Middle East
Torture, Killings Rife in Yemen, Says UN Watchdog
In Turkey, Coup Trial Casts Wide Net of Mistrust
Americans Still Dying
Sailor (PA) Supporting Iraq Occupation Killed in Kuwait
Wyoming Soldier Dies on Third Iraq Tour
Idaho Helicopter Pilot Laid to Rest
Hico (TX) Family Remembers Son Killed in Afghanistan
'Second Mom', Friends Recall New Hampshire Marine
Retired Navy Seal Working as DEA Contractor Slain by Bomb in Afghanistan (VA)
Roadside Bomb Kills Baltimore (MD) Man in Afghanistan
Fallen Marine Returns Home to Anaheim (CA)
The Bravest Woman in Afghanistan
Rocket Hits Outside Luxury Hotel in Afghan Capital
Separate Clashes Kill 23 Taliban in Afghanistan
80 Taliban Lay Down Weapons, Join Afghan Police
Afghan Road Builder's Dream Thwarted by Violence
Taliban Debating Whether to End Afghan War, Says Expert
As Deaths in Afghanistan Rise, So Does the Growth of Opium
Afghanistan Occupation
NATO Takes Command of Afghan Army, Police Training
Afghan Pullout Is 'Election Ploy' by Gordon Brown
First British Female Helicopter Crew Takes on Taliban
Britain Reveals 10 Pregnant Servicewomen Evacuated From Afghanistan
Canadians, Afghans Walk Into Key Taliban Village
Canada Defense Panel: Setting Afghan Exit Date Defeatist
Gates: Canada's Afghanistan Role Is Key
Time Running Out in Afghanistan, Canada's Hillier Warns
Survey of Pakistan's Young Predicts 'Disaster' if Their Needs Aren't Addressed
Conflicting Blast Reports Reflect Fear in Pakistan
One Dies in Mohmand Blast; Forces' Camp Attacked
Taliban Blow Up School in Pakistan
Nuclear Fallout Rocks Pakistan
Blast Near Aid Office Wounds 1 in NW Pakistan
More Police Posts for Peshawar
National Reconciliation Ordinance Text
3 Men Blow Themselves Up in Pakistani Kashmir
Leader of Moderate Separatists: China Has Stake in Kashmir Peace
French Army Team Visits Battle Schools in India-Controlled Kashmir
Italy Arrests 2 for Mumbai Attacks
Mumbai Still Vulnerable 1 Year After Attack
Three Key Lessons From Obama's China Tour
Sri Lanka to Release 136,000 War-Displaced Tamils
Buddhists From 2 Koreas Hold Joint Ceremony
Bangladesh Arrests 14 Suspected Islamic Extremists
Nepal's Maoists Announce Fresh Protests
US Soldier Says He May Have Run Over Man in Okinawa
Russian Priest, Critic of Islam, Assassinated in Church
AP Reporter Caught Up in Stalin Family's Agony During Cold War
US Makes Debut Attendance at Hague War Crimes Court
Albanian Town to Unveil Statue of President Bush
UK's Conservatives Want Army Pullout From Germany
EU Leaders Make Unity in the Bloc Their First Job
Hungary Zigzags When It Comes to Russia
Liberia: 'The New War Is Rape'
Coocoo Dennis' Alleged War Exploits Denied
Rwanda Genocide Survivors May Boycott UN Court
Already-Suspicious Namibians Question Chinese Favors to Powerful
Colombian Military 'On Maximum Alert' in Response to Venezuela
Venezuela Captures Wanted Colombian Fugitive
Chavez Defends Carlos the Jackal, Calls Imprisoned Venezuelan 'Revolutionary Fighter'
Tens of Thousands on Both Sides Rally in Nicaragua
Weekend Reviews
Daybreak: Undoing the Imperial Presidency and Forming a More Perfect Union
Jewish Directors Challenge Israel
The Child of Auschwitz's Kommandant

Justin Raimondo
The Gitmo Trial: Why Now?

Charles V. Peña
More Sanctions, More Insanity

Philip Giraldi
Internet Under Siege

Ivan Eland
Civilian Trials for 9/11 Suspects Aren't Enough

Kelley B. Vlahos
Iraqi Christians Seek Return, Sense Extinction

Nebojsa Malic
Resurrecting the Caliphate

David R. Henderson
An Evening With Cindy Sheehan

Ran HaCohen
Fascism Needs an Enemy

Alan Bock
Independence, Empire Don't Mesh

Edouard Husson
The Virtues of Gorbachevism

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