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Updated November 22, 2010 - 11:07 PM EST
Mullen: 'Very Difficult' 2011 in Afghanistan
  As NATO Rubber-Stamps Prolonged War, Afghans Losing Patience
  One in 10 Victorious Afghan Candidates Banned for Fraud
  Refugees From Helmand Province Disheartened at US Presence
Netanyahu Promises: No Third Settlement Freeze
  Israeli Soldiers Walk Free in Gaza Human Shield Case
  Source: Evidence Links Hezbollah to Hariri Death
US Influence in Iraq on the Decline
  Iraqi Parliament Delays Govt Formation Again
  Biden Calls for Continued US Engagement in Iraq
TSA Chief: US Will Never Ease Screening Policy
  TSA Has Met the Enemy – and They Are Us
  TSA Chief: Next Come Trains, Subways
An Alliance of Opposites Takes on Pentagon
Yemen al-Qaeda Vows More Parcel Bomb Attacks
Pakistan Agrees to Expanded CIA Presence in Quetta
Interpol Hunts for WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange
An American Bribe That Stinks of Appeasement  by Robert Fisk
The Murderous US Government Explained  by Arthur Silber
Security Policy Leaders OK Pentagon Cuts  by Carl Conetta
All War All the Time  by David Swanson and Tom Engelhardt
Who's Laughing?  by Uri Avnery
AIPAC: Fighting for Survival  by M.J. Rosenberg

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23 People Killed in Somalia Weekend Fighting
US Allies in Europe Concerned About a Possible Failure of New START
Police to Interview Last Briton in Gitmo Over 'Torture'
Labor 'Went Too Far in Trying to Hold Terror Suspects for 90 Days'
Those Refusing TSA Search May Face $11,000 Fine
TSA vs. America
Analyst: TSA Methods 'Will Kill More Americans on Highway'
Scientist: Airport Body Scanners Are 'Just as Likely to Kill You as Terrorist Bombs'
Hillary Clinton Wouldn't Want Enhanced Pat-Down, but Fine With Policy for Others
'Invasive' Airport Pat-Downs Continue for Holidays
Rough Skies Ahead for US Air Travelers
TSA Agents Took My Son
Incoming House Transportation Chief Against 'Opt-Out' Day in TSA Protest
TSA: Pumpkin Pie Okay, Cranberry Sauce Not
TSA Allows Soldiers to Carry Weapons, but Not Nail Clippers
Councilman Wants to Replace TSA in Colorado Springs
Grandmother Searched by TSA in Front of 7-Year-Old Granddaughter
Taliban Vows to Oust NATO Before 2014 Pullout
NATO Sees Long-Term Military Role After 'End' of Afghan Combat
Caught on Tape, a Snippet of Afghan Voting Fraud
Taliban Kill District Police Chief in East Afghanistan
Coalition Forces Kill at Least 18 Suspected Taliban in Afghanistan
Clinton: Karzai Fully Supports US Strategy
Australian Security Firm Accused of Afghan Corruption
Love Drives Repentant Taliban Chief to Defect
Drone Strike Kills Six in North Waziristan
Security Forces Kill 15 Militants in Orakzai
Pakistan Interior Minister: Locals Responsible for All Terrorism
Three Killed in Separate Incidents in Karachi
Report Alleges Pakistan ISI Freed Rohde's Taliban Kidnappers
North Korea
US Angered by 'Provocative' North Korea Nuclear Plant
Mullen Calls North Korea 'Very Dangerous' Country
US Alerts Asian Capitals to Possible North Korean Uranium Enrichment Program
US Boy Protests in Beijing for North Korea Peace Park
Abbas: No Negotiations Without Jerusalem Freeze
Deputy Knesset Speaker: For Israel, the Life of an Arab Has Less Value
Jerusalem to Hold Segregated Event
Military Intel Chief: Tel Aviv May Be Target in Next War Against Israel
Ex-AIPAC Official Threatens to Uncover Mass Spying at Israel Lobby
Israel Set to Begin Construction of Barrier Along Egypt Border
Welfare Funding Runs Out in Iraq
New Iraqi Parliament Session Focuses on Procedure
Little Expected From New Iraqi Parliament Session
US Soldier Shot Dead in North Iraq
Egypt Denies Mubarak Swayed Bush on Grounds to Invade Iraq
Gunmen Kill Iraqi TV Reporter in Front of Parents
Sunday: 2 US Soldiers, 3 Iraqis Killed; 2 Iraqis Wounded
Gates Warns South American Nations Against Iran Ties
Court Date Postponed for American Hikers Held in Iran
Hard Lives for Afghans in Iran
German Newspaper Appeals to Iran to Release Its Journalists
Mullen Says al-Qaeda Threat From Yemen Is Serious
30,000 Yemeni Troops to Secure Gulf Cup Competition
The Muslim Brotherhood in Flux
Sudan's Ruling Party Threatens to Reject Referendum Result Over Registration
Seven Killed in Bomb Blast in Eastern India
Japan Plans Troop Deployment Near Disputed Islands
Ex-IAEA Aide: No Evidence of Myanmar Atom Bomb Aim
Sri Lankan Government Orders Red Cross to Close Northern Offices

Justin Raimondo
The War Party vs. Rand Paul

Nebojsa Malic
Chasing Fukuyama

Philip Giraldi
Liar, Liar

Ivan Eland
Government Sexual Molestation in Airports Is 'Over the Top'

Kelley B. Vlahos
How Veterans Day Became a Farce

Charles V. Peña
TSA: Theater Security Administration

David R. Henderson
Trudeau's War Measures Act: A Reminiscence

Ran HaCohen
The Flotilla in the Israeli Press

Alan Bock
How Brainy Is Obama?

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