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Updated May 25, 2011 - 11:19 PM EDT

House GOP, Dems in Fresh Push for Aghan Exit

Netanyahu's Real Message: No Peace Talks

  Netanyahu Speech Pleases Congress, Virtually No One Else

Netanyahu Conditions Denounced as 'War' by Palestinians

  Netanyahu Heckler Allegedly Beaten, Arrested at Hospital
Tribes Seize Yemen Interior Ministry, Media HQ
  Fighting Spikes as Fears of Yemen Civil War Grow
  Yemen Officials: 38 Killed in Capital Fighting

Chaos Swirls in Yemen's Capital

Senate Avoids Debate on PATRIOT Act

Rand Paul Threatens to Hold Up PATRIOT Act


White House Threatens Veto of Defense Bill

Gates: Keep Troops in Iraq to Bother Iran

Tuesday: 6 Iraqis Killed, 18 Wounded

Libya Could Be Bone of Contention for Obama, Allies
  Libya: Gadhafi's Oil Minister 'Did Not Flee'

Syria Rights Group: 1,100 Civilians Killed in Uprising

Sudan Envoy: 70 Troops Killed After Abyei Conquest
Bin Laden: Dead and Loving It  by Jeff Huber
Illegal War? Congress Doesn't Care  by Gene Healy
The 535 Americans Who Are Blocking Peace in the Middle East  by Mehdi Hasan
Exposing Netanyahu  by Paul R. Pillar
Pakistan Playing the China Card  by Dilip Hiro and Tom Engelhardt
It's the Missions, Stupid  by Doug Bandow

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Intel Agencies Fear Budget Cuts After bin Laden Death

Senate Debates President's Power During Cyber-Attack

American Hasbara: White House Beefs Up Online 'Rapid Response'

UK MP: Obama May Have 'Prejudiced' Bradley Manning Trial

Iran: Khatami Calls for National Reconciliation

Egypt-Gaza Border Remains Closed to Trade

How Did Six Pakistan Taliban Hold Off 100 Security Forces for 16 Hours?

'New Kind of Militant' Behind Pakistan Karachi Attack

Karachi Attack 'A US Operation', Claims Ex-Pakistan General

Captured Militant: Foreign Fighters 'Converging' on Pakistan

WikiLeaks: Intense US Monitoring of Pakistan's Nuclear and Missile Programs

China Rejects Pakistan's Naval Base Request

Pakistan Navy Installations to Be Relocated from Residential Areas

Car Bomb Destroys Police Station in Peshawar, 15 Hurt

Afghan President, NATO Chief Call on Taliban to Join Peace Process

Afghan Governor Survives Assassination Attempt in Violent South

The High Cost of Surveillance in Afghanistan

Canada Gives Propaganda Tours of Afghanistan to Dead Soldiers' Grieving Families

Eleven Afghan Construction Workers Killed in Bombing

French Fighter Jet Crashes in Afghanistan


Six New Blasts Near Gadhafi Residence

Libya Unrest: UK 'Undecided' on Sending Helicopters

Libya Rebels to Open DC Office

Libya War Widens Commercial Aviation Attack Risks

Libyans 'Robbed Our Own Bank' to Fund Uprising

The War at Home

Veterans Committees to Look at Suicides

Pentagon Buoyed by Wall Street View of Defense Stocks

White House Threatens Veto Over 2nd Engine for F-35

NYT Reporter Subpoenaed in CIA Leak Case


Serbia Boycots Summit With Obama Over Kosovo

Serbia State TV Apologizes to Viewers Over 1990s War Propaganda
'War on Terror'

Sources Skeptical of Reports of Death of Mullah Omar

British Police 'Target Asians': Counter-Terrorism Report

US, India to Discuss Counter-Terrorism Strategy


Guatemala Says 5 Mexicans Tied to Massacre Suspect

Cuban Painter Loses Political Seat After Criticism

Gunmen Wound Manager of Honduran Newspaper

Netanyahu's Speech

Netanyahu Says Will Give Up Some Land for Peace

Little in Netanyahu Speech to Revive Talks: Analysts

Opposition MP: Netanyahu's Speech Was an 'Election Commercial'

Settlers Condemn Netanyahu Speech

Palestinians Set Sights on UN After Netanyahu Speech


UN: Israel Should End Eviction of Palestinians From Their Homes

Army Arrests Pro-Israel Activists in West Bank

Bedouin Refugees Complain of Harassment in Israeli-Occupied West Bank

Israel Frees Mother of Exiled Senior Hamas Man

Palestinian PM Expected to Make Full Recovery After Heart Attack

Israel's Peres Cancels Africa Visit in Fear of Revenge Attack

Harry Reid Rebukes Barack Obama Over Israel Speech

US: Hamas Can't Be Peace Partner Until It Recognizes Israel


US Hummer Burnt in Babel

'Growing Assault' on Iraqi Kurd Media Freedom: HRW

Tuesday: 6 Iraqis Killed, 18 Wounded

Blast Hits Iran Refinery as Ahmadinejad Visits

US Hits More Foreign Firms With Iran Sanctions

Iran Summons Bahraini Envoy Over Death Sentence

Muhammad Ali Seeks Release of American Hikers Detained in Iran


IAEA: Syria Site Was 'Very Likely' a Reactor

Syria: Young Boy's Fury Spells Trouble for Bashar Assad's Regime

Syria's Cyberdissidents Fight From Abroad


Egypt's Mubarak to Be Tried Over Protester Deaths

After Egypt's Revolution, Malaise Spreads

Middle East

Did Tunisia's Tyrant Buy Off Hezbollah TV?

Lebanon Arrests Sheikh Suspected of Spying for Israel

As Night Settles, Defiant Syrian Protesters Take to the Streets

In Other News

US Rights Envoy Makes Groundbreaking Trip to North Korea

Russia Says a Fifth of Defense Budget Stolen


Justin Raimondo
Netanyahu's Triumph

Ivan Eland
U.S. Reticence on Thuggish Repression in Kurdistan

Kelley B. Vlahos
DoD Dodges Deadly Dust Data

Nebojsa Malic
Empire Folds

Philip Giraldi
Some Questions for Bibi

David R. Henderson
Is Leon Panetta a Saint—or a War Criminal?

Charles V. Peña
You Cannot Be Serious

Ran HaCohen
West Bank Neighbors: Chronicles of Death

Alan Bock
How Brainy Is Obama?

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