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Updated September 20, 2011 - 10:51 PM EDT
Rebel Factions Grab Gadhafi Weapons
  Libyan Rebels Move to Conquer Southern City

Former Afghan President Rabbani Assassinated


Night Raids in Afghanistan Fueling Resentment

Appeals Court: 17 Years Too Lenient for Padilla

Panetta's Rules: Condemning Military Spending Cuts
Iraq: Sectarian Tensions Still High

More 'Sectarian' Raids for Iraq

  Bombers Hit Government Buildings in Iraq's Anbar, 4 Killed
US Slams Iran's Protection of Civilian Nuclear Sites
Resolution Would Back Israel 'Right' to Annex W. Bank
Pakistan: Stop Blaming Us for Afghan Violence

Cease Fire Brings Calm to Sanaa

Three Killed as Explosion Rocks Turkey's Capital

Neocons Still Ignoring Evidence About 9/11 Motives  by John Glaser
Ten Years of Dubious Military Authorization  by Michael Ratner
Turkish Foreign Policy: What Would Ataturk Do?  by Leon Hadar
The Coming Republican Push on Iran  by Trita Parsi
9/11 and the Cost of Empire  by Tim Kelly
What, Exactly, Is 'Suspicious Activity'?  by Nat Hentoff

More Viewpoints

Going Pink for Peace
by Scott McConnell
Air Force Secretary Vows to 'Protect' Big-Ticket Programs in Budget Fight

US Mulls Military Hotline to Tehran

Will Palestine Vote, US Veto Put Troops at Risk?

A Future for Drones: Automated Killing

eBay Sale Raises Funds for WikiLeaks


2 NATO Troops Killed in Afghanistan

Eight Die in Attack on Karachi Police Officer's Home


China Makes New Push for North Korea Nuclear Talks

Taiwan Portrays Obama as Yielding to China

China Criticizes US Deal to Upgrade Taiwan F-16s

Japan's Defense Industry Hit by Its First Cyber Attack

Media Watchdog: Myanmar Reporters Among World's Most Restricted Despite Reform Promises

Sri Lanka Clarifies Fate of Destroyed Muslim Shrine


Mogadishu Just Barely Under Control of Foreign Troops

Sudan and South Sudan Sign Border Deal

Americas/Drug War
Colombian Warlord Convicted in Absentia in the Slaying of Leftist Mayor
Aide to Top Dominican Drug Official Shot to Death

Uruguayan Peacekeepers Jailed on Return From Haiti

Fellow Party Members Demand Investigation in Slaying of Mexican Congressman

Bolivian President Morales Asks South American Bloc to 'Decertify' US on Counterdrugs in Tit-For-Tat
United States

New 'Security' Program Causes Major Boston Airport Jam

Judge: No Death Penalty in Iraq Base Shooting

War on Terror

Seven Held in British Anti-Terror Operation

Russia: How the War on Terrorism Did Putin a Favor


Libya War: Anti-Gadhafi Troops Take Key Sabha Positions

Mother of Anti-Gadhafi Militant Finally Talks About Her Family's Fight
US Is Quietly Getting Ready for Syria Without Assad

Syrian Forces Kill 5; Opposition Urges End of Crackdown

UN: Syria Death Toll Tops 2,700


'Random' Egypt Arrests After Israel Embassy Attack

Egypt Bars Islamist Hard-Line Political Party

Egypt Bans Palm Frond Exports for Jewish Holiday


Ahmadinejad Heads to UN Assembly Weakened by Rivals

Iran to Finish Off Kurd Rebels in 'Days': Commander

Iran Arrests 5 People for Working for BBC's Farsi-Language Service

Ahmadinejad Looks to Gain at Home From US Hikers' Case

US Religious Envoys Say Hikers' Release 'Imminent'


Palestinian Leader Abbas Predicts Problems After Bid

Obama Trip to UN: Why It's Not All About Palestinian Statehood

US to Netanyahu: Don't Sanction Palestinians Following Statehood Bid at UN

Palestinian Villages Launch Defense Campaign

Settlers Threaten to March Into PA Territory

Israel Ends Police Cooperation With Turkey

Clinton Urges Turkey to 'Keep Door Open' for Ties With Israel

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