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Updated September 26, 2011 - 11:29 PM EDT
Sen. Graham Eyes US Attack on Pakistan
  Afghan Officials Issue Condemnation as Pakistan Shells Border
  Pakistan Interior Minister: CIA Created Haqqani Network

Afghan Employee Kills US Citizen in Kabul CIA Annex

Libya Revenge Attacks, Disappearances Continue
  Libyan Rebel Feuds May Delay Forming Govt
  Gadhafi Hometown Assault on Hold as NATO Blasts Sirte
  Six Killed as Gadhafi Loyalists Attack Across Algeria Border
Israel Warns 'Repercussions' Over Palestine State
  Abbas: No Peace Talks Without Settlement Halt
34 Killed, 124 Wounded in Attacks Across Iraq
  Attack on Govt Building in Iraqi Holy City Kills 22, Wounds 106
US Drones Attack Southern Somalia

Bahrain Jails Protesters as US Sells Regime Arms

First Hints of an Armed Rebellion Seen in Syria
Saleh Insists He Supports New Elections as Violence Soars
Freed Hikers Condemn Iran, US for Human Rights Violations
Turkish Premier Signals Joint Military Operation With Iran
Abbas' UN Gamble Doesn't Please All Palestinians  by Saree Makdisi
Injudicious Judge Dismisses Civil Libertarians  by Scott Horton
If Tom Friedman Can Say It, You Can Too  by M.J. Rosenberg
Obama Throws Palestine Under the Bus  by Jim Lobe
Mahmoud Abbas Gambles  by Uri Avnery
Donald Rumsfeld's Ugly Suits  by Joel Handley

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Army to Cut Nearly 50,000 Soldiers Over 5 Years
Building Used by CIA Attacked in Afghan Capital
British Police Say 6 Men Charged in Terror-Bomb Plot
Netanyahu: All White House Contenders 'Friends of Israel'
Hezbollah Leader Detained in Iraq Could Get Military Tribunal in US
Grave May Hold 1,200 Bodies, Believed Victims of 1996 Libyan Prison Massacre
NATO Members Head to Libya for Business Opportunities
Indian Oil Giant Waits for Libya to Stabilize
Libya Mission Could Cost Britain as Much as £1.75 Billion
UK Operations in Libya: The Full Costs Broken Down
South African President: Path Is Clear for AU Road Map on Libya
Two Ugandan Army Officers Die in Somalia
Drone Crashes in Al Shabab-Controlled Town
Thousands of Moroccans Protest in Casablanca
Report: Pakistan Clashes Leave 28 Militants, One Soldier Dead
Haqqani Row: Pakistan's Gilani Calls Back Khar From US
Arrest Made in Afghan Peace Leader's Killing
Philippines Ambush Leaves 15 Dead
Suicide Bomber Attacks Packed Indonesian Church
Police Find Decapitated Body of Mexico Newspaper Editor
US Military
Pentagon May Cap Executive Pay Reimbursement at $694,000
Rigors of War Leave Troops Battling Arthritis at a Young Age
Collateral Damage: War Veterans Struggle to Fit Back Into Society
The War at Home
CIA Efforts to Recruit Arab Americans Hit Bumps
Pew: 75% of Americans Say Journalists Can't Get Their Facts Straight
President Abbas Declares 'Palestinian Spring'
Israeli Rabbi Demands 'Collective Punishment'
Israel Foreign Minister Sees 'Tough' Reaction to Palestine Vote
Israeli Intellectuals Back Palestinian Statehood in Tel Aviv Rally
Israel to Pay $430,000 Over Killing of Palestinian Girl
Hamas Bans Gaza Restaurant From Screening Abbas' UN Speech
A Third of Jewish Israelis 'Marginalize Arab Citizens'
Jews and Arabs Disagree on Level of Discrimination in Israel
Syria Sends Troop Reinforcements to Homs Area
Syria Bans Imports to Preserve Foreign Currency Reserves
34 Killed, 124 Wounded in Attacks Across Iraq
Iraq Struggles to Revive Ailing Date Palm Sector
Iran Summons Several People Over Alleged BBC Ties
Iran Hikers Arrive in the United States
Leaderless Iranian Opposition Seen Lacking Strategy
Egypt's Labor Movement Blooms in Arab Spring
General Given Easy Ride in Mubarak Trial: Lawyers
Middle East
US Condemns Violence After 40 People Die in Yemen Clashes
Bahraini Court Jails Shi'ite Activists
Saudi Monarch Grants Kingdom's Women Right to Vote, but Driving Ban Remains in Force
Russia's Finance Chief Rebels Over Putin Plan
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