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Updated September 13, 2011 - 11:14 PM EDT

Six Dead in Taliban Attacks Across Kabul

  US-Supported Afghan Militias Rape, Torture, Steal
  Pentagon Blames Haqqanis for Afghan Base Bombing
Gadhafi Forces Attack Oil Refinery, Killing 17
  Breaking Ties: Libyan Rebel Coalition Splinters

NATO: Iraq Mission to Continue Through End of 2013

  Cables: Iraqi Detainees Tortured, Beaten, Raped
  Resigned Iraqi Official Criticizes Maliki's Power Grabs
  Uniformed Gunmen Kill 22 Iraqi Pilgrims in Anbar Bus Ambush
Biden Demands 'Unreliable' Pakistan Do More for War
Saudi: US Veto for Palestinian State Will Cost Alliance
Russia Rejects Call for UN Action Against Syria
Egypt to Keep Emergency Law After US Pressure
Saleh: Deputy Can Negotiate Yemen Power Transfer
Obama Poised to Break Iraq Pullout Promise  by Justin Elliott
In Cheney's Memoir, It's Clear Iraq's Lessons Didn't Sink In  by Bob Woodward
The Institutionalization of Terror at Home and Abroad  by Chip Pitts
Ignoring the Deaths of Innocents After 9/11  by Gareth Porter
Romney's Wrong Again  by Kevin Carson
Why Limit Human Rights Bill to Russia?  by Lorraine Barlett

More Viewpoints

Redacting the Pre-9/11 World: An Ex-FBI Interrogator's Story
Rep. Myrick Cancels 9/11 Appearances Over 'Iran Threat'

Does Washington State Navy Depot Pose a Danger to Public?

Australia Navy Cadet Filmed Rape 'To Be Accepted'

Afghan MPs' Boycott Leaves Parliament in Limbo

Afghanistan Worse Off, Ex-Detainees Say

IED Jammer Ready for Afghanistan


US Considers Moving Iraq Drone Program to Turkey

Camp Victory, the US Military Headquarters in Iraq, Getting Ready to Close

Iraqi Activist: Baghdad Betrayed Me

Middle East

IAEA to Spell Out Details on Iranian Bomb Suspicions

Syria Offers to Cooperate With UN Nuclear Watchdog

Yemen Intelligence Officer Gunned Down in Aden

Jordan's King Says Arab Spring Bad for Israel

Ten Injured in Clashes Between Hezbollah, Palestinian Militants


Turkey Eyes Intel Cooperation With Iran, Iraq

Turkey Says Flotilla Raid Was 'Cause for War'


Hamas Distances Itself From Palestinian Statehood Bid at UN

Some Dismiss It as Symbolic — but the Palestinians' UN Bid Could Shake Things Up

Singapore Says It Has Detained 3 Terror Suspects

Myanmar: Political Satirists Return Home From Exile


China Recognizes Rebel Council as Libya's Ruling Authority

Libya's New Leader Calls for State Based on Sharia Law

Saadi Gadhafi's 'En Route' to Niger's Capital, Official Says

Niger Fears an Influx of Gadhafi Loyalists

African 'Mercenary' Graves Found in Tripoli

Libya's War-Tested Women Cling to New Power

Libyan Woman Guided NATO Bombs to Gadhafi Targets

Darfur Rebel Leader Khalil Ibrahim Flees Libya

New Gadhafi Video: Homespun Side of Hard-Line Leader

African Despots 'Funded Nicolas Sarkozy': Former Adviser

Uganda Frees Kenya Activist Year After Shabaab Attack

Mexican Navy Recaptures Gulf Cartel's Alleged Fugitive Financier 9 Years After He Escaped

Hundreds of Journalists March for Justice in Mexico

Retired General Otto Perez Leads in Guatemala Election, Faces Runoff

Cuba Dissidents Freed After Weekend Detention

Venezuela's Chavez Strongly Identifies With Gadhafi, Sees Cautionary Tale in Libya's Conflict
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