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Updated February 22, 2011 - 11:29 PM EST
Defiant Gadhafi Vows to Fight On
  Obama Administration Frets Over Life After Gadhafi
  'Anonymous' May Attack Nicaragua, Venezuela Govts Over Libya
  100s Dead as Libya Cracks Down on Tripoli Protests
  Libyan Ship Spotted Off Malta Coast, Possible Defection
  Libya Jams Broadcasts Regionwide in Info War
Petraeus: Afghans Burned Kids to Make US Look Bad
  Officials: NATO Air Strike Killed Civilians in Afghanistan

Taliban Bomber Kills Dozens at Afghan Government Office

New US Drone Strikes Kill 15 in Waziristan
  Raymond Davis a CIA Contractor, US Confirms
Iraqi Kurdistan Scrambles Over Protests
  Monday: 17 Iraqis Killed, 33 Wounded

Morocco King Rules Out Reform as Protests Continue

Sudan's Bashir Says Won't Run for Reelection
Ivorian Troops Kill Six Protesters
Egypt and Israel's Armies Will Only Grow More Powerful  by Jonathan Cook
When Will George W. Bush Be Tried for His War Crimes?  by Sheldon Richman
Trying Deposed Dictators for Their Crimes Can Backfire  by David Rieff
The Other Captive Nations  by Lew Rockwell
Israeli Media 'Fears' the New Egypt  by Neve Gordon
This Week in Winning Hearts and Minds  by Glenn Greenwald

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Discontent, but No Revolt in China - Yet

Eight Years of Abuses and Impunity in Iraq
Mubarak's Name Easier to Erase Than His Legacy
Cruel. Vainglorious. Steeped in Blood. And Now, Surely, After More Than Four Decades of Terror and Oppression, on His Way Out?

US to Boost Naval Forces in Pacific


Five Killed in Morocco Unrest

Peaceful Moroccan Protesters Demand Social Reform


State Department Cables Detail US Links to Bahrain

Bahrain Grand Prix Off After Anti-Government Protests

Saudis Warn They Will Back Bahrain's King

Dim View of US Stance on Bahrain Shi'ites Is Described

Exiled Opposition Leader to Return to Bahrain
Tension Escalates in Bahrain as Hard-Line Shi'ite Leader Urges End to Monarchy

Egypt's Activists Skeptical About Army Intentions

Egypt's Leaders Take Steps Toward Change
Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Faces Prospect of Democracy Amid Internal Discord
Visiting British PM Urges Egypt to Prove Its Democratic Future

Tunisia Reform Leader Warns of Possible Anarchy

Tunisia, After Uprising, Debates Role of Islam

Lacking Faith in Future, Tunisians Take to the Boats

Iran Warships to Begin Suez Canal Passage Tuesday

Iran Opposition Considers More Protests

Document: Israel, Chile Spied on Iran

Middle East

Mullen Meets Saudi Military Officials

Hundreds of Students Rally in Algerian Capital to Express Anger at Government Reform

Zimbabwe Police Arrest 46 at Egypt Lecture Session

Suicide Blast Rocks Somali Police Training Camp


Japan Building Foreign Spy Service

Japan Confronts Truth About Its Germ Warfare Tests on Prisoners of War
United States
Backlogs in Security Clearance Program Reduced After GAO Raises Concerns

Navy to Conduct Large-Scale Anti-Terrorism Exercise

US to Expand, Preserve WWII Internment Camp

Libya Burns

Libya Protests Spread and Intensify

Report: Libya Air Force Bombs Protesters Heading for Army Base

Libyan Pilots and Diplomats Defect

Video of Libyan Diplomats Denouncing Gadhafi

Officers Call on Libya Army to Remove Gadhafi

Gadhafi's Grip on Power Seems to Ebb as Forces Retreat

Gadhafi Under Mounting Pressure as Protests Escalate in Libya Capital

Tripoli: Protesters Set Fire to Government Building

Libya: Citizen Journalism Leads Way in Covering Escalating Conflict
Desperate Libyan Authorities Make Brutal Attempt to Quell Protests
Libya Revolt Fallout

Egyptians, Tunisians Support Libya With Medical Aid

Venezuela Denies Giving Refuge to Gadhafi Amid Libya Unrest

BP Evacuating Some Libya Personnel

Crude Oil Jumps 5% as Libya Protests Spread

US Struggles With Little Leverage to Restrain Libyan Government

State Dept.: US 'Gravely Concerned' About Libya

Cameron Urges 'Reform' in Libya

Air Malta Denied Permission to Operate Extra Tripoli Flights


Iraq Moves to Head Off Demos as Protester Killed

Sulaymaniyah Protest Casualties Up to 124

Iraq: Bomb Kills Police in Shia Shrine City of Samarra

Monday: 17 Iraqis Killed, 33 Wounded


In Kabul, It's a Long Walk to the Top

Afghans See Warlord Footprints in New Police Force

Midlevel Taliban Admit to a Rift With Top Leaders

German Troops Slam Afghan Training After Deadly Attack


Google Street View Raises Israeli Security Fears

Tempers Flare in West Bank After 'Decision Against the People'
'War on Terror'

Germany Doubts Credibility of Terror Informant

Senior UK Spy Gives Evidence at Bombings Inquest


Filipino Govt, Rebels Aim for 2012 Peace Deal


Justin Raimondo
Nationalism, Democracy, and the Arab Awakening

Nebojsa Malic
Children of Lies

Philip Giraldi
Did Someone Lose Egypt?

Ivan Eland
Across-the-Board Cuts Needed to Avoid Fiscal Armageddon

Kelley B. Vlahos
Old Guard Moving Aside at CPAC

Ran HaCohen
Barak Unmasked

David R. Henderson
Adm. Mullen's Spinning vs. Prof. Hayek's Insight

Charles V. Peņa
TSA: Theater Security Administration

Alan Bock
How Brainy Is Obama?

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