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Updated September 18, 2011 - 11:27 PM EDT
NATO Air Strike Reportedly Kills 354 in Sirte
  Gadhafi Strongholds Repel Fresh Assaults
  Evidence Grows of Blair's Links With Gadhafi
US Pressuring UN to Vote Down Palestinian State
  Palestinian Anger at US Fuels Diplomatic Crisis Over Statehood
US Envoy: Haqqani Network Tied to Pakistan Govt
  Nine Afghans Herding Cattle Killed by Mine: Police
Iraq PM Orders Nukhaib Massacre Suspects Freed
  Turkish Warplanes Strike Kurdish Rebel Targets Inside Iraq
Yemeni Forces Open Fire on Protesters, 26 Killed
Peaceful Dissidents Targets of Surveillance State
  NSA, Cybercom Warn Cyber Attackers Could Soon Aim for Destruction
Obama Cozies Up to Uzbekistan Dictator
US Can't Account for Nuke Material It Exported
Liberian Gunmen Kill 15 in Ivory Coast Villages
We Can't Shrug Off These Claims of Torture in Libya  by Clare Algar
Congress Sees Middle East Through AIPAC-Colored Glasses  by Medea Benjamin & Allison McCracken
Troops in Iraq: Whom Do We Think We Are Fooling?  by Stephen M. Walt
Tapping the Israeli Embassy  by Philip Giraldi
Why They Hate Us  by Laurence M. Vance
Why Pentagon Bloat Will Kill Real Deficit Cutting  by Winslow T. Wheeler

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Serbs Block Roads in Northern Kosovo
US Probes Legality of Anti-Terror Strikes Beyond Hotspots
Mother of GI Who Died of Rabies Seeks Answers
WikiLeaks eBay Memorabilia Auction to Raise Funds
CIA Pitches Scripts to Hollywood
Libyans Fight for Bani Walid, Street by Street
Libyan Rebel Forces Battle to Loosen Grip on Gadhafi Towns
Battle for Sirte Stepped Up as Gadhafi Loyalists' Radio Chatter Reveals Fears Over NATO and Rebel Onslaught
Libya Ponders When to Investigate Deep-Rooted Corruption
Tripoli: a Tale of Two Cities, Then and Now
Niger Calls for Help to Monitor Its Border With Libya
Somalia Bans Foreign Aid Workers From Rebel Areas
Kenya Kidnapping: Fears That Tebbutt Could Get Caught Up in Attacks Against Somali Islamists
Police: Relative of Slain Nigeria Sect Leader Shot Dead After Talks With Former President
Ethiopian Govt Detains 2 More Journalists Under Anti-Terror Laws
Madagascar Leaders Sign Deal for Elections
Mozambique Holds American and British 'Pirate Hunters'
Haqqanis to Follow Taliban on Afghan Peace
iPads Now Helping Marines Unleash Hell
At Least 8 Injured in Blast in Agra Hospital: Reports
Rising Hindu Nationalist Seeks Moderate Image With Fast
Thailand Explosion Kills Four Tourists; 110 Injured
Thai Police: Drug Dealers Funded Southern Bombings
Cambodian Leader Welcomes Exiled Thai Ex-PM Thaksin
Cambodia and Thailand Move to Restore Ties
Blast in Khyber; Two Injured
Senior House Democrat Opposes Obama's Decision on Taiwan F-16s
In South China Sea, a Dispute Over Energy
Chinese Artist Ai Weighs Future as Activist: Report
Battles of Britain
Companies Ejected From London Arms Fair for 'Promoting Cluster Bombs'
MI5 Recruits 'Telephone Spies' to Listen in on London 2012 Plots
Muslim Cleric's Peace Declaration Demands an End to Terrorism
Pro-Russia Party Wins Snap Latvian Election
Finland: Terror Suspects Have Foreign Backgrounds
Venezuela's Chavez Laughs Off Court's Election Ruling
US Military
Gulf War Syndrome Linked to Nerve Gas Exposure, New Study Finds
Gulf War Vets Have Abnormal Brain Blood Flow, Study Says
Navy's 110-Year Presence in New Orleans Comes to a Close
Weekend Reviews
Neoconservatism Taken Down
A Dud From 'Darth'
'How I Helped Lose the Battle for the Hearts and Minds of the Iraqi People'
Truthers, Birthers, and Other Ordinary Kooks
The Muslim World Brings Forth a Counter-Jihad
PA to US: Veto at UN Would 'Destroy' Two-State Solution
Hamas Stresses Resistance to Liberate Palestine
Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister: 50-70 Countries Won't Support Palestinian UN Bid
Israel Mulls Emergency Laws to Handle Palestinian Riots in West Bank
Mideast Quartet Envoys to Meet in New York on Sunday
Barak to Set Out for Washington to Discuss Israel-Palestinian Crisis
'Israeli Spy' Says He Aided Hezbollah Killing
Madeline Albright: Don't Recognize Palestine
Palestinians Hack Jewish Social Network Site
China Warns the US Against Vetoing Palestine's UN Request
Turkey Refuses US Mediation in Crisis With Israel
Erdogan Hints Israel Behind Leaked Tapes
Syrian Official Media Rejects Reports on Friday Protests
Armed Men Kill Law-Enforcement Member in Syria: Report
Syrian Opposition Meet in Damascus to Support Protests
Explosions, Gunfire Heard in Eastern Syria
Fighting for Syria From Beirut With Information
Two Policemen Wounded in Lebanon Ambush
Lebanon Hosting Nearly 4,000 Syrian Refugees: UN
Court Sees Footage of Snipers Shooting Protesters in Mubarak Trial
Moussa: Peace Treaty 'Untouchable'
Egypt, Ethiopia to Open New Page After Nile Water Sharing Dispute
Light Violence Leaves 5 Iraqis Dead, 10 Wounded
Iraq Recovers $116 Million From Saddam Officials
Iraq Lawmaker Urges Govt to Speed Up Work on Southern Port to Counter Kuwaiti Competitor
Iran Lawyer for Jailed Americans Files Bail Papers
Iran Judiciary Ready to Commute Sentences for 2 Jailed Americans in 'Near Future'
Renewed Violence in Yemen as More Call for Saleh to Resign
Anti-Government Protesters Storm Yemeni University
Soldier Killed, 7 Injured in Clashes With al-Qaeda Militants in South Yemen
Americans Still Dying
Navy Commander Supporting Operation New Dawn Dies in Bahrain
Livermore (CA) Soldier Dies Stateside of Rabies Contracted From Afghan Dog Bite
Wife of Slain Okmulgee (OK) Soldier Expecting Their First Child
Huntington Park (CA) Soldier Leaves Behind Wife, Two Children and a Third Due in January
Springville (CA) Soldier Killed in Afghanistan Dreamed of Becoming a Forestry Firefighter
Teachers Remember Lamar (OK) Army Sergeant Killed in Afghan Attack
Wife of Fallen Collinsville (OK) Soldier Remembers Her Husband
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