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Updated August 18, 2010 - 11:01 PM EDT
Timetables in Iraq and Afghanistan Largely a Myth
US Hypes Iraq 'Withdrawal,' Combat to Continue
  Locals Slam Forces After Baghdad Attack
  Baghdad Bomb Hits Army Recruits, Kills 61
  Allawi Reports Intensifying Talks With Sadr Bloc
  Tuesday: 81 Iraqis Killed, 178 Wounded

Is an Attack on Iran Imminent?

  Iran FM Invites US Firms to Bid on Nuclear Plant Projects

'Iran Will Block Hormuz if Attacked'

NY Governor Seeks to Halt 'Mosque' Construction

  Mosque Developer Says He Won't Relocate
Afghans Protest After NATO Strike Kills Civilians

Pentagon Denies, Then Confirms, WikiLeaks Contact

IPS Reporter Jailed for Criticizing Turkish Govt

Colombia Court Halts US Military Base Deal
The Israel Lobby Swims The Atlantic  by Grant Smith
Questioning COIN Assumptions in Afghanistan  by Keith Boyea
Bizarre Bedfellows Rally to Afghanistan  by Brian M. Downing
Portrait of a Sagging Empire  by Chalmers Johnson and Tom Engelhardt
There Can Be No 'Graceful Exit'  by William Pfaff
'Mosque' Debate Is a Red Herring  by Gene Healy

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Are Risks From WikiLeaks Overstated by Government?

Terrorist Tapes Found Under CIA Desk

Judges Reject Evidence in Gitmo Cases

Beirut Synagogue Restored to Glory, With Hezbollah's Blessing

No Room for Arab Students at Israeli Universities

Blackwater Founder Moves to Abu Dhabi, Records Say


Suicide Attack on Iraqi Army Frustrates Iraqi Hopes for Security

In Iraq, Cemetery Is Symbol of Militia's Vow to Fight if US Forces Delay Exit

Two Cops Gunned Down in Southern Kirkuk

Tuesday: 81 Iraqis Killed, 178 Wounded

The War at Home

Judge Denies Evidence Request in Blackwater Iraq Murder Case

Police Arrest Kansas Protesters at Nuclear Site

FBI, ATF Turf War Creates 'Confusion' at Bomb Scenes

Cordoba Center
'Ground Zero Mosque' Imam Helped FBI With Counterterrorism Efforts

Mosque 'Nowhere Near' Ground Zero


Latest Iran Sanctions 'Will Hurt UAE Trade'

Iranian Fighter Jet Crashes Near Nuclear Plant

Briton Will Fight US Extradition Over Iran Sale

Man Gets NY Prison Time for Violating Iran Embargo


North Korea Rejects South Korean Unification Proposal

US Tweaks North Korea on Twitter


China Unlikely to Satisfy US on Military Openness

China Seeks Military Power in Indian Ocean, Western Pacific, Pentagon Says
Taiwan Urges US to Sell Island Advanced Weapons

China Tests Space Station Module to Launch in 2011


Sudan Army Frees Kidnapped Jordan Peacekeepers

S. Sudan Wants 1.5m People to Return Before Vote

US Sends Warning to Afghanistan, and John Kerry Delivers the Message

If Afghanistan Dissolves Security Firms, Guards Will Join Taliban, Some Predict

US Lawmakers Met With Karzai Opponents Over Possible Taliban Deal

Taliban Commander Condemns Medical Workers' Murder

Security Contractors Charged in Afghanistan Killings to Be Arraigned

Afghan Archaeologists Find Buddhist Site as War Rages


Pakistani Floods Could Further Hurt Unstable Nation as Military Focuses on Aid

Desperation Grows Over Pakistan Flood Damage


Israeli Jets Strike Gaza Strip

Gaza's Once Vibrant Tunnel Trade Caves In

Israeli in Facebook Storm Defends Prisoner Photos

Israeli Abuse Pictures 'Common'

Israeli Military Confronts New Foe: The Internet

4 Palestinians to Be Tried for Violating Settlement Boycott

Israel and Greece Seek to Expand Military Ties

Palestinian Who Attacked Turkish Embassy in Tel Aviv Captured


Lebanon 'Kills Sunni Militant Leader'

UN Gets Hezbollah 'Evidence' on Israel-Hariri Link

Lebanon Gives Palestinians Employment Rights

In Other News
'He Can't Buy Forgiveness': Fury as Blair Pledges to Donate Book Proceeds to British Troops

Judge Throws Out Piracy Charges Against 6 Somalis

Suicide Bomb and Cafe Blast Rock Russia's Caucasus

3 More Cuban Dissidents Arrive in Spain

Sri Lanka: Official Blames United Nations

Indonesia Hunts French Man Over Terror Links


Justin Raimondo
Cordoba House: The Acid Test

Ivan Eland
Histrionics Over the Mosque: Symbolism Crowds Out Reality

Kelley B. Vlahos
The Muslims Are Coming!

Charles V. Peņa
Blowback, Somali Style

Philip Giraldi
Hillary's Enemies List

Nebojsa Malic
The Sorrow of Empire

David R. Henderson
Life in the USSA

Ran HaCohen
The Flotilla in the Israeli Press

Alan Bock
How Brainy Is Obama?

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